We’re gonna Do It In Heels! (Wait…I just meant dancing! It IS dancing we’re talking about, right?!?)

So I’m in Chicago, awaiting the arrival of the midwest half of Daily Duranie later this evening. Luckily for me, I was able to turn this trip into a visit to see my younger sister as well. She lives in the Uptown area of Chicago, and from her apartment I can see both Wrigley Field as well as Lake Michigan.  It’s so different from where I live in Southern California – for one thing, no matter what time of day (or night), there is one heck of a lot of noise going on outside.(last night I woke up to wind howling – a storm blew in overnight I guess.) In my town, people start to complain if the trash trucks start working before 7am. And, if you live in my neighborhood, you’d better not have loud music on after 10pm because my neighbors truly will call the police on you. Not quite the case here in vibrant Chicago…and I love it.

Tonight, it’s all about Roger Taylor. I love that because it’s not something I can say very often!  Even when he’s playing with Duran Duran, it’s not as though we go to the shows and say “It’s all about you, Roger!” (Although once upon a time…I might have at least thought it!)  On this date though (Actually midnight tonight), Roger will take to the DJ Booth at Chicago’s SpyBar for his special “Do It In Heels” set. To make the party even more special – Roger’s birthday is April 26th, and so when he begins his set – it’s actually going to be his birthday.  It’s not that often that Duranies have the chance to celebrate a band member’s birthday in the presence of the actual band member, and so those of us in attendance will have to make sure the man has a good party on his special day!

I have only seen Roger DJ one other time, and it was in Atlantic City at the House of Blues Foundation Room several years back. I really had no expectations for what he’d play, and Roger didn’t disappoint – he played music I never really thought I’d ever be dancing to – and yet there I was, dancing to even Justin Timberlake and his buddy Timbaland I am sure. I expect to do the same or at least similar tonight, and I will love every minute of it. (How is that for a pep talk to myself?!?) Truthfully, I would never expect him to start spinning Duran Duran tunes (although I hear he might sometimes use a good remix) anyway, so I’m ready for just about anything.  I think.

What I *am* really ready for though, is to have a great night with some fellow Duranies.  We’re going to start out the evening at Hop Haus, which is on the same street as SpyBar, and then we’ll head over to the club for dancing, drinks, debauchery, and a little Durandemonium. (Note to readers: I’m going to start using that word everywhere…convention or not!)

If you haven’t heard, we’re also doing a little promotion in honor of Roger Taylor’s birthday.  Beginning tonight at midnight (actually 4/26), for 4 days only – we are rolling back convention tickets to early registration prices. You won’t get the extra goodies that came along with early registration tickets, but you’ll save a little money – and don’t we all like that? For more information you can go to the Durandemonium website at http://durandemonium2013.webs.com or buy tickets at Eventbrite (The birthday promo won’t show up until around midnight tonight!) at http://durandemonium2013.eventbrite.com.

Lastly, I just want to say another thank you to everyone for your encouraging comments and messages of support this past week. In moments of self-doubt, they were very helpful, motivating, and just what I needed. Thank you.


8 thoughts on “We’re gonna Do It In Heels! (Wait…I just meant dancing! It IS dancing we’re talking about, right?!?)”

  1. With you in spirit…have fun!!!! Tell Roger I said hi.

    @RogersDrumStick I can't believe he left me home.
    @RhondasLap stop complaining–she's going to make me stay up all night…I need my beauty sleep!

  2. Hello Chicagoooooo …
    wishing you a great night on the dance floor.
    Maybe James won't be with him, 'cos he's in Germany mastering the Youth Kills debut album, but who knows …. there are fantastic airplanes going to USA from Hamburg.
    Enjoy the DJ set and best wishes also to the Daily Duranie half celebrating.

  3. I just tried to post something but I'm at work and I think the robot police thingy screwed me up…so–just want to say have fun tonight (I had also included a comment from our favorite tweeter but…maybe I need to just let @RhondasLap go…).

  4. Do you have ANY idea of the kind of image our poor readers will have in their heads after this comment???


    If I actually get close enough to say hi to Roger, I will gladly pass on your message, Chris! 🙂


  5. No idea, but I suggested that he should bring a few of those “other guys” he's been recording with…

    I got the feeling he was coming to do this one alone though? Who knows! 🙂 -R

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