Unreleased Duran Duran Songs

It is Saturday, which lately means that I post a poll to continue voting for songs that Duranies think would be great to include on a Duran Duran Ultimate Box Set.  This weekend, however, I’m doing things a little different.  This weekend’s focus is on Duran Duran demos or songs that were written but not released on an album.  In some cases, demos might be complete with all parts ready to go.  In others, they are far from done.

Because these songs were never officially released, many people might be unfamiliar with them.  Therefore, today’s blog is focused on giving people an opportunity to hear these demos before actually voting on them.  I have included demos from released songs, or songs that might be familiar to fans, if they changed dramatically from the original writing to being released.  Tomorrow then, we will vote as well as give results about b-sides voting that took place last week.

Demos in alphabetical order:

A Matter of Fact:

Anything For You:

Be My Icon:

Beautiful Colours:


Capitol Chill/Bomb:

Dream Nation:

Girls On Film:

In Between Woman:

Lonely Business:

Money on Your Side:

My Family:

People Like You (PL You): 

Plastic Girl:

Pretty Ones:


Salt in the Rainbow:

Second Alibi:

See Me Repeat Me:

Tabula Rasa:

Take It To Me:

Tel Aviv:

TV vs. Radio:

Working the Steel:

Now, I fully admit that I didn’t include all of them.  If I could not find a video, I didn’t include it because I thought that would bias the voting.  On top of that, I’m VERY certain that I don’t know every Duran demo out there.  These are the ones I know about.  If you know of other demos that I should include, please let me know before tomorrow (Sunday) so I can include it on the vote!  I would appreciate it!!!


4 thoughts on “Unreleased Duran Duran Songs”

  1. I am little angry that these few of these demos remained demos, but feeling relieved that others became awesome album songs.
    Tel Aviv spoken song thought was delivered as a track to download during the Reunion days, as to some of us Italian fans it was so, in fact there is big debate on the nature of this one song though.
    You did an amazing job, for me you didn’t leave out anything.
    Thank you.

  2. Every great in music should through their unreleased tracks and put out these sorts of hidden gems. They merely need to say what these collections of tracks are, and those interested will buy them and it won’t hurt sales to more mainstream buyers.

  3. Well thanks very much for this posting. There are some IMHO which maybe should stop as demos .But there’s two brilliant ones PL You and Capitoll Chill/Bomb . PL You is the hardest rock I’ve ever heard them do …and it is BRILLIANT.

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