We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

I cannot believe that it is Christmas again!  Wasn’t it just Christmas like yesterday or a week ago or something?!  Time seems to be flying and we are here to wish you a Merry Christmas once again!  This year, I have the fortunate duty of doing this blog and providing some Duran and Christmas related gifts!  I hope that this blog post along with all of your family and friend functions provides you with joy!

At times, Duran Duran performed around the holidays.  Here are a couple of clips that I enjoy!

Top of the Pops in the UK from Christmas 1982:

 Top of the Pops in the UK from Christmas 1984:


The National Lottery Show in the UK from December 24, 2010:

It seems to me that Duran always does a fabulous job in wishing their fans a Merry Christmas.  Let’s take a look at some previous years.  Here’s a clip from what appears to be 1984 and in Spanish!

About about this Christmas greeting from Smash Hits in 1982?  Duran’s part is until 0:45 seconds!

Here are last year’s holiday greetings from the band:

This year’s holidays greetings are on audio and can be found here!  

Of course, no Christmas celebration would be complete without Band-Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas:

While we didn’t create this card, I couldn’t help but to share it!

On that note, we truly do wish each and everyone of you the very happiest of holidays!!!


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