Ultimate Duran Duran Box Set: B-Sides and Demos

During the last few weeks, we (the writers and readers) of this little blog have been voting on which possible b-sides and demos should be considered on our Ultimate Duran Duran Box Set.  We consider b-sides to be those songs that were included on the back of singles, back in the day.  Those extra tracks that appear on special versions of an album are also considered b-sides.  They are the modern day version of them!  Demos, of course, are songs that were written and recorded but never released (at least not in that original form).

We narrowed the choices down to 14 b-sides and 7 demos.  You now get to vote on which 7 of those, out of that total 21 should be included in our Duran Duran Ultimate Box Set.  You may choose all b-sides.  Perhaps, you want to vote for all demos.   Maybe, you want 5 b-sides and 2 demos or vice versa.  It’s all up to you.  Vote how you want!

From here, we have only two categories left–favorite live tracks and side and solo projects.  I’m already starting to think about how in the world we will narrow down those live tracks.  One thought I had included looking to see which songs have been played most on setlist.fm (totally fascinating, by the way!).  We could also ask based on average setlist per year, which that website produces as well!  Maybe, we could ask for your favorites or a combination thereof!  Any thoughts?

On that note, I’ll leave you to voting on which 7 b-sides and demos should be included on a Duran Ultimate Box Set!


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