Vodka Friday Episode 6: Seizing the Moment

Hey everyone,

It is that time again! After Prince’s death yesterday, we found ourselves pondering regret. Do we have any? Are we happy with where we are and what we’re doing?  We talked about the subject a lot and agreed it was fodder for Vodka Friday at the very least. We encourage everyone – All You Need is Now – and take the opportunity to get out there to see shows and experience the band however you can now, while they’re still around.

So, with that in mind, cheers!!!  (Please excuse Rhonda’s ridiculous attempt to place Davy Jones as a member of The Beatles…she is clearly insane.)

-A & R

One thought on “Vodka Friday Episode 6: Seizing the Moment”

  1. Hello to you lovely girls!
    I started to think of seizing the moment since Robert Palmer passed away in Sept. 2003.
    I got furious the other day when I (once again) heard fans say Andy is the cause of Duran’s death and it makes me sad most of the fandom agree with that.
    Enjoy your now dear fans, let the bygones be bygones, please. And the band doesn’t sound to me like dead.
    Ahem… congrats on the new clip and enjoy your break!

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