We were shaken but not stirred

A special thank you to Mr. Nick Rhodes for making my blog topic today so easy.

I’m not sure how many have seen it, but the new foreword in John Taylor’s book In the Pleasure Groove (US paperback edition) is up online.  I caught it today by mere luck, and I’m really glad I did. There are times when I just need something a little life affirming, and for today this was it, and it worked.  Wanna see it?  Here’s your link.

Nick’s love and respect for John is evident. I appreciate that, given the bumpy ride that Nick describes.  Nick mentions that he and John always tried to find a way to make things work. Amanda and I have a similar mantra. It began well before we ever lost our minds and announced we were planning a convention – and now it’s nearly become the way we close each of our conversations: “We will do what must be done.” (all the while crossing our fingers and hoping we live to see the Monday morning following the convention!)  Seriously. What on earth were we thinking?!?

The foreword goes on to describe the differences in personalities, which is something that I think most fans are not only well aware, but stand in wonder and admiration – this band has always had five very distinct individuals (someone for everyone, as it is seems!), yet each has taken their own very personal journey, and as Nick mentions – even in this band of brothers, some things were just never discussed. Then Nick writes about penning “Buried in the Sand”, a song that both saddens and frustrates me personally, but then – I’m just a fan. I don’t know what it must have been like to have John Taylor tell me he was quitting the band, and I don’t know what it must have been like for Nick to realize a dear friend was going his own way.  Did he try to stop John? Did he just let him slip through his grasp?  I really don’t know.  I only know how I felt as a fan.  I was happy for John, sad for myself, selfishly so..and angry at Simon and Nick.  Why?  I suppose at the time I felt like they just let him go.  I’m sure that wasn’t the case, or maybe it was… it wasn’t my place to know.  I think that’s the frustrating thing about being a fan.  We can only react to things, and for the control freaks amongst us (raises hand)….it’s a tough place to occupy.  I like to plan!

We all know about the reunion. Most of us lived it and we’ve written about it many, many times in blog postings…but there is something about Nick’s description that warms my heart.  I guess that for me, there is something about knowing that the band wanted that reunion even more than I probably knew I did that makes it all that much more special. Of course now that reunion is a memory, but a good one…one that won’t dim in brightness over time (for me).

Finally, and probably most importantly, Nick still has not read John’s book. I have to say that for a while, I struggled with understanding why Nick wouldn’t read it. I thought maybe Nick didn’t want to know the things he hadn’t witnessed firsthand. I really wasn’t sure. Maybe their friendship was still mending? No idea. The most obvious of reasons being the one I didn’t consider. Nick someday hopes to write his own memoir, and what I love most here is Nick’s explanation: “…I don’t want to borrow what I don’t remember.” I hope that someday, Nick will be able to sit down and read John’s memoir (and that someday, I will be sitting down to read Nick’s!).

The journey for this band has been incredible (and really kind of incredulous!) thus far.  What I believe I am most enamored by in this moment is their friendship and how it has stood the test of time. I really do believe that the love, respect and friendship they feel for one another has somehow seeped through the music and into some of the relationships we have with one another. Maybe not all, maybe even not most…but some. I love the body of work the band has created. That’s why I became a fan. I love the opportunity it created for the friendships I’ve made along the way even more. The band didn’t actually give any of that to me – but being a fan created the opportunity for moments of which I took full advantage. Funny how a band based on a childhood friendship has at least been the soundtrack if not the catalyst to friendships that have become long term.

“We were shaken but not stirred”…. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better, more fitting description for this band OR it’s fans…or Daily Duranie for that matter.


7 thoughts on “We were shaken but not stirred”

  1. I don't quite understand being mad at Nick or Simon when John left the band. I got the impression that they didn't really have any say in him leaving, Like they couldn't have stopped him if they tried. And what followed, with Simon's writer's bloke, barely any chemistry on stage, a weird vibe of Nick being angry, and other small signs we only see in hindsight; made me just felt sorry for them.

    But that aside, it's nice to get a glimpse into Nick's side of the story, and the prospect of yet another DD book is certainly an exciting thing to look forward to!


  2. Nick's introduction brought tears to my eyes. As you say, Nick's love and respect for John is evident. The friendships within the band and their commitment to each other as individuals, as well as musicians, is just one of the many many things I love about DD.

  3. Well, we all see things differently, and each of us go through our own range of emotions when something you love simply ends or changes. I don't know that I really need anyone to understand…it was just one of the emotions I went through, and feelings aren't really right or wrong, they just ARE.


  4. I loved Nick's intro on John's book. I found it very balanced.
    By the way of the end of the reunion, do I think it is only Nick to be blamed for, given his personal problems with Andy? No. According to the related chapter, John says no one of them was great swimmer, when all of that water flew under the bridge. They're all to blame.
    The intro confirms me that Nick is a lovely guy, patient and he reads as the person who keeps people together, not the one who tells them to go away.

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