Ultimate Box Set: Side/Solo Projects Part 6

This is our sixth week asking about which side and solo project songs should be considered for the Ultimate Duran Duran Box Set.  To catch people up if you have not been reading, we have been attempting to create the fan designed Ultimate Duran Duran Box Set.  So far, we have chosen 7 songs in each of the following categories:  Singles, Album tracks, B-Sides/Demos, and Live Songs.  Now, we are working through all of the side and solo projects.

We divided them up because there are simply too many to narrow it down to just 7 songs all at once.  Thus, over time, we asked about Power Station, Neurotic Outsiders, Arcadia, TV Mania, The Devils, Freebass, Dom Brown, and John Taylor.  Now, finally, we will ask about Simon’s solo songs.  Like the previous polls, you can pick seven songs from the list.  Finally, next week, we will put all of the side/solo project songs that people thought should be considered for the box set into a poll and the final 7 will be chosen.  Then, we move on to the final category of official remixes.

Here are the side/solo project songs chosen for consideration so far:

Power Station:

  • Some Like It Hot
  • Get It On/Bang a Gong
  • Communication
  • Murderess
  • Harvest for the World
  • Still in Your Heart
  • She Can Rock It

Neurotic Outsiders:

  • Feelings Are Good


  • Election Day
  • The Promise
  • Goodbye Is Forever
  • The Flame
  • El Diablo
  • Lady Ice
  • Keep Me in the Dark

Dom Brown:

  • Amazing
  • Day Turned Black
  • Crocodile Tears
  • Changing
  • Chocolate Fever


  • Love is Like Oxygen

John Taylor:

  • I Do What I Do
  • Feelings Are Good
  • Always Wrong
  • Anon
  • Don’t Talk Much
  • Losing You
  • Look Homeward Angel
  • Silent Skin
  • Lovers Afternoon
  • Fields of Eden
  • 6000 Miles
  • Immortal
  • Hey Day
  • Just Another High
  • Such a Good Lover

Now, before you vote for the Simon songs, you might want to check out the following playlist.  I put as many Simon songs I could find on it.  Please note that there has been many songs that Simon has appeared on.  I only included the ones that were predominately Simon.

On that note, happy voting!


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