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Exactly one month from tomorrow, yours truly will be packing the last of her closet to get on a plane bound for the UK.  (is it wrong that I am almost looking forward to the flight because I’ll have some much needed peace and quiet?  Yes, compared to my home on any given day, a crowded seat, on a plane, in COACH – is quiet!)  My credit card seems to still be shocked from it’s liberal application towards hotel rooms, various modes of transportation, not to mention tickets to shows….but it’ll be OK eventually.  I’m starting to have anxiety about leaving, especially when my mother calls me (this morning) and asks for the “master schedule” during the time I am gone.  It’s a MONTH away.  Obviously my mom has no idea what goes on here during a “normal” week.  Plans are made and changed.  Children (aka my oldest) will call on a moments notice and tell me that the entire afternoons schedule has been scrapped due to a previously unannounced rehearsal being called….doctors appointments are made, changed, and then completely canceled, and…in what I consider to be the “crowning glory”, my husband emails me…as he is boarding a plane, to tell me that he won’t be home that night.  Or the next.   Yes, that’s my life in a nutshell.  I’ve taken to not only having my schedule on my laptop and my phone, but also on a very large white board attached to a wall in my kitchen, and yes – it’s color-coded based on what person’s appointments are up there, and yes – it’s scary to look at.  Sometimes in the middle of the night I’ll creep downstairs after tossing and turning in bed for an hour or more because I can’t remember who is supposed to be where the next day, and god-forbid the day I actually forget to put something on there.  I’ve missed parent teacher meetings even when they’ve been scheduled in my phone because I’ve missed the alarm for them, so yeah – there’s a little anxiety, and my mom wants the schedule today.  This morning.  Now.

After I finished laughing ruefully, I silently reminded myself that my mom is leaving for a trip next week and she’ll be gone until the day that I leave for the UK.  I really don’t have much time to talk to her between now and then, and…I hesitate to say this, but I must…she’s a senior citizen.  They PLAN things.  In ADVANCE.  I explained my circumstances to my mom, and after carefully promising to get that schedule to her via email (yes, my mom is completely wired as far as the ‘net goes) before I leave, I take a deep breath.  I’ve got at least 2 more weeks before I have to start panicking about the trip, along with Easter and a birthday party for my youngest to get through.  One day at a time.

In the meantime, Amanda and I have started conversing over what we’d like to do in our spare time while in England.  Naturally we’ve got shows to see, but we’ve also got a few days where we’re in London, and we thought that at the very least – we should put the idea of a meet-up out there to our fellow DD fans!  We would love to meet some fans while we’re there!  We have it on good authority that there’s a club called Club Reflex in London that plays 80’s music.  Seems like a good fit for Duran Duran fans like us, and so we’re throwing the idea out to anyone who might be interested.  We’re thinking of going on Friday night – we’re going with another friend of ours from the US, and we’d love to populate the club with as many fellow DD fans as possible and have it become a real party.  Drop us a line, either here on the blog, at our gmail address (dailyduranie@gmail.com), find us on Facebook (Daily Duranie) or even on Twitter (@DailyDuranie) – let’s get together and have a great time!


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