What do I do, Amanda…I can’t get an internet connection!!

Wow. Just wow. Tonight was truly the most amazing show I’ve ever seen. This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that I was asked to go to the front row, or that certain band members paid special (and crazy!) attention… or that at one point in particular Amanda was certain that I’d need to have oxygen administered. (I did NOT, by the way!) Tonight’s show at the DPAC was unbelievable to say the least. While to begin with, the crowd was stoic and not ready to take part, it became clear within the first few numbers that this crowd, on this night, was ready to party. Could the band keep up? (Yes, I really said that.) First of all, Daily Duranie can throw an awesome party with the help of friends. We gathered about 100 of the best Duranies around to party it up for a couple of hours before the show at the West End Wine Bar in Durham. Friends met, partied, and were ready to go on to DPAC for the main event. We can’t take credit for the amazing show, but we can certainly (and do!!!) take credit for a fantastic party to start the evening. Around 7:30, we headed over to DPAC. Our seats were not good as they were way off to the side and the speakers were directly in front of us. We figured it would be a good night for taking photos, watching the crowd and seeing the scene unfold. The band seemed to be on fire when they took the stage. They were ready to have a good time, and the band was ready to deliver. What could possibly happen?? As the show unfolded. the crowd grew in intensity. I’m not going to lie, my own experiences helped…just a bit. I highly recommend flirting with the band member of your choice, and we’ll just leave it at that. (!!!) I have to thank my friends Jonee and Angie, because if weren’t for them, I’d have been stuck in a 4th row seat – way off to the side – and well, that’s not good enough. I realize this blog isn’t very in depth. It’s also 4:15am and I have to get a few hours of sleep before another exhausting 3 hour drive. I will work on more as the week goes on, I promise!! One more show. One more show until I turn into a pumpkin, go back home, and resume a normal life….aside from planning a convention, writing a book and publish a blog each day. I wouldn’t trade a single thing, and isn’t that the point?? -R

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  1. Glad to hear it was a great show but do tell more. . . like, how did your friends help you get front row? Did you just rush to the front of the stage and stand next to your friends? And, how did flirting with Dom enhance your experience? Did that cause you to get special favors?

  2. I had 2 friends that had front row, and there was a gentleman standing next to them that saw that I was back a few rows and off to the side. He asked my friends if they thought I'd want to go stand with them, and offered his spot to me (there was plenty of room). No rushing.

    A wink, smile or just being acknowledged by a band member is something that would likely thrill any fan, and my experience was no different. Perhaps the wording in the blog would indicate otherwise (I should have just waited until later in the day to write, that is for sure), but the flirting was silly and very innocent. No special favors beyond an extra smile or two.


  3. Fair enough Bryony and you are right. I will work on a proper review on the plane and have it ready to post! Never again will I attempt to blog at 4:15 in the morning. 🙂

    My humble apologies!


  4. Nice to see that there are still some gentlemen out there and he offered you his seat!

    You remember my story about my friend (not a Duran fan, just an 80s music fan) who went to a show by himself and ended up with front row seat. Pre-show, when we were all having drinks together and I went to use the bathroom, unbeknownst to me, my husband said, “Hey, M, my wife has loved them for 30 years, be a good sport, swap seats with her, sit with me, let her sit up front”. He wouldn't do it and I told my husband afterwards that I could have told him before he even asked that he wouldn't switch seats.

    Don't get me wrong, I do get where he was coming from, but part of me was also like, would it have really killed him to let me sit up front and let me live the dream, at least for a bit? Glad to see you found a Southern Gentleman who offered to make the switch with you!


  5. Hi Susan!

    The funny thing about that guy was that he was not at all Southern. He even lived in Los Angeles at one point…he was just a very nice guy that loved music. Still floors me that I had a front row rail spot at that show, and to be honest – no other show could possibly live up to that, although Amanda says to me, “Remember how we said that about Brighton? About Glasgow?” She's probably right, but I can't imagine what on earth would top that night for me….

    and to think about what might is downright dangerous and probably illegal!


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