We Travel as We Unravel…

I had a whole blog idea ready to go for today when I got the news that Duran had to cancel tonight’s Atlantic City show. According to the press release, the band had to cancel after Nick’s visit to a doctor today. Apparently, the doctor stated that he was suffering from symptoms of exhaustion and that he should not perform. After the announcement, John was on twitter expressing his very obvious disappointment and concern for the fans who were there in AC, ready to rock out to Duran. Obviously, I feel totally and utterly gutted for those fans who planned to see the show tonight. We definitely know how it feels after traveling to the UK last year, only to not see our shows. As I type this, I am watching fans tweet both their disappointment but also their desire to make lemonade out of lemons and still have a good time.

Yesterday, I posted a blog which included all of the points Rhonda and I compiled about this last leg of the tour. Many people felt like we (mostly me as I wrote it up) was too negative, too critical and that I didn’t acknowledge enough of what the band did right. Here’s the thing…as much as I/we might point out what I/we thought could be better about this leg of the tour, we still LOVE touring and still LOVE going to Duran shows. There is no place on earth I would rather be. Heck, this time around we drove 1300 miles, got about 25 hours of sleep in a week, spend a ton of money and I would do it all over again. Yes, there are elements of any specific tour that I might change, much like there are elements the band might change but the overall activity always delivers. Yes, we have seen shows that are less than steller BUT I would still prefer to be at that show than not. I have no regrets about going on tour EVER.

As I’m sitting here in my sister’s living room, about to return home tomorrow, from my tour and visit with family, I find myself thinking about my experiences touring, Rhonda’s experiences touring, the fans who are in Atlantic City, the band, and everyone associated with the band. Here’s what I know, which relates to the title of the blog…touring is intense. It is intense, physically, mentally and emotionally. I still feel wiped from my four shows because of this intensity. I think everyone who tours feels this. Obviously, on a night like tonight, the fans in AC are facing emotional intensity and the band is also facing that as well as the physical intensity. The fans there have to process the emotions and I’m willing to bet that most of them will experience anger, frustration, concern, disappointment and depression. The band is probably experiencing the same, too.

The touring intensity definitely gives the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. There is nothing that beats a tremendous show. I know how we felt after Durham this past week or felt in Glasgow last December. We felt like we were living on a cloud and that we were slightly invincible, slightly powerful. It is like we were the luckiest people on the planet to experience what we had experienced. That feeling is one that I have yet to find anywhere else in the world. Of course, because it has the ability to make us fans feel like no other, it can also cause damage when it doesn’t go as it should. It is heartbreaking. Yeah, I’m sure that there will be people who think I’m being too over-the-top here, but I’m a FAN. I’m a fan who has been to a bunch of shows and hope to do more in my future. It means that much to me. I’m willing to bet that it means that much to Rhonda and other fans.

I’m sure that the next few days will be tough on the fans who had tickets to this show. They will wonder if and when the shows will be rescheduled. It will also be tough on people who have tickets to the remaining shows. Obviously, we all want Nick to get better–both for his sake and for the band to finish this tour as they planned. Yet, I think it will be a nerve-wracking time for all fans as we are once again reminded that Duran Duran could end tomorrow. I think about all of those fans who decided not to go to a show this time around and could have. Are they regretting that decision? As John said in the documentary part of the A Diamond in the Mind DVD, having Simon lose his voice really reminded them or taught them what All You Need is Now really means. Tonight, we are reminded again.


5 thoughts on “We Travel as We Unravel…”

  1. Yes I heard about this. I feel badly for the fans especially because I know what weekend Shore traffic is like. 🙂 But I also feel badly for Nick and hope he feels better soon. It seems this leg of the tour was particularly grueling. If you look back at the schedule, there were a lot of dates close together, sometimes as many as 5 in a week. I hadn't thought of it except you guys mentioned it but some of the shows were outdoors in very hot weather.

    I'm sure the rest of the band are very concerned about Nick too, while also feeling badly about disappointing the audience.

    I'm surprised it's only Nick, all things considered.(Not “only Nick” like he doesn't matter of course, but “only Nick” as in he's one person, it could be all of them:)).

  2. I thought about fatigue after I booked tickets to the Durham show in May. I was really glad to see that the band had a night off in between Atlanta and Durham. Too many nights in a row can really drain the energy of a band.

    Best wishes to Nick for a speedy recovery. He was really nice to come over for about 5-10 minutes as he was leaving the DPAC on Tuesday to take pics and sign autographs.

  3. All I know is that after the 4 shows we did, driving 1300 miles in that time – I am dead tired. I only did 4 shows. FOUR.

    I feel horrible for the fans, but to be completely honest – at least it happened in Atlantic City where there is plenty more to do. I saw fans tweeting from bars in the area, some ran into Dom, others found Simon, and they all seem to be having fun for the most part. It's not all bad news and I'm glad people were still able to have fun.

    I have hope that Nick will be fine in the end – he just needs rest I am sure, but it's a good reminder that these guys are in fact human. They're not machines, and really – neither are we. 🙂


  4. If it's going to happen anywhere, then AC is as good as anywhere. They get tours in that area all the time. There was one less than a year ago. It's constant. Yeah it's a pain, but this is not like the poor South African fans who had an entire tour cancelled – after waiting 19 years.

    Bummer, it happens. People have been thrown into disarry and lost money (hopefully there's insurance, refunds etc for most). But there'll be more shows for the AC area fans.

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