Want You More…as in More US dates were added yesterday!

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday: John Taylor is in fact a big ole fibber.

A couple weeks back, someone asked John (I’m sure he gets asked this nearly every day) if there were any more US dates coming for this summer and his reply was that he doubted it.  As I read that reply, my heart sank just the teeniest little bit because I had been hoping for just one more show to be added to their schedule at some point between Durham, NC and Connecticut.  Why?  I don’t know what started it, but somewhere along the line Amanda and I have convinced ourselves that we need four shows.  My husband always says “Need or want?” My answer?  “NEED!!”  In any case, I assumed that John was right and that I should probably be satisfied with the shows we’d been given.  My goodness I’ve seen them quite a bit this past year anyway, and I know that. So I moved on to the “Who on Gods Green Earth is going to watch my children while I’m away?” stage of planning, never really considering that while John doubted there would be more dates added, that there’s always a chance.

Shoot ahead a bit to yesterday afternoon when very quickly and stealth-like, not one but TWO more dates were added to the US tour.  One for Pittsburgh on August 26, and one for Portsmouth Virginia on August 22.  I had to read the posting over twice to make sure I wasn’t deluding myself.  I had to laugh, because Amanda and I had both been hoping they’d add another show, but it was only by sheer luck that I’d caught the info, and I knew that unless I emailed Amanda with an appropriate eye-grabbing title (That I won’t share here for fear of actually offending someone…and the fact that I won’t share it for that reason should tell you all something. I am typically not afraid to offend!), she’d never see the info herself, at least not until after tomorrow when the gubernatorial recall campaign for her state ends.  Lo and behold, not only did Amanda see the email, I received a hurried phone call.  After expressing some relatively mild frustration, we agreed that the Virginia show is a  “must-do”.  I’m excited because the Norfolk Virginia area is somewhere I’ve never been, and have always wanted to see.  So rather than end our little tour in Durham, we’ll be organizing a little caravan from Durham to Portsmouth the day after the Durham show!

Excitedly, there appears to be a fair number of people at least considering going on to see the band in Virginia – and since the drive from Durham to Portsmouth is rather short, we think we might even be able to leave in plenty of time to get a meet-up together in Portsmouth before the show.  Stay tuned here for details as they become available.

In the meantime, no John probably isn’t a fibber.  Of course I’m teasing just a bit…but take it from me, the tour dates crop up when you least expect them!


7 thoughts on “Want You More…as in More US dates were added yesterday!”

  1. You mean you didn't feel like driving from Durham to CT??? 😉 I kind of wish you guys were coming to CT so I could meet you.

    Hubby is being a real good sport about going to see them for the 3rd time in a year and a half, so I really can't complain. But as I told another one of my friends that I would go with if we lived closer to each other, just once I would like to be able to go with a fellow diehard fan so I could let out a scream for old times sake if I felt like it, or be able to comment about how hot Simon-Nick-John-Roger-Dom look and not get a dirty look in the process! ;D


  2. Aw Susan, if it were up to me I'd seriously drive the entire country and see all the shows, and meet all the people I could. Oddly, my husband and kids have different ideas. I can't imagine why?!? 😀

    I have to say, going with my husband is very nice and I love the date night out. However, it is a far different experience than going with friends. I hate saying “next tour”, but maybe the next time out we'll make it back to the Northeast!


  3. You guys got lucky on this count. Unfortunately JT's mention that there would be tour dates in my country proved inaccurate.

    It's much nicer to be told 'no more dates' and get some, than the other way around. 🙁

  4. We always have a great time when we go, we plan a night out around the show. I don't have to do too much convincing because he actually likes hearing them live. It also helps that the CT location is about a half hour from some family, so we will get to visit them too and make a weekend out of it. (Believe me, if he really didn't want to go, nothing would convince him. When I tried to get him to see Rick Springfield – my first crush – at a local casino last month, his answer was he would go with me but would gamble while I watched the show because you wouldn't catch him at a Rick Springfield show in a million years, not even if hell froze over!)

    We actually get different things out of a show, to me it's about being able to dance and sing, turn back the clock a bit, and just have a good time. For him, he really gets into the music itself(he is fascinated by Nick, thinks Dom is fantastic) and the effects and videos – he picks up on all sorts of things that I miss. He loved the talking heads over the stage and we're hoping they will bring them back to Foxwoods. We have seats in the mezzanine this time and would have a good view of the masks, but not sure if the stage set-up there allows for it. We'd also like to see them mix the show up a little from the one we saw in October. I heard Save a Prayer made an appearance in South America, and wouldn't mind hearing that again live!


  5. My husband likes going to the shows too, and he's actually disappointed that we can't go to the shows they've scheduled in California (we're on vacation the week they're here). My husband collects music though, and he'd go to see just about anyone. In a couple of weeks we're going to go see Def Leppard, Poison and Lita Ford…and we would love to go see Rick Springfield, several years back we took the entire family to see Kool and the Gang, and we even had the chance to see Ray Charles nearly ten years ago.

    I wonder if they'll change up the set list at all this time around. Regardless, I'm sure it will be a great show as always! -R

  6. I really wanted to buy Pittsburgh tix yesterday but the only reason I didn't was because my 20 year old daughter was the one who wanted to go with me. There is something to be said about going anywhere with someone who is on the same page. And really, hanging out with my daughter, well, it was nice to introduce her in October to Duran live, but it's not the same if I were going to be attending with a true duranie. I just don't have those connections here. I was going to reach out to Kirk at dd to the rock hall but a massive migraine hit that floored me, stalling all plans. Pittsburg is less than a 2 hour drive for me and I could handle that. Of course, I could still get accessible seating close to the stage, but going alone, I think not.

    So, perhaps a cosmic force is saying hold out. Entered the NYC contest, entered the poster contest for release of diamond in the mind. So maybe my luck will turn. Better chances there than the lottery!

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