Video Review of Duran’s Pressure Off

We have often threatened to do video blogs.  Today, we decided to make that threat a reality.  Why today?  Simple.  A certain song by a certain band was made available.  Yes, that’s right.  We finally could hear Duran Duran’s Pressure Off in its entirety.  Therefore, Rhonda and I took the time to listen to the song for the first time together and then did a video of our brief review.  How did the band do?  How did Nile Rodgers do?  What about Janelle Monae?  Do we think it could be a hit?  Will be a hit?  Should be?

In case you have not heard it yet, here are a couple of places to check it out yourself:

Google Play

Duran Duran also posted that it will be available via Amazon UK and US but isn’t so far as of this post.

On that note, here’s what WE think of the song.  Listen to the song, watch our review and then share your review!



24 thoughts on “Video Review of Duran’s Pressure Off”

  1. PS. To answer what I thought about the song, IMO I can really hear the Nile Rodgers influence in the song, most especially in the guitar riffs, definite shades of Chic (who I love listening to!) in the music, so I love the song! Hope the rest sounds like this.

  2. Agreed, Pressure Off is going to be amazing live! As the bands had said, it’s very danceable. Simon’s vocals on the verses kept making me think of Bowie, did anyone else hear that?

    1. I didn’t hear the Bowie, but I also haven’t had a lot of time to sit and really absorb the song yet. IF THEY PUT THE DARN THING ON ITUNES I WOULD BUY IT AND LISTEN!!!! Alas…I wait. 😉 -R

  3. ok I have to agree ladies.. I didn’t like the first part of the song till I put on my gaming headphones. WOOOOW is what I have to say

  4. Take the funk of “Notorious” + the optimism of “(Reach Up For the) Sunrise” = “Pressure Off!” Took me several listens as well, but I’m a biased Duranie, and so I love it unconditionally…

    1. I don’t think Amanda and I automatically love anything the band does unconditionally – I mean, we’re honest when we post our opinions here. We may love the band, but there are songs in their catalog that neither of us care for. So, when you read that we really like something and feel that it’s got the best hook we’ve heard from them in decades, we mean it. I’m happy to hear though that so many Duran fans love it – that’s a great start!! -R

      1. Curiosity killed the cat….which songs don’t you care for ( I have quite a few)? Also, I think I’m one of a handful of people who loved POP TRASH!

  5. My opinion..the song has not grown on me yet & when they said the new stuff would sound like their early years, I was thinking more like the Planet Earth era. WHY oh why is the song not on iTunes? I probably would have bought it since I have lots of iTunes gift cards. I think not releasing on iTunes was not a good move…in my opinion.

    1. We keep hoping to see it on iTunes as well! Amazon would be fine, too! The roll-out is definitely one thing that could be improved since so many can’t buy (and want to) and others can’t even hear it yet. -A

    2. I think that when they said it would sound like their early years, they were pretty clear that they had the funk of Notorious in mind, at least in the various articles and things I’ve read. All You Need is Now, on the other hand, harkened the Rio era. This is only one song off the album though, and it is definitely a song that SHOULD get radio time…and I’m betting the best gems are yet to come. I agree though, the song should absolutely be on iTunes.I don’t know their marketing strategy though, and I suspect that this is only the beginning. It might not have been as smooth as it should have been, but it could also be that getting it yesterday was more about getting fans to hear it than anything else. Not sure. -R

  6. Nile Rodgers is a poducing genius! I listened to this 1st time ou with headphones on & the beginning reminded me of the beginning of The Power Station’s Bang-a-Gong. Janelle Monae was a great choice as a featured vocalist for this song. The band sounds amazing,and I don’t believe I’ve ever danced so much to a Duran song. I see this as a bona fide hit for them. Well done gents!

    1. We agree – Pressure Off has all the makings of a great pop record. I hear it as the song of summer!! -R

  7. I was lucky that I listended to it on a great sound system, so I got the whole bass and guitar groove. What struck me though, was Simon singing like Andy Wickett in the verses. Seriously! If you listen to Wickett on the early demos and the listen to Simon on this track, it’s very noticeable. Anyway. Great song. Very pleased with it and I hope Warner Bros. can get wide exposure for it. Enjoyed your review aswell girls. Stay cool!

  8. Great V-Blog, girls!

    Okay, so here’s my take on the song.

    Even back in March after only hearing that low-quality snippet and after listening to those leaked 38 seconds this week I knew they were up to something good.

    So, yesterday morning I got that radio link (which actually worked in Argentina – amazing!) and listened to the full song for the first time. I have to say that when I first heard that intro I was in shock, like someone was slapping me on the face. It sounded so NOT Duran, so modern so… weird. But good weird. And then on went the song with a verse that is just okay with those loud keyboard lines that remind me of Seven and the Ragged Tigger. and then non-stop, no build-up, straight to that killer chorus. And then again, back to intro, verse, chorus… and moving on to the middle eight, which I think it’s one of the best parts of the song, and then back to the chorus and end.

    I’m first impression was that there’s something quite unusual about the structure of the song. There are no transitions, no drum fills that take you to the next part. It’s bang, bang, part after part after part. I thought this had the potential of being a complete disaster… until I figured it out. The one thing that holds the song together is Nile’s guitar. It’s the only instrument playing throughout the whole song, glueing all the parts together.

    I think they took everything to the limit with this one. The structure, the sound, the mix. They could’ve taken it too far and make this “ball of noise”, quite like what happened with Seven and the Ragged Tiger. But they stopped just before getting to that point and created a killer song.

    This is the type of song they been going for since Astronaut, and after some failed attempts I think they nailed it: the song sounds undboutely Duran and yet fresh and modern. The intro is modern, the middle eight is modern (we’ve heard this type of arrangements on and on in the last couple of years in modern artists).

    I’ve read a lot of comments saying that the band are trying too hard to create a hit. Seriously? This is what Duran Duran does? I do appreciate that some people like the darker side of the band better, but Duran Duran have always been about this. Hit songs. This is no different than The Reflex or Wild Boys. Just great pop tunes to have fun listening to. This is the self-proclaimed band to make you party, after all. This is what they do. You can’t expect “Ordinary World” or “The Chauffeur” over and over again. And quite frankly, I think it’s valid that they want to have a hit song again. Pressure Off has “duranized” the sound we hear all the time on the radio.

    All in all, I love the song.

  9. There are plus points which I like. Nile’s input is always good. The lyrics are nothing special IMO, even a little vacuous. But it’s catchy. Hopefully it’ll do it’s job and promote what could be a quality and diverse album.

    1. I think that’s the point – the song is catchy, and it’s pure, pure pop. I’m still saying it’s the best hook I’ve heard out of this band in 25 years. -R

  10. I get your review. I understand where you are coming from. I listened on YouTube. I actually know people who hated anything after Arena. By the way, some of my favorite songs came from Arcadia and Power Station. So, I am grateful. They usually believe DD broke up and came back a few times. (So stupid.) It is ridiculous that people expect them to make every song sound like “Rio”. (Not you guys. Not going to b—h you out.) There are also people who said since Andy isn’t playing guitar with DD anymore, they suck. Sometimes, I have to adjust to their new releases because their style is different, but I will always love everything they make. It’s all good.

  11. Hi All, understand it’s already been raised and having just checked iTunes, I find it worrying that it’s not available yet. This could be detrimental to sales, exposure, charts, etc…hoping it can be resolved soon. It deserves every opportunity at success.

    1. It is available on Amazon now. I found that with the Amazon app it was imported to my iTunes automatically. -A

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