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What would you say is Duran Duran’s most popular video?  I bet many of you would pick something from the 1980s, from the peak of the band’s popularity.  How would you determine the most popular?  Could that be decided via a poll of everyone in the world with a question about which videos have been seen?  What about a question about favorite video?  Perhaps, one could research which videos won awards?  Clearly, the question is more complex than what it might first appear.

This question of popularity is one that I have been thinking about for awhile.  It started when our questions of the day began to focus on the videos.  For those polls, I always go over to YouTube to include the video for people to watch if they needed, wanted to determine their choice.  I have to admit that I’m sometimes surprised by the number of views various videos have had.  Which Duran video do you think has had the most number of views?  Again, you might say one from the 80s, but which one?  Hungry Like the Wolf?  Rio?  The Reflex?  Let me share the number of views as of today, in order of most viewed.

Meet el Presidente:  147,000
Last Night in the City:  207,000
Night Boat:  218,000
Falling Down:  223,000
Femme Fatale:  237,000
Someone Else Not Me:  294,000
Violence of Summer:  295,000
Out of my Mind:  307,000
Breath After Breath:  359,000
White Lines:  417,000
Too Much Information:  426,000
My Own Way:  436,000
Lonely in Your Nightmare:  461,000
A View to a Kill:  472,000
Do You Believe in Shame:  509,000
Burning the Ground:  524,000
Sunrise:  554,000
Perfect Day:  690,000
Careless Memories:  702,000
All You Need Is Now:  829,000
Friends of Mine:  898,000
What Happens Tomorrow:  919,000
Skin Trade:  1.2 Million
The Chauffeur:  1.3 Million
Electric Barbarella:  1.3 Million
I Don’t Want Your Love:  1.5 Million
All She Wants Is:  1.5 Million
Serious:  2.1 Million
Is There Something I Should Know:  3.8 Million
Pressure Off:  3.9 Million
Union of the Snake:  4 Million
Girls on Film:  4.9 Million 
New Moon on Monday:  5.5 Million
Planet Earth:  5.7 Million
Notorious:  7.6 Million
Girl Panic:  7.6 Million
Wild Boys:  12 Million
Rio:  17 Million
The Reflex:  18 Million
Save a Prayer:  35 Million
Hungry Like the Wolf:  43 Million
Ordinary World:  64 Million
Come Undone:  67 Million

Anything surprising to you?  I know that I was surprised that the videos from the Wedding Album were more popular than videos from Rio.  I tend to think of the videos from 1982 as being the standard Duran videos, the ones that most come to mind when people mention Duran Duran.  Interestingly enough, Girl Panic has a lot of views, more so than many from the 1980s.  It is definitely the most viewed of the post-reunion time period.

Then, I wonder what would these totals look like if YouTube had been around in the 1980s.  I am willing to bet that the views would be a ton more.  After all, when these videos came out, many of us would watch MTV for hours just hoping that a Duran video would come on.  Then, many of us bought the Video Album that came out in 1983 just to watch the videos whenever we wanted.

There is a part of me that really wishes that all of the video views would be a lot more than they are.  Maybe that is why I include them for each of the questions of the day.  After all, I suspect that many of us don’t need to watch the videos to determine which video has a better looking band member.  So, why does popularity matter?  It doesn’t really, of course, but as a fan, I think everyone should love Duran as much as I do.


2 thoughts on “Video Popularity”

  1. Do you know what surprises me, instead? The clips of Frends of Mine, Femme Fatale… I didn’t know they were even shot!
    I guess I missed something.
    While recording industry is taking You Tube seriously as new benchmark to certify any artist’s popularity (as much as the streaming of their tracks on Spotify, TIDAL, blah, blah… ), I am a conservative kind of person and for me, my only benchmark of popularity is the record sales.

  2. Wow. The number of views was eye opening. I taped the videos off MTV and watched them daily. I am pleased that the newer videos are doing so well. Proves they have real staying power, and know what we like. I added a lot to those numbers, as Girl Panic! and AYNIN are huge favorites. I really thought the 80’s stuff would have owned the top slots as they are so memorable, but at the same time very familiar for those of us who grew up with the band. Hmm. Maybe that’s part of the appeal. We grew up alongside them. Nick’s only three years older than me.

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