Wednesday Covers – Rio!

We’re back looking at some cover versions of Duran songs, and on a whim I decided to see what might be out there for Rio.  If you haven’t had the chance to check out what Moby chose to do with Rio – you can find a blog on that here.

Additionally, I searched on YouTube and found a few to share.  Curiously, many of the covers I found out there were acoustic – and many isolated that incredible bass line that fans know and love.

Barenaked Ladies – Rio

So I couldn’t help but include this one because BNL is well…BNL. You either get them or you don’t, but you can’t deny that they can sing and harmonize.  Unfortunately this is another band that has split over the years, but I still love their old stuff…

Rogue Wave – Rio

I never quite know what I’m going to find on YouTube…and this is one of those kinds of covers.  This one is slower and more subdued than the original, but the spirit of the song is still there, and it reminds me very much of being on a boat…which is appropriate given the song and the video I’ve linked for this takes place on a boat!!

The Resistance – Rio

This one claims to be the rocking version.  I have to say that if they’re gonna claim something like that, they’re gonna need to rock a little harder than Duran Duran does when they play it live, and I’m not hearing that here…but a valiant effort nonetheless.  I’d have liked seeing what else they could do with it, but I sense this is one of those songs you don’t dare change too much.  Unless you’re Moby.  🙂

Rio – the heavy metal version

Ok, so I cheated.  One of the versions I found online was uploaded by  someone named Dam Breetai, and when I read that it’s the heavy metal version, I had to hear it.  I mean, what could they POSSIBLY have done to the song?  Turns out, it’s a remix (of sorts) of the original. A little turned up guitar (I actually think it’s an entirely new track), but Simon is still there to remind one where this song came from.  I don’t know how great this really is, but I had to include it just for kicks.

Mauri & Betto – Rio (Acoustic)

There are a ton of acoustic versions out there…and this is just one that I found.  I must give props for harmonization.

Eric Plancton – Rio

This version is the edgiest rock version I found.  It’s hard rock, and I have to say that musically – I like it. Vocals, in my opinion aren’t really that great, but he does do this whisper of “I’ll tell you something, I know what you’re thinking” before he launches into the chorus that is kind of cool. Instead of the typical saxophone solo we’re used to hearing, this one has heavy guitar and an even heavier short drum fill that makes it his own.

Check out the covers and let us know what you think. There are pages and pages of Rio cover versions on YouTube and I only chose a few… but if you’ve got one that we absolutely have to hear or post, send it or comment below with the link!




6 thoughts on “Wednesday Covers – Rio!”

  1. I liked the guys doing the acoustic version. It sounds like English is not their first language and they might have had to learn it phonetically, but it was sung with heart. The last version was also very good. Just like what you said about the drums and guitar in place of the sax.

  2. by the way of rock covers.. the Nirvana version in Rio De Janeiro is legendary.
    The rock covers are currently my fave covers. (hello Andy…. ahem.. !)

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