Ways to Survive Until Paper Gods: 12 Days to Go!

Yesterday, in this blog here, I described the need that many/most/all of us might be experiencing as we move closer and closer to the release of Duran’s latest.  That need, of course, is a way to settle the restlessness and to make it until September 11th!  The way I mentioned yesterday to help all fans deal is to listen to an album a day.  The first album was played yesterday.  Today, we should all listen to Rio cause we are going in order!  Listen to it here:

Of course, though, we need something else.  We need more to distract from our anxiousness.  Thus, I suggest the following:  Go back and reread the important blog posts about the album.  I might suggest these:

Insights Part 1

Insights Part 2

Paper Gods A Plenty

Cherry Ice Cream Smile

Of course, if you want something more official I suggest these articles from the band’s official site:

Official Primer

Full Details

Personally, I have gone back to those insights and official articles more than once since I have heard the songs off of Paper Gods.  It helps me to reach greater understanding of the songs, as well as, in many cases, helps me to appreciate them better as well!

Good luck to all of you!  Hopefully, this suggestion helps you get through your day and gets you one day closer to the new album!



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