We Covered All the Angles

Fandom is funny.  Duranland is funny.  I don’t mean funny in a laugh out loud sort of funny but in an interesting, thought-provoking kind of way.  This week, it seems to me that the Duran universe has been truly scattered.  What do I mean by this?  I mean that the fans aren’t all focused on just one thing.  In fact, I would say that there are many different focal points with various people focused on them.  At least, this is how it feels, seems to me.  So, what are different groups thinking about?  Some are definitely into TV Mania.  Others are still talking about Simon’s facial hair of choice these days.  John Taylor’s lack of tweeting occupies others’ thoughts.  A couple of people might be thinking about the fact that the band is back in the studio.  There are a few of us who are thinking about the convention coming up in October.  For some fans, none of these matter.  Instead, they are thinking about Depeche Mode’s new album or another favorite artist.  Am I the only one seeing it like this?  If this does seem to be the case, does it happen during all downtimes?  Why are some people into one thing and others into something different?

I am willing to bet that this is a problem that is only really found during the times that Duran isn’t promoting an album or isn’t touring.  I think back to August when Nick was sick and shows had to be canceled.  This news was the ONLY thing people were thinking about and talking about in the fandom, from what I could tell.  Likewise, when All You Need Is Now came out, people were talking about the album, the songs they liked, the songs they loved, the songs they could have done without.  We don’t have albums or tours to center our discussions around right now.  Those people who are into TV Mania are probably arguing with me right now.  They are probably saying to themselves, “What is Amanda thinking?  Don’t we have TV Mania to talk about?”  The simple answer is yes.  We do.  That said, I have seen plenty of people say that they aren’t going to buy it and don’t care.  What is their reasoning, from what I could tell?  Some have listened to the samples and don’t like it enough to buy it.  Others, frankly, are not fond of Warren and don’t want to be reminded of him.  It also seems to me that those people who are really into it are Nick fans (meaning that Nick is their favorite member) or fans who loved the era of Duran when Warren was in the band.  For those fans, I’m sure that they are reminded of a time when they loved the music and line-up.  Maybe, it even reminds them of good times that they personally had.  I can’t knock that even if I can’t relate.  Heck, part of me wishes that I was that excited by the project. 

Simon’s current look is getting attention in some areas even though we have now seen the mustache for awhile.  Who might be into that topic?  This might be a big deal to Simon fans.  Of course, for every fan who is talking about his look, there is another fan who wishes that the fans would just talk about the music or would shut up about the band members’ looks.  Again, I really can’t fault either side.  If John grew a mustache, I bet be talking about that, too.  Yet, I get why people get annoyed with those who only talk about the band looks.

What about John Taylor and twitter?  Rhonda mentioned this one yesterday.  She talked briefly about how the band’s presence on social networking sites has to do with marketing, but that she misses their presence, nonetheless, and wished that real rapport had been established.  As I read that and people’s reactions to that blog post as well to other blogs on here about this issue, I realized how much this issue matters to people.  For some, this is a huge deal.  It is their fandom’s focus.  Like the TV Mania fans or the Simon’s mustache fans or anti-fans, I can understand their focus even if I don’t get it.  I don’t really miss the band on Twitter.  Why is that?  It is much the same reason that I haven’t been jumping up and down with excitement to TV Mania.  It doesn’t feel like my thing.  I never had any interaction with any of them on Twitter.  Ever.  Part of this was because my schedule didn’t allow it and part of it is because I wouldn’t tweet much to them for a variety of reasons.  Do I feel jealous of people who did have interactions?  I’m sure there is a part of me that is, to some extent.  I’m only human and I’m a fan just like everyone else.  What fan wouldn’t want interaction?  More than that, I just felt left out, which, in my opinion, is worse.  I didn’t feel like I was a part of the fandom as it seemed that everyone was tweeting them and getting responses from them.  While I was always excited for them, it always felt like hearing about the party and not being at the party.  So, part of me is relieved that I don’t have to feel that right now.  That said, I wish that my friends and other fans who did have those good times with the band could have it again.  I saw how happy they all were when they did get a response from them. 

Maybe, for some of these fans, they are frustrated by what they perceive as lack of appreciation.  This frustration might lead some to seek other bands.  Others might also go for other bands to fill in the time.  Heck, even Rhonda and I are thinking about going to see Depeche Mode.  Yet, Depeche isn’t where I’m focused.  I’m focusing on planning the convention.  Why?  Some of the reasons are obvious, including that I know how amazing conventions can be and that I want a place for all of us to be able to celebrate our fandom.  An additional reason, though, absolutely has to do with my desire to belong.  I don’t feel like I belong to those TV Mania fans as I wasn’t really into Duran much during the Warren era for a variety of reasons.  Simon isn’t my favorite so that mustache-gate doesn’t work for me.  The band members’ lack of social networking time isn’t my thing for the reasons mentioned above.  While I could turn to another band, logically, emotionally, I can’t.  My loyalty is with Duran and with Duranies.  The convention is my chance to feel like a part of this fandom.  I also feel like the convention could be an event, a time, a setting in which all fans, no matter their personal perspectives can come together to celebrate being a Duran Duran fan.  After all, no matter the focus, the perspective, we are all Duranies, right?  We all the love them and, in the end, that’s all that really matters.


7 thoughts on “We Covered All the Angles”

  1. Interesting.

    We are very different, and as you mentioned – our perceptions are very different as well.

    1. I do miss the band on Twitter. It's nice that Simon still tweets though – and it's NOT just because of the interaction. (For example I have never gotten a tweet from Simon and interestingly enough, I've never really even thought about that before.) It's because I like knowing what's going on. It isn't as though any of the band traded messages with me on an ongoing basis or anything. It's not the center of my fandom, nor do I really believe it is the center of anyone else's – but it is a nice thing. Some people rely on Twitter more than others, but I can certainly understand why people miss them. I'd miss John's tweets a lot of the time, but I'd go back through and read them as I found time. It was just nice reading what he was up to in the same way I'd read a blog or anything else. Maybe that's just me?

    2. I love the TV Mania album. I am not a Warren fan but I thought he did an OUTSTANDING job on the album. While I admire Nick greatly – I don't think he's my “favorite” – I just love music in general and I would not have ever guessed that I would have taken to this project in the way I have. I like listening to it and hearing different things. I just think the album is unique, and a really, really cool listen. I think it's a shame that more fans aren't giving it a fair shot because while sure, it's experimental and really “out there” in parts, there are some songs that are worthy of becoming earworms. I think it's really, really cool – and not just because of the music, but because of the entire concept. I must really be a Dadaist or have those tendencies….

    3. I want to see Depeche Mode, but if I'm being honest, in my case it has far more to do with getting together with friends than it does the music. While I've been missing the band – I miss my friends more. It's too bad THAT message seemed to get lost in my blog yesterday.

    4. I think everyone feels left out from time to time. Just as you are able to point out how you felt about Twitter, I read about get togethers with other Duranies ALL. THE. TIME. – and as you know Amanda, these are not things that I can generally participate, even here at home. Sure I feel left out, but there isn't anything that I can really do about that right now. I have to make the best of what I have done, and to be completely fair – I have done far, far more than most. We all have our limitations, and if I walked around feeling angry about what I couldn't do – I'd be pretty negative, and that's just not what I want.

    It's true, it's about perception – but it's also about each of us and how we open ourselves emotionally. -R

  2. My attention right now in Duran land is on TV Mania and what the boys are doing in the studio.
    It’s so funny to reply to the current absurd TV Mania tweets: as far as I can, I’ll do it.
    I’m thinking on what kind of music they're jamming on: in the next days they should be with Mark Ronson, too: I’ll have a little clearer idea and more clues on their new direction! Mark is just one of us: not a boss, but a friendly fan for them all.

  3. Just remember…when someone says/tweets/posts that they aren't into TV Mania (which is perfectly fine)…even then…even in their denial…they are still talking about TV Mania!!!!
    I wanna make films I wanna make films I wanna make films…

    (I seriously cannot stop listening to it. I knew I would like it, since I do love the 90s DD sound…but I figured I'd give it a few listens, like parts of it, then shelve it and move on…Good God…it's in my head…I keep playing it and playing it…the only song I don't like is Yogurt and the Fake Tan and my resistance on that one is breaking down by the minute.)

    My only regret with TV Mania is that I feel like “People Know Your Name” could've been a great Duran song (well they all could've been to some degree but I just feel that way when I listen to that one, especially the end…).

    Anyway…it's not for everyone…

  4. No, but I have learned to appreciate all art, even when I think it's wildly “out there”…I just love and adore that we as humans have that creative ability and “right”. 🙂 -R

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