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Tour riders. I really know nothing about them other than they exist, and that for some bands and performers – they can get pretty wild with their expectations and demands. For Duranies, I’m fairly certain I can assume that we’ve ALL seen/heard the clip from SBS where dear old Spy Matthews (Tour Production Manager for the Sing Blue Silver tour in 1984) is on the phone, presumably with some lowly assistant venue type person, reading them the riot act over the band’s demands…aka…their tour rider. I didn’t know much about Stolichnaya vodka until that fateful video viewing…but of course after that, I had to try it when I got to college, and yes, I always remember Stoli because of Sing Blue Silver. (Note: I don’t hold the band responsible for my underage drinking in college, nor do I blame them for their bad taste in vodka.)  Cristal though? Not bad, actually. Good times.

I am way, way behind in my news reading, but something caught my eye today as I repeatedly pressed the “delete” key while going through my news…and the item comes from none other than Mr. Steve Aoki, DJ Extraordinaire. Apparently a few weeks back Steve’s tour rider became public information, and every news outlet from here to London and back decided it was news worthy of running. The rider contained seemingly wild things such as packs of underwear and t-shirts, organic fruits, champagne… (His rider notes that it must have a cork!  In the name of Duran Duran – what in the hell are people trying to pass as champagne these days???) and 1 1/8 ounces of local grass. Well then. There you have it, right? Not so fast…because not an entire day after this tour rider surfaced, Steve responded on his own blog, clearing up a few things. You can read his entertaining and yet educational response right here.

As I said, I really don’t know much about tour riders. In the past I did some work for a band who was really just starting out, and their tour rider was fairly non-existent. Those guys were just hoping some fans would pay for their dinner and get them some cigarettes, and you know – a cooler with some cold drinks would have been nice. They openly dreamed of the day they could have a rider like Duran Duran (They had opened for them for several shows while they toured the US in 2005), and during some moments of humor – they would talk to me about Nick’s rolling wine storage cabinet that accompanied the band while on tour. I don’t think those guys knew much about wine, but they were certainly impressed. Now that I think about it, they never mentioned much in the way of excess beyond the wine storage cabinet, but I can’t lie – reading Steve’s rider makes me wonder what Duran’s must look like, or did look like back in the day.

So, I invite you to have a little fun, get creative, and think outside the box a bit. What would you want on a rider if you were touring?

Happy 4th of July to our US readers today – enjoy those fireworks and be safe!!


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  1. I would bet that Duran’s current tour rider is definitely not as excessive as it used to be. The first reason being that they are not in their “hey day” like they were in the 80’s. Secondly, they have all matured and grown up quite a bit. Some of the “habits” they liked to indulge in are now off limits (ie: John doesn’t drink alcohol). I bet if there is anything unusual in their rider, it would have to do with organic food or vegan meals, etc.

    I too learned of Stolichnaya Vodka when I was 14 and watched Sing Blue Silver! I tried it a few years later at age 16. Not because of Duran – just because I was a teenager hanging out with a party crowd and experimenting. I have to say Stoli is not bad vodka. I still stand by it to this day. Also, I think Cristal is overrated. I’d much rather drink Dom or Veuve Clicquot.

    Lastly, how many of you Duranies tried smoking Kent cigarettes because you saw or heard that John Taylor smoked them?? Yep, that would be me too! However my best friend and I only tried smoking them (without inhaling) for about a day or two. Luckily I hated it and that was the end of that. LOL!

    – Anonymous cause I want to be

  2. I've checked out The Smoking Gun site before and for the most part, it looks pretty accurate. I work as an Event Manager and have dealt with many organizations that have conventions and hire celebrities (such as famous bands, comedians, politicians, etc.) to perform at their private events. So, I've actually seen some of the riders that are listed on this website and they all look typical to me. Sometimes it's amazing at what people will demand. But, most are not too wild. The tour managers are just trying to accommodate the band and the guests of the band. I bet the riders from the decadent 80's were a lot more extravagant.

    -Event Manager Duranie

  3. I'm just fascinated, period. I would like to start my own tour rider for working as a mom/chauffeur. I think it's only fair that since I spend about 1/3 of my waking hours during the school year behind the wheel of my car (I wish I were joking, but alas…), I should have some comforts from home. Sadly, current laws don't allow for some of my requests, such as my martini shaker (with appropriate contents) to be in the car…I suppose that's for the best though…safety first and all….SIGH. ;D ;D -R

  4. Ah yes, a subject I enjoy talking about: alcohol. 😀

    I am not a big Stoli fan. I don't know why – for me it's a bit on the harsh side I guess. I used to love Grey Goose, but even that has kind of gotten boring for me these days. Right now my favorite is Zyr. It's Russian and it can be hard to find, but worth the effort. I will say though that as much as I don't like Stoli, I don't mind Vanilla Stoli as a shot. (and I'm really not into flavored vodka much) I drink my vodka in a dirty martini (very dirty, 3 olives please!) or in a vodka tonic so the flavors aren't yummy in those.

    As far as champagne goes, I'll be honest: I really don't love a lot from France. *GASP* (Nick Rhodes is coming after me for that, I know it!) EEP! I don't mind Cristal (although I'd agree it's overrated for what it really is) and Dom is fine too (um, the champagne…of course.), but my very favorites are sparkling wine from California because I really do love Napa enough to marry it. (See, I've got a 4 year old, and her newest thing is to reply to me whenever I say I love something “Gee Mommy, if you love _________ why don't you marry it?” Yes, I love Napa enough to marry it and I think we'd get along just fine!) A few of my favorites are Domain Chandon (their vintage series is nice and the prices are right for every day), Mumm Napa's DVX or even their Cuvee M is good…and Wien's Family Amour De L'Orange (it's sparkling with the teeniest bit of orange zest flavor). Not nearly as pricey as the aforementioned Cristal or Dom, and for those of us not on a rockstar's tour rider budget….that's key.

    That's right, this is a DD fan blog. What do you all think we do all day while writing about the band or tour planning???

    Wait. Don't answer that because I really don't drink all day. 😀 -R

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