Ultimate Box Set: Side/Solo Project Final Vote

The Daily Duranie has been working to create an Ultimate Duran Duran Box Set.  While Rhonda and I have definite strong opinions about what should be included, we didn’t think that made sense to just have it be from us.  Therefore, we have taken time to ask all of the Duranies who read this blog to help us create it.  The Ultimate Box Set would have multiple categories including:  Singles, Album Tracks, B-Sides/Bonus Tracks, Live Tracks, Side/Solo Project Songs, and Remixes.  So far, readers have chosen 7 tracks from all of the categories except for Side/Solo Projects and Remixes.  The results so far are:


  • Planet Earth
  • Save a Prayer
  • Ordinary World
  • Girls on Film
  • Pressure Off
  • Rio
  • New Moon on Monday

Album Tracks:

  • New Religion
  • The Chauffeur
  • Hold Back the Rain
  • Friends of Mine
  • The Man Who Stole a Leopard
  • The Seventh Stranger
  • Paper Gods

B-Sides/Bonus Tracks:

  • Secret Oktober
  • Late Bar
  • Beautiful Colours
  • I Believe/All I Need to Know
  • Salt in the Rainbow
  • Planet Roaring
  • Faster Than Light
  • (Come Up and See Me) Make Me Smile

Live Tracks:

  • New Religion
  • Careless Memories
  • The Chauffeur
  • Rio
  • Wild Boys
  • White Lines
  • Planet Earth

Now, we are ready to finally choose the 7 songs that will represent the best of Duran’s Side and/or Solo Projects.  In case, you want to listen to the choices, I made some playlists on YouTube for all of you:


Power Station:

John Taylor:

Simon Le Bon:

Dom Brown:

Now, I think we are all ready to pick SEVEN side and solo project songs that should be included on the Duran Duran Ultimate Box Set!!!


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3 thoughts on “Ultimate Box Set: Side/Solo Project Final Vote”

  1. I appreciate your time involved in this project, but- Did I miss something?
    What about The Devils or TV Mania?
    I really do like Dom, but honestly don’t think he should be featured on an ultimate Duran-box Set. Just my opinion, but as long as Nicks side project aren’t put up for voting, I just can’t.

    1. I think you did miss something. We asked through polls about each side and solo projects, including TV Mania and The Devils. When those were included, they were not chosen, which you can see in this blog here: http://dailyduranie.com/10514-2/

      Now, yes, I did divide those side and solo projects up in order to make the voting easier–less daunting due to too many choices. I divided the projects up based on who was involved. Perhaps, you would have done it differently but that is how I chose to do it. If you don’t feel like Dom should be included, simple. Do not vote for his songs. You only get 7 picks, anyway. -A

  2. Wow!
    Off my original list, the only “finalists” matching with the ones I picked up were Get it on, Communication of Power Station, The Flame of Arcadia.
    I picked up the remaining 4 songs following my taste.
    Congrats on all the amazing job ladies!

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