Waiting for a Look, The Invitation

There are times when Rhonda and I seem to be on the exact same page.  Lately, as the summer begins to move into fall, I feel like Rhonda and I are dealing with similar issues.  She has to deal with scheduling with school and home along with everything else that she is responsible for.  I have also been dealing with the “how in the world am I going to fit everything in” feeling.  You see I have returned to work, to school, to teaching.  Is this what I want?  No.  We all know that it isn’t.  I sent off applications over the summer and looked for something different with no luck.  I am still looking, sort of.  I just don’t know how to balance that, which does take considerable amount of time, with my regular job responsibilities, this blog, our book, and the upcoming convention.  I’m feeling exhausted all ready and the kids don’t show up until Tuesday.  I know that I will get into a rhythm, a pattern where I’m not so tired and where I can get things done after work but I will feel a little bit like I’m drowning until I get to that spot.  Interestingly enough, Rhonda and I have spent time talking about the craziness of schedules during the beginning of the school year but we find ourselves talking about how anxious we are for news from the band.  We want to know about the album.  We want to hear how it is going.  We want to know that they are working on it and that it is on schedule for a 2014 release with a TOUR.  Now, should we be taking the time to worry about this?  Absolutely not.  Do we already have plenty on our plates that we don’t have the time or the energy to do things like plan a tour?  Very much so.  Yet, we still find ourselves yearning for something, anything from the Duran camp.  This is when it hit me.  What is the only thing I’m not doing right now and didn’t do this summer that I have been doing?  Campaigning.  Yes, the summer of 2013 was the first summer that I didn’t campaign since 2009.  Welcome to Wisconsin where politics is an all year long ordeal from January 1st to December 31st with little to no breaks.  Maybe, though, I should use my not-being-used skills.  Perhaps, a new campaign will keep me fresh for those political positions that I should be searching for and applying for.  Hmm…what could that campaign be for?  President is done for awhile.  My state doesn’t have senate races until 2016.  Governor is far too painful.  What about focusing my campaign skills on what I’m missing the most?  That silly band we all know and love!  Yes, that’s it!  I could run a campaign focused on Duran Duran!

Now, there are two kinds of campaigns.  There is electoral campaigning, which focuses on a candidate and getting that candidate to win a specific election.  That doesn’t fit here.  We don’t need Duran to win anything.  They won us over a long time ago.  No, we need the other kind of campaigning.  We need issue based campaigning.  Okay.  Then, we have to pick a goal.  Typically, most issue based campaigns focus on getting a law passed.  An example might be that there are organizations I am connected to that are fighting to get Congress to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  Their tactics then focus on the members of Congress.  Simple enough, or so it sounds.  It is a clear cut goal.  They want it to pass and they know that they need so many votes in the House of Representatives before it goes to the President to sign into law.  Thus, they work at convincing the members of Congress to vote for it.  Let’s think then.  What could we campaign for with the band?  We know that it takes time to finish an album.  We don’t want the album to suck so we can’t really push on that too much.  What should we campaign for?  I have got it!  We could campaign for news about the album, especially since we didn’t get any with Simon’s recent Katy Kafe.  Let’s be even more specific.  What kind of news?  How much news?  We know that there are 8 songs.  Should we demand to hear part of one?  Should we ask for their timeline and how they plan to meet it?  What is reasonable?  Since I believe strongly in democracy, I will ask all of you to help me determine the campaign goal.  I can definitely be campaign manager but I need to know our goals first.
Once our goal is determined, then, we get to choose what kind of tactics to use.  As I’m sure you all know from watching electoral politics, we could either be persuasive through positive means or by negative means.  A negative tactic could be something like a strike.  Obviously, this is a political action often used by labor unions who want their employers to meet some sort of demand like a wage increase or a change in a working condition.  The strike is often effective because it hurts the employer in their pocketbook.  They lose money and will change in order to avoid this loss.  The same is true with a boycott.  We all could decide to stop buying their products and stop talking about them.  What if the Daily Duranie blogged about something that had nothing to do with Duran or started blogging about other bands?  Well, that probably wouldn’t hurt the band at all…okay.  Heck, if they knew about us at all, maybe, stopping would make them cheer!?!  We don’t really want to do that.  Also, it is good to be aware that the tactics mentioned (strikes or boycotts) could cause us harm.  We would be removing something that we enjoy.  Yeah, those ideas might not work here.  
What are more positive tactics?  What about a petition?  If we get enough fans demanding news, a timeline or a snippet of a new song, would that work?  On one hand, if we showed that there tons of fans around the world wanting this, that could be pretty powerful.  That might be enough to convince them.  What if it isn’t then?  Petitions are often used with members of Congress and not always with success.  Then what?  In the world of issue campaigning, we try to use that petition to convince the people who have power over the member of Congress.  Those people could be the people who vote in his/her’s district, state or nation, but they could also be the contributors.  Who would it be with Duran?  Their management?  Their fans?  We could use the petition to show the fans who haven’t signed that the cause is worthy of their signature.  We could also convince management by sending it there, too, right?  We could, if think that will be effective.  Another option could be direct action…a little protest or three, some speeches, an occupation or two usually helped major social movements.  Hm…so many options!  So, team, what shall we choose?  What would persuade them to give us a taste, some info, a little fix to keep us going?  The desperation is increasing as I type!!
Of course, maybe, they would take pity on me, on all of us and give us something without having to go to all of this work.  Maybe, they would want to give us all something to keep us going, to keep us interested, to thank us for being obsessed….I mean, dedicated.  Of course, they would, right?  They want to make us all happy, yes?  I like that idea.  It feels so positive, so optimistic.  I guess if that doesn’t happen…well, we could always still could campaign!!!  ;D
You all get that I’m kidding, right?!  For the most part…

2 thoughts on “Waiting for a Look, The Invitation”

  1. I will pipe up and say that it was by no fault of Katy's that she did not get the Great LeBon to speak up about the album and give us just a little something…she did try. He was just being impossible. 😀

    That said – I'm ready to campaign for them to get back to work so that we can be “dedicatedly” writing about them each day. Not obsessively. No, never that. 😉


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