What’s In the Future? (TV Mania)

I think it’s time for a little TV Media update, don’t you?  It has been quite some time since I last mentioned the genius tweets coming from “some unknown entity” behind the Twitter name @TVManiaMusic, or how much I admire the entire basis for the album.  I haven’t even heard the album in its entirety yet, and yet I find myself very much intrigued.

I know how Duran Duran fans can be – many aren’t interested in listening to other incarnations – if its not Duran Duran as they know it, forget it.  There are times when I can be just as judgmental so I won’t point fingers, but I recognize the attitude well. I think that in this case, I’m very curious about what Nick and Warren came up with, and yet when the project was first announced, I won’t lie – I’m fairly certain I rolled my eyes in response.  I suppose part of me felt that this project needed to be kept in the past, and even as Nick would say from time to time that they were going to release it, part of me thought it would never see the light of day. Durantime, right?

Truthfully, I don’t think I became “interested” until I saw that someone was posting from Twitter on @TVManiaMusic.  Now, I wasn’t too terribly concerned with whom was posting as much as I saw each tweet as a bit of a clue to something much larger.  I liked trying to connect the dots or see the meaning behind what I know a lot of people felt was pure madness.  Sure, some of what was posted was crazy and downright weird – but that only made me more curious!!  I was worried that once I heard the music I’d be turned off – I figured that anything Nick and Warren could work on together would be way too “out there” for my tastes (Which are far more down and dirty rock with plenty of guitar, drums, bass, etc.), so I almost didn’t want to hear music until the album came out.

I have really enjoyed seeing the photos, websites and other things that Nick or Warren…or someone has tweeted.  I love art, and I’ll admit – the stranger the art the better.  I love trying to decipher the story, which is why “Bored with Prozac and the Internet?” has been so fun for me personally – and once again I say, I haven’t even really heard the music yet!  I must have been craving a full immersion art/music project like this, and believe me – I am wishing that I had the funds and time available for a trip to London right now so that I could see Bei Incubi, a photo exhibition by Nick Rhodes that will be at The Vinyl Factory Chelsea from March 8 through April 6.  It is one of those times when I do wish traveling were easier for me, and I envy the UK folks that are able to attend.

Edited midday Thursday (CA time) to include a youtube link to a sneak peak of Bei Incubi, filmed by Mark Tinley!

The other day, I decided to take another look at the TV Mania website to see if it had been completed, and to my delight – it has been finished.  As I was looking around, I noticed a few things that I really want to share.  To begin with, if you have not taken the time to read the “Info” page – you really should.  Not only is the background history of the project explained, but just below, Nick gives a fabulous synopsis of the album storyline, with incredible detail.  As I tweeted to Nick yesterday – if the whole “Duran Duran” thing doesn’t work out, I think he has the beginnings to a great work of fiction here!

Something like this might be somewhat foreign to many Duran Duran fans since I really don’t believe that there has been an album project quite like this one – complete with a full storyline – in the band’s catalog. Some of the most influential albums in the history of music have been huge concept albums similar (yet not nearly as broadly carried out) to “Bored with Prozac and the Internet?”  The fact that the storyline and concept has been carried on through the music, the artwork on the album as well as the art that Nick has created to work in tandem with the album, and even on to social media is not lost on me. There is a place in history to be owned by TV Mania Music for being the first to carry a concept across so many dimensions of media.  Mark my words, without even hearing the entire album I would be surprised if someday there isn’t a space in rock (modern) music history books discussing this project.

Which leads me to the music, of course.  It is true, this music is going to be very, very different from anything we have ever heard from Duran Duran. We are going to review the album here on Daily Duranie, and I nearly shake in fear of the prospect purely because it IS so different. These aren’t necessarily songs you put on and sing along with on the radio (and if you do…I am just as curious!), and I think they have to be examined on the basis of artistic content as opposed to being held to a certain predetermined standard.  It’s just like visual art – like a modern painting – in that respect. I’m excited (and nervous!) by the challenge ahead.

Once again I realize that there are plenty of great fans out there that have no interest.  I can understand that, after all – Cubist or Modern or Dada (artwork) isn’t for everyone.  That said, generally speaking it is my belief that broadening horizons every once in a while is good for the soul – even if you don’t love what you hear or see, one can certainly appreciate the groundbreaking concept and execution.


3 thoughts on “What’s In the Future? (TV Mania)”

  1. Initially, I was not too into this, which sounds odd coming from a Duran 90's era devotee. I just felt like we had closed the Warren chapter and I was content with it (and I even felt this way in 2001 when I last saw that incarnation of the band–I loved it even while…or whilst as the Brits would say–I knew it was the end.).

    Then I heard the sample of Beautiful Clothes…then the full length..and I saved the link and keep going to that site on my iPhone and playing the track. And now…4 days away…I AM ALL IN. I can't wait. I think it's going to be great…

    To your point, Rhonda, I think you're correct in your approach to it. I think this is simila to U2's Passengers CD (another one that I actually love–but I'm weird, I know!). The Passengers project involved U2 working with Brian Eno to write 14 songs for 14 different films (the films were fake). It's ambient, electronic, frankly just weird…but it's also a great listen if you're into that sort of thing. I think TVMania will fit nicely into the DD catalogue in the same way that Passengers did for U2…and for people like me, it gives us one last taste of that great 90s era sound that (for us at least) was so much fun and such a big part of DD's evolution.

  2. I've now listened to snippets of each song, and I've got to say – I hear similarities between some of the music on this album and what they were creating at the time, and while no – some of it is definitely not my thing, there are other parts that I really like. It's VERY different from Duran Duran. For one thing, there's no Simon, and it's way more experimental with sound loops taken directly from TV. (which I believe was the original premise, so at least I am picking up that much. LOL)

    I'm really not sure I'd categorize it as 90's era Duran Duran though. It's so far off from what I knew to be Duran Duran, even during that time (and hey – I actually liked some of the songs on Liberty so it's not like I hated everything they touched back then. Far from it!) It's just so different, with a few recognizable elements – but not enough for me to say “Oh yes, this definitely has DD elements.” More like “Oh yes, I do hear Nick's work in there.” …. at least, that's what I got out of the snippets I heard.

    Oh, and this is definitely electronic and bizarre in parts too. Which is cool if you're into that sort of thing. I have my moments, apparently!


  3. I’m little surprised that it’s not an “ordinary” pop record involved in an intense promotional campaign, usually used for a more commercial music type.
    As of their Twitter odd posts, it’s everybody’s fun replying their tweets back: what I’m trying to tweet back is something “odd” as well as theirs, but I know that, as particularly, Nick is a genius, it’s wasted time since the beginning!!
    Welcome TV Mania into my-our world!

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