What Makes Duran?!

This past week as part of the Would You Rather daily game I asked people which era they would like to return to and why.  I avoided giving too many parameters in order to allow people to pick one era over the other for whatever reason(s).  In fact, I would be curious to see those reasons when given.  Some obviously picked an era for what was taking place in their own personal lives.  Others chose era that meant something to them as fans.  Still others picked due to the music.  I was expecting these types of reasons.  Yesterday’s question had to do with Medazzaland and Pop Trash.  This was a similar question to one posed earlier about which album people preferred and they had the same choices.  In both situations, I ran across a similar answer that went something like this:  “I don’t know.  I don’t have those albums or I haven’t heard those albums.”  So, what’s the deal with the Medazzaland and Pop Trash eras that warrant this response? 

On one hand, these responses make sense.  Neither Medazzaland nor Pop Trash were very popular eras for the band.  In fact, these albums weren’t released in as many countries and the number of copies were quite small.  Duranland was not a very popular place then.  On top of the lack of sales, small production numbers, and loss of general popularity, many of us were at busy points in our lives.  Most of the original Duranies are now mid-30s to mid-40s.  The late 90s were a time that many of us were busy starting careers, starting families or both.  Personally, I was graduating college, starting my career and beginning graduate school.  I didn’t have the time or the money to follow any fandom.  Thus, there are many reasons why people weren’t paying attention to Duran from 1997-2001.  We were busy and they weren’t very popular.  Yet, like many people, I went back and got those albums after the fact.  Many people obviously have not.  Why not?  Even if they couldn’t buy them in stores, in this day and age, most songs are readily available to purchase through online providers like iTunes or are readily available to listen to on sites like youtube.  So, if the music is available, why is there still a percentage of fans who don’t seek out the music from that era?

From 1997-2001, Duran Duran was at a strange point in their careers.  1997 saw the last of the three Taylors leave when John left the band early that year.  This left Simon, Nick and Warren.  In terms of writing, from everything I have heard and read, Simon wasn’t doing super well with writing lyrics and many songs were written by only Nick and Warren.  I have also heard and seen interviews in which Simon talks about how badly he missed John and how he felt like the life of the band was fading away.  Is this what the fans saw?  Is this what the fans felt?  Could they feel this shift in writing?  Could they feel Simon’s unhappiness?  Or was it something personal?  Did the band no longer look and feel like Duran Duran? 

It seems to me that there have been many discussions within Duranland about whether or not Duran Duran could continue without one of the band members.  In this past year, many fans have come to the conclusion that Duran wouldn’t be Duran without Simon since he is the voice of the band.  This, of course, was reinforced by the band’s forced cancellation of shows when Simon injured his vocal cords.  The shows could not and did not continue without Simon.  Then, of course, the band was forced to cancel dates in 2008 when Nick was stuck somewhere in Latin America trying to recover from an ear infection.  Even 2005 saw the cancellation of some dates when Roger broke his foot.  Does that indicate that those members are essential?  I don’t know.  The band managed to continue for quite some time with Roger and, even, John.  On the other side of the coin, they did put Dom in whenever Andy was unavailable.  It seems to me that the fanbase never questions if the Notorious era was Duran Duran.  There is also little question about whether or not the Wedding Album was Duran Duran.  While people might say that Medazzaland and Pop Trash were Duran, actions say otherwise.  Was the loss of John Taylor too much?  Did that tip the balance over to it no longer being and feeling like Duran?  Was John then more essential than Roger or Andy?  Is Roger now essential?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  It just seems to me that many people did not feel like it was real Duran Duran during 1997-2001.  The reason could be that the band wasn’t the band without John Taylor.  He could be the big factor.  The other factor could be that writing piece.

Do Medazzaland and Pop Trash sound and feel like Duran Duran?  Obviously, every fan is going to have a different answer to that.  Some might say that they do.  Others might say that they don’t, at all.  Some might say that some songs do and some don’t.  No matter the answer, I think most of us can acknowledge that things were different now that the writing was frequently done with just Nick and Warren.  I know that I really liked the tug of war that seemed to take place between Nick, on one side, and Andy, on the other.  This musical tension often resulted in really amazing music.  This musical tension wasn’t the same after the Fab 5 split in the 1980s yet there were many great songs that came out from 1986-1997.    Yet, to many fans, Medazzaland is still very different from the Wedding Album.  Did John help to create some of that musical tension?  I don’t know.  It just seems to many fans that something was lost, musically, when John left. 

So, let’s take an informal survey.  Did you get Medazzaland and Pop Trash when they came out?  Why or why not?  Did you get them or hear them years later?  Why or why not?  Did these albums sound and feel like Duran to you?  Maybe after getting feedback from all of you I would know what the deal is with those two albums and I would know what really is needed to make Duran Duran…Duran Duran.


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  1. I bought both when they came out & went to see the band when they toured for these albums. Though I was heart broken when John left (I cried for the whole day I found out), I still loved the band Duran Duran. There are some great songs on both of those albums.

  2. I wouldn't say that they weren't “Duran Duran” but they certainly weren't the Duran Duran I knew and loved. I lost interest after Roger and Andy left because they were my favorite Durans and it just wasn't the same without them. It's probably silly, but I felt a little betrayed. Like they'd left me. (Of course at the time I didn't really know why they'd left.)

    I was going through my CD collection the other day and I ran across Medazzaland. I didn't think I'd purchased it, but apparently I had. It was open, so I at least listened to it once. So, I listened again to give it a fresh listen and still didn't care of it. I think it's the only album I haven't been able to find one song I like. I didn't purchase Pop Trash, but I did recently listen to it online and found one song I like on it. (Ironically it was “The Sun Doesn't Always Shine.)

    All I really know is I'm thankful they're back to form, or I should say, a form I really enjoy. It is still a little sad for me that Andy isn't with them, but knowing he's doing well and continuing to make music helps. And I like Dom. My dislike of Warren wasn't all his fault – some of it was he was the first one to come in and take Andy's place. There's been some time now and I like Dom's personality better too.

    Sorry I missed a few posts – I've had a horrible headache to go along with my backache for nearly three days now. But it's finally easing up (the headache anyway). Gonna try to catch up – looks like some very interesting topics.

  3. First, no reason to apologize! I'm so sorry to hear that you have been dealing with both a horrible headache and a backache. 🙁 Second, I don't think it is silly to feel betrayed. As a John fan, I wasn't that thrilled with the band without him. Third, I, too, am thankful that they are back to form. 😉


  4. I bought both albums when they came out, and enjoy them for the most part, and return to them as much as any. Certainly, to me, Medazzaland sounds like Duran, and I thought Pop Trash was an interesting diversion, still with many of the characteristics intact. It was the albums that bookended this period which I didn't enjoy so much, and thought were less than the sum of their parts (Thank You and Astronaut).

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Richard. I can understand your dislike for Thank You since it was an album of covers but find the dislike for Astronaut to be interesting.


  6. Amanda,
    you touch a very important point to me. For many people those two albums are a black era of the band. I love Medazzaland. It is my favorite album ! Pop trash have many great songs but could have been better. But there is a story behind this. The guys did it their way and the record company didn't like it and the record was remix. What it could have been in fact? Surely better. And I am sure that Reportage would have been a great album too. Surely better than RCM. But let return to the today subject. At that time thing weren't going very well. John after his drugs problem had to live some other things. Of course this had an impact. Duran is well reknowed for the bassline. But at the same time, John was not always there for Arcadia and it's a masterpiece. Simon was having problem at that time. Yes he was sad John wasn't there anymore. But I think that it was even more then that. He had problems writing songs. It was still there with Astronaut and that created some tension. But I think that more simple than all that. The guys were suffering lack of success. Having be the most successfull group of the 80's and seeing that all that was gone it surely was like a love separation. I really think that they could have been successfull with all those records. Big THing, Liberty, Medazzaland and Pop Trash or Astronaut, RCM or AYNIN. The problem is not in music. The problem is more in marketing. Madonna is the queen of marketing and even if she does less interesting albums than DD she is still popular. U2 does not change the music style from album to album like DD do and people continue to like it. I don't think Nick could do that, doing the same album over and over. The guys are real musicians they love music and love to explore. Of course if the band formation change it also modify the music. Warren was more conceptual and less commercial. John is more commercial and rythm, Simon is the voice and the lyrics and he is never boring you can feel the writer in his creations. Andy was the raw rocker, a bit cheap but with the mix with Nick it give some superb creations. Roger is a very organic drummer, just listen to him on songs like Friends of Mine and you can see he is not a classical drummer. That special mix was spectacular. When Roger and Andy left this created some transformation but the spirit of the band is Nick and Simon. Time passing Nick get close to Warren probably because John with his drug problem wasn't giving many imput (he said that himself) When Simon had his problem too he too didn't give many imput into the band. Imagine the difficulty to Nick and Warren to keep the band alive. I think they did great. Warren keep the band alive bringing them to his house for the Wedding Album and the fallowing albums and he give a lot to the band during those years. All in all, I think all those great musicians gave a lot. I would like to think that they all are great parts of the band, they all did superb songs. But they were young guys in their 20's and now are men in their 50's, of course they have change and of course their music evolved during the years. But I do think that during all those years they produced magnificents albums.

    Just another little thing. It always stunned me how for many, DD are just a bunch of beautiful guys. I think Carly Simon is superb, Samantha Fox is very sexy. And I don't have all the records from those artist. I buy my records because I love the music.


  7. I fall in the “starting a family” category, kids born 1996 & 2000, so I was mostly listening to Disney soundtracks during this time. I remember hearing about the albums, but not being interested in them. I do recall the titles of the albums made me put off by them. I just didn't like the sound of them. They seemed contrived like the band was trying to be something other than Duran, perhaps they were on a subconscious level anyway. Although, I'm extremely thankful Nick and Simon kept it together it really just wasn't the same without John. And oh Thank God they were smart enough to make those phone calls when they did, I fear had they not, we would not have had any more music from our beloved band of DURAN DURAN!!!

  8. It's funny. Cause at the time, “Medazzaland” was the album I waited for Duran Duran to release. Then “Astronaut” came, then “All You Need Is Now”.

    My favorite album (until the Fab5 re-united) was “Medazzaland” (with an emphasis on Duran Duran 1981)).

    “Pop Trash” had a few top tracks, “TSDSF”, “STR”, “LDOE”, & “LX”, but didn't blow me over.

    So, I choose “Medazzaland” over “Pop Trash” by a country mile.

    “Pop Trash” vs “Red Carpet Massacre” should be the real question…

  9. You know what I think is interesting…how it is assumed that Duran survived due to Warren. What if it isn't the case? What if Duran would have been better off if Warren didn't come into the band? Obviously, either point can't really be proven. Yes, Duran survived with Warren until they could reform. Is that proof enough? I don't know.


  10. I would not say they survived exclusively because of Warren. More than everything Nick is the soul of the group. I believe they survive because of Nick, the part Warren did was to bring them to his home. At that time John had is health problem, Nick was divorcing and Simon was dreaming of sailing. Warren was the one who was still pationate of music and success. But then Amanda, that is what i read in books, hear in interviews etc. What is the truth? Is there only one truth? Surely we will learn more in John's book soon.


  11. I bought both albums when they came out. I officially became a Duranie in 1995 when I was 11 so I was on a total DD buzz and mainly grew up with Warren in the group. I thought, and still think, that Medazzaland is one of their best. Pop Trash has some good songs, yet some don't sound like Duran, but is more on the level of sounding like them compared to RCM. But I think being a fan, it's important to have these albums in your collection and to at least listen to them once. I personally do not like Liberty or Astronaut, but I have listened to them and have familiarized myself with them. Heck, I have 4 versions of Astronaut on CD and I have the vinyl! I really think by adding these albums to your collection, it really shows your support to the band.

  12. I didn't get them when they came out because they have never been released in my country. I didn't do online/international ordering back then. A few years later I did see an import copy of Medazzaland in the shop for $50 – but that was too pricey!

    Eventually I got hold of second hand copies of both. I love Medazzaland – and I am a JT fan. I love that I love and album that he's barely on. It's almost 'proof' I am about the music, not the pin ups. I dislike most of Pop Trash. There's only one song I like and I can't listen to the rest.

  13. Once again,you've given me the inspiration to put my 2 cents in my Tumblr page about these albums.But to give you the”Cliff Notes” version of this. I have bought and owned every single Duran album since I became a fan. Regardless of whether or not I like the album as a whole,I still listened for the musicality and thrill of the songs and what Simon had to say about anything in his wild imagination. I remember the time in my life when Medazzaland came out. I was in a transition state myself. My family ended up getting evicted out of our apartment and we ended up living seperatly. I,unfortunately,found myself homeless after some situations I put myself in. Not long after that,my Mother passed away. That record has been an important part of my life. Even when John left,and I remember that very well,and the articles that followed were talking about can the band go on without him,I will never forget that. It was really different without John,and you knew the difference right away. John has a style that was all his own. If you took that away,it changes everything. If you took away Nick's keyboards,for example,it too,would change everything about the bands dynamic. It doesn't matter who you have as a keyboardist,nothing and no one could ever replace Nick's style and his contributions to the band.

    With regards to Pop Trash,I thought it wasn't their best moment in their career,musically. It had potential with certain songs. I don't totally hate the album,don't get me wrong,I just think it wasn't one of their best. I still listen to it every once in awhile,when I want to give it a chance. More of this to come in my tumblr page when I get around to it. I hope other people will get a chance to see it.

  14. I absolutely do agree that it is important to have all the albums in one's collection. People should give them all a chance. If nothing else, they will solidify one's love of other albums.


  15. It seems to me that you and the band were in a similar situation. You both suffered losses and were determined to carry on.

    Thank you for sharing your story! Let us know when your tumblr page is ready to view!


  16. It's really cool to see so much discussion and the different views people have. Musical taste is definitely a very personal thing which is so cool that Duran Duran reaches so many different people with diverse tastes. It's disappointing to me when I don't like an album or song, but I don't always like every book an author writes, or every movie an actor is in either. While I don't own several albums (though I've purchased individual songs that I liked), I've just been guilted into supporting the band I love by finishing my album collection. No, no… it's all good. I'm happy to do it! 🙂

  17. There are 3 DD albums that I simply do not play, and those are Medazzaland, Pop Trash and RCM. In my opinion, none of them are a reasonable representation of the group as a whole. Admittedly, I am not a fan of Warren's. His style is just not to my taste – and that's OK. Out of those three albums though, I've learned to appreciate Medazzaland the most. I used to enjoy Pop Trash, but as I've listened to it more and more, I've realized that both Pop Trash and RCM share a dubious distinction – they have no soul. Both albums probably had their individual potential, but somewhere along the way they lost the heart and soul that make them real.

    I won't get into the discussion of what personnel line up makes Duran Duran the band we know – everyone has their own preference, and that's fine. I will say though that after it's all said and done, what really makes the band DURAN DURAN is that special heart and soul that they bring to their music. It's really not about who is on guitar, bass or drums – it's the sum of the parts and the creative energy that comes out of that equation that makes the band. -R

  18. Like yourself, I did not pick up either of these albums until well after their original release dates… I too was graduating college and all that good stuff… I had gone away from Duran quite a bit… (not too proud of that !)

    It was not until the red carpet massacre era did I acquire those albums… With that being said, they are both a bit lackluster in my opinion (not without some high points), but nonetheless help to define the Duran we all know and love today.

  19. Actually I meant the title of the albums put me off. I only like Out of My mind, and can tolerate Electric Barbarella. But no I haven't listen to them, now that I'm stuck at home for a month I guess I'll put that on my to do list :)and let you know!

  20. I'm a Duranie as of 1982 and…I love, love, LOVE Medazzaland.

    I thought it was so great that even as they lost my beloved JT, they suddenly had the freedom to stretch themselves musically and came up with some amazing work. Most of the songs on it, if you played it for someone who only knows the DD “hits” they would have no clue it was Duran Duran. It was a work very much of its time and place.

    Honestly, I feel bad for people who don't appreciate it. They are really missing out on some fantastic music.

    Why Pop Trash wasn't as fantastic, I really have no idea. I can't name one song on that album that I liked. But, the Pop Trash tour setlists made up for it! It was really awesome.

  21. I saw them during both those tours and didn't have the albums when I saw them live but even without knowing the “new” songs of the time, I still had a great time, and that was even without Simon being at the top of his game(by Pop Trash it was clear his heart wasn't in it so much but he still put on a good show such as it was). I liked the new songs I heard live for the most part so I got the albums. To be honest during the 90's I bought very few albums by anyone except buying all the Beatles albums, which I didn't have before that. It just wasn't an album buying time for me so it doesn't necessarily reflect on Duran Duran that I didn't run out to buy their albums until I happened to catch them on the tours.

    As it is John left them, and while it was the right decision for him at the time, to be honest it didn't exactly “put me on his side”–I couldn't blame Simon and Nick for going on with Warren and Simon was always very clear that he'd have John back in a heartbeat. Mind you I didn't resent him for it either, it was something he needed to do, but he still left, Simon and Nick stuck with it and I've always admired them for that and they both made the right decisions in the end in terms of which direction to go(and from what I understand Simon financed a lot of the initial reunion stuff out of his own pocket, thus the $300,000 they needed to pay him back after they started making some money) after Pop Trash which have given us what we have today and I think what we've got is overall pretty good.

  22. I don't know, Patrick–it's possible that Nick contributed to some of Simon's writing issues rather than the other way around. Andy suggested that possibility in his book because it was still happening when he re-joined the band. Nick and his nit-picking(or maybe it should be called “Nick-picking:))–how much of a killer to creativity might it be knowing that you will probably end up receiving emails, which have been helpfully CC'd to your bandmates/friends, detailing exactly why Nick believes your latest writing effort sucks? And prior to the reunion from what I understand Warren was being rather insufferable to work with as well – “my way or the highway because my way is the only right way to do it” and didn't seem to respect Simon very much. Very few people in a band would put up with that for long but from what I've heard Simon's never been very interested in a solo career, he likes being in a band and specifically Duran Duran, so for him it was basically the band or nothing(which is why it says something about how miserable he was that he was close to leaving after Pop Trash–remember he's largely known as the “easy going one” in the band on that side of things. I believe the personal side, specifically with feeling like he was being pushed out of the band creatively and just being used as a voice, was ultimately a bigger issue than simply not playing larger shows, because the shows they played back then were about as large as the shows they sometimes play now–their tours mostly did pretty well).

    I mean I don't have anything against Warren and the Warren era, I like Medazzaland too but it's entirely possible that if he hadn't been there, they might have come up with some other way to survive and who knows maybe John would never have felt he had to leave, he may have just said “I need some time off to take care of this”(as I understand after he left John said to someone that Warren had stolen his band, so that seems to be a common theme.

  23. Was it freedom to stretch musically or now freedom for Warren and Nick to do what they want? This could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.

    Thanks for reading and sharing!


  24. I forgot to also mention that I am a JT fan and was one before he left the band. I was heart broken that he left, but still enjoyed listening to Medazzaland and Pop Trash.

  25. No need to feel sorry for me – tried Medazzaland and it is just not my cup of tea. That mess of an album is not music to me – it sounds like a middle school band warming up untuned instruments. If you'd played that for me without Simon's recognizable (yet somewhat whiny on this record) voice, I never, ever would have guessed it was DD. I don't think all records need to sound the same, and Duran's definitely don't, but the elements that make them Duran Duran were MIA for several records: the well defined blending, the way you could hear each individual's part. To me the NTY (No Taylor Years) are just Duran years. Not Duran Duran years.

    That's my take. Doesn't necessarily make it good or bad, obviously they probably gained some new fans who like a different type of music then – and perhaps some have stuck around, there are just some records that will sit in the collection just for the sake of the collection.

  26. Like others have mentioned, after the Wedding Album and seeing them in concert, then hearing JT was gone, DD was off my radar. Then, I got the Decade album (same time I got Monkey's Greatest Hits), and would listen endlessly as I logged miles on the treadmill during grad school.

    Well, after 4 years of grad school, raising “high maintenance” teens, new job, divorce, etc, I found RCM. I really liked the new sound at the time. Played it over and over again while I worked. Then I had a traumatic brain injury in 2010. Forward to 2011, heard about the AYNIN album, saw video and interviews, decided to go to the concert in October, and I feel 14 again–when I purchased the VHS Duran Duran. I am now going back to fill in the lost years, trying to soak up everything I have missed. I LOVE ASTRONAUT and can't seem to leave it to go to Medazzaland or Pop Trash right now. I can't even get them at the Public Library btw.

    I did just finish reading “Duran Duran Notorious” (loved it), found the “Greatest” DVD not so great with trying to figure out all the easter eggs, loved Sugartown, which I watched today and fawned over JT, and am working on “Talking to Girls about Duran Duran”.

    Am I not a Duranie if use the Public Library? No, just frugal. Disability pay stinks. Need to preview before purchase. Shame they only get a buck for each CD sold when all is said and done. While I may not choose to purchase every album made, nor do I believe that defines my fandom, I choose to spend the dollars now on concerts and purchasing the albums/songs I love individually. Astronaut was worth the purchase as I love every song on the album.

    My wake up alarm is “Reach up for the Sunrise” — a great way to start the morning, even if I hit the snooze a couple of times.

    That's my 2cents.

  27. Thank you for sharing your fandom story! No matter where, how, when people get to be Duranies, it seems like it always comes down to connecting to the music!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  28. They were completely off my radar in the 1990's, I hit the tight bleached denim, shaggy haired bikers then and the fact that I NEVER saw them in the record shops didn't help either. Once I found ebay I very quickly bought up all of the missing albums after replacing the firat 3 vinyl's and Thankyou on cassette (which I do love :P) Medazzaland was the last one I got as it was/is still expensive for an old cd. That album above all the others has always pulled very emotional response from me whenever I listen to it, by the end of my first listen the tears were rolling down my cheeks. I love the songs on it, it is heart wrenchingly good. I have a profound respect for that album – it is the musical equivalent to The Lake House or Ghost movies, you know you're going to cry when you watch them but you watch them just the same. The heart wrenching sadness/happiness feeling you get is what I get whenever I play it.
    does that make me a weird sap? probably but I don't care!

  29. I didn't buy them because I was unaware of them. As early as the mid-80's, when DD split off into Power Station and Arcadia, I got the sinking feeling that this was the end of the band. It wasn't, thankfully, but when they returned with Notorious they were missing Roger and Andy (or so it appeared) and that seemed like a bad sign. Then came Big Thing and I just wasn't that into it. Around this time I got fed up with radio and I just stopped listening anymore. Instead I went back and rediscovered all the music of the 60's that I'd been too young to remember the first time around. Duran Duran fell completely off my radar in the 90's and the Warren Cucurrillo years came and went before I even knew about them. If it wasn't for the internet, especially Facebook and Twitter, I would be unreachable to this band. I know I've gone a little off topic here, but this seemed like a good opportunity to talk about how I could have missed these albums.

  30. Great Blog! I stumbled across it today & I'm very happy I did. Lots of interesting subjects, discussion & viewpoints from yourself & the contributors/respondees on here.

    I am a huge DD fan, & I appreciate many things through their different eras/line-ups. I followed them with as much fervour & anticipation through their 'lean years' without prejudice at lack of Taylors & irrespective of negative press that goaded them as they 'fell'.

    Certainly I feel that there were more patchier moments across albums after the departure of Andy & Roger, though for me, 'Astronaut' is the patchiest work from the original Fab 5, & 1 of the more patchier albums from the entire career of DD.

    'Medazzaland' is an album I have close to my heart as I have very vivid memories of the day I bought it, relating to my first love & the soundtrack it provided, as that fledgling relationship burgeoned. It was a real surprise when I found it, as it was a promo & I found out it wasn't scheduled to be released in the UK, so I felt it was a real coup.

    I was fortunate enough to meet Simon at a gig in London whilst the band were making the album, & he told me the then as yet unreleased news that John had left the band. He said he was gutted, but the new album was sounding great so far, & they had just written a great new song for it, & inclusion on an un-named movie soundtrack.(Out Of My Mind – The Saint)

    I think it is one of their most consistent albums, & after the sparseness of highlights on 'Liberty'(2 great songs), 'The Wedding Album'(3 great songs) & 'Thank You'(I'm not a covers fan), I considered it a real return to form.

    I've always felt they have been a band that moved with technology/times, especially Nick, & their evolution over the years was a natural one(except Simon rapping! Oops!). For me, 'Medazzaland' sat, & still sits in nicely with similar era albums such as 'Songs Of Faith & Devotion' & 'Ultra' by Depeche Mode, & I think that 'Out Of My Mind is easily as good as any of there bigger hits.

    'Pop Trash' is another DD album I enjoy, again, nice conotations with love & other good memories in my life at the time. This I found was a more 'mature' album, with more of the ballad/AOR type songs that they had hit paydirt with from 'TWA', but not quite as memorable. Some tracks, like 'Hallucinating Elvis' for example are filler for sure. I love 'Playing with Uranium' & 'Last Day On Earth'(much more of a harder rock DD than I've ever heard).

    It's great hearing other takes on what people love or loathe. It's all in the ear of the beholder at the end of the day though, & if someone says these 2 albums are poor, then so be it. I won't defend everything DD have done or do, but they were Duran Duran then, irrespective of the lack of Taylors, & just like they were DD when they started, & are still Duran Duran now.

    I'm just very glad that they are still with us!

    Apologies for the big ramble. Keep up the great work!


  31. Stef-Glad that you found the blog and that you like it!!! I love to hear how other fans think of Duran and their work! It amazes me how we all love Duran SO much and yet have such varying viewpoints about what's good or what's not as good. Thank you for sharing your perspective!


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