What Will Happen in Vegas!?

I’m still struggling to wrap my head around the idea that I’ll be in Las Vegas in a week. As I try to get myself ready for both the work week and for the upcoming travels, I find my mind drifting to how things will probably go and how it might go. This led me to decide how to structure this particular blog. So, I’ll first describe five things that I expect to happen in Vegas and five things that I can hope will happen.

Five Things That Will Happen in Las Vegas Next Weekend:

There will be drinks and laughs!

Rhonda and I have been touring together for a long time. I think last week we mentioned about how it is has been almost 15 years! Since the very first tour to the most recent one, I can guarantee that there will be laughs and drinks or drinks and laughs, depending on which order you prefer! 😉

Two Meet-ups!

In case anyone has forgotten or just decided to come to these Vegas shows, we are hosting a couple of meet-ups before both of them. They will start at 5 pm at the CliQue bar at the Cosmopolitan. In all likelihood, they will last until people head into the venue. I know that I’m looking forward to vodka tonics and avocado toast along with the waitress that knew our order last time!

Little Sleep

For some crazy reason, when I go on tour, I end up getting very little sleep. During the last tour, I was suffering from pretty significant exhaustion from working 80 hours a week for months. This time, I’ll be less tired. That said, I would still love to sleep on the planes. On the way there, it would mean that Rhonda and I could have a little fun on Friday night. Sleep on the way back means the rest of the week will be a less little painful.

Setlist Standards

Last night, I had lots of crazy dreams, which is not uncommon at this time of year. What is new, though, is having a wolf in my dreams. I suspect that might be in reference to the fact that Hungry Like the Wolf will be played along with other standards like Ordinary World and Come Undone. I have resigned myself to hearing those.

Post Shows Sadness

Like preparing myself for some songs that I might wish took a break, I also know that there will be some post show sadness. I really like knowing that I have something to look forward to and I won’t after these shows. This will make things hard going into the heart of the school year.

Five Things That I Hope Will Happen in Vegas Next Weekend:

Laughs at a Certain Band

If you have been reading our blog for awhile, you probably know that we do enjoy giving that band a hard time when we can. For a long time, that has focused on commenting and teasing about outfits worn on stage. In the past, it might include giving some setlist suggestions. I don’t know what next weekend will entail but I hope that I get to tease them. (We do it with love, of course!!!)

Menus and Video Blogs

In the past, Rhonda and I have captured some of the best quotes and moments on a local food menu. I want to do that again! Likewise, we have often done video blogs and had a ton of fun with that. I want that again.

Drama Free

Our fan community is not always one in which we all hold hands and love each other. Sometimes, it can be downright negative or mean-spirited. I don’t want any of that this upcoming weekend. I know that I’m there to have a ton of fun. My life is stressful enough. I don’t need more in the place which is supposed to be carefree.

Setlist Changes

While I’m fully prepared to hear many of the same songs as usual, I cannot help but to hopeful that maybe we would something from that amazing July show. Anyone Out There? Astronaut? Both? Something that wasn’t played even then? I’m definitely open to any and all changes!

Gives Me Strength

There is a line in the song, Notorious, that always seems to speak me, which is, “I need this blood to survive.” Touring and shows have always been my personal vitamins of sorts. My job has never been easy but, for the past ten years or so, it has grown to be much more difficult. On top of that, the rest of life has, too. I need this weekend, more than ever, to send me back to reality with a little extra boost, a little extra strength to keep fighting the good fight.


One thought on “What Will Happen in Vegas!?”

  1. Well, I have not yet heard HLTW live so for me including this song is not a tragedy. Despite physical and emotional exhaustion I am anticipating the concert and just as much-the meet up.Getting to sit in on great Duran conversation in person is why I have gotten involved.I work Sunday-they cut hours at work so I could not miss a shift but no doubt once I join your meet up I will be instantly refreshed!

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