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People frequently share pictures, videos, quotes, etc. on our Facebook.  We allow it and, generally, welcome it as what gets posted are things we like or things we are interested in.  Just recently, I noticed a bit of a pattern in some of the things that have been posted not only on our timeline but in other Duran Duran Facebook groups.  What is that pattern?  Simple!  Humorous pictures that are created by Duranies for other Duranies to capture some element of our fandom.  Let me give you a couple of examples to show you what I mean!

Created by Rio, the Duran Duran tribute band
Created by Denise Mari Vernier
Created by Denise Mari Vernier

It seems to me that there are a number of people, groups, etc. who really thrive creating humorous pictures relating to the band or to the fandom.  For example, the tribute band, Rio, is often posting pictures with funny captions!  Their latest, below, was created just this week and features the new group picture that is in wide circulation!

Created by Rio, the Duran Duran tribute band
Created by Rio, the Duran Duran tribute band

Clearly, in the case of this picture, they are making fun of the band some.  In particular, they are making fun of John, right, and how it might seem to some that he looks like he might be in need of the bathroom!  I would like to think that the band finds this sort of thing funny.  After all, if you can’t laugh at yourself…

To me, these creative and humorous photos also show how Duran Duran, in some way, shape or form is influencing, motivating, inspiring people to be creative.  In many cases, the pictures created are such that some knowledge of Duran must be known in order to be understood.  For example, this picture below could only be understood, really, if you knew that Nick Rhodes doesn’t drive and never got his license as most Duranies know.

Created by Rio, the Duran Duran tribute band
Created by Rio, the Duran Duran tribute band

Of course, many of the pictures created don’t have to do with the band, specifically, but has to do with our fandom and our fan community.  I know that I posted the one below on my own personal social media.


Why?  Simple.  I was excited about getting concert tickets and this seemed to show it better than I could ever say it.  A picture is worth a thousand words as the story goes.

Created by Denise Mari Vernier
Created by Denise Mari Vernier

This one was posted on our timeline and quickly spread through the fan community as I saw a number of friends reposting it and sharing it!  The reason I think is simple.  Just like the one above about going to see Duran, this one expresses that excitement over going on tour.  Let’s face it.  It focuses on the one of the main activities in our fan community–concerts.  For many of us, concerts and touring are the biggest things we have to look forward to!  I love new music and getting new albums.  Of course, I do.  Yet, there is something about seeing them live that can’t be beat.  In my opinion, their music is WAY better live and there are a number of songs that I simply can’t listen to on an album (Wild Boys is the most obvious example for me).  Concerts are also social.  I’m there with friends.  It is a serious break from real life and fun like no other.  Shows also allow the fans to be a part of it.  Can you imagine a Duran show without fans yelling “switch it off” during Planet Earth or clapping at the end of Rio?  We are a part of the show at a concert.  This picture tries to capture the level of excitement that many of us feel at the thought of upcoming Duran shows.  That feeling for me comes back each and every time, even when I think that I’m getting over it or that tours aren’t as exciting as they once were.

Of course, it could be argued that I don’t act like I’m 15 on tour, or become insane or blow all of my money as I don’t do any of those things.  I also admit that I always worry a little bit that some non-Duranie, some non-fan will see that and will have negative stereotypes about fans and about Duranies reinforced.  I hope the non-fans who see something like that have a sense of humor and assume it to be nothing more than good fun!

So, where do you see humor in our fandom?  Do you like pictures like these?  Do you prefer videos like the one below?

What are your favorite examples of humor in our fan community?


10 thoughts on “What’s So Funny? – Fandom Humor”

  1. While we’re on the subject, interestingly enough, I received the following from my sister over the weekend:

    “I’m coming undone because I’m hungry like the wolf
    Because it’s such a perfect day
    Rio can dance on the sand
    Because it’s an ordinary world
    Somehow I have to find the reflex
    On planet earth
    It’s like girls on film.”

      1. Oddly enough, my sister-in-law, (who I refer to as my sissy), is not as familiar as I wish, but being married to my brother and with his familiarity, they worked together on it. She heard “Ordinary World” at work and was telling him about loving it when he surprised her with it being by my favorite band of all time. Now, she is turning Duranie! My 14 year old has just signed up for Daily Duranie and wants to submit some things as well. Everything has been very amusing today. Thanks for lifting everyone’s spirits, Daily Duranie!

  2. Hi Amanda and Rhonda, I read your blog from time to time and really enjoy it. I came across this post tonight and thought I’d let you know about a Tumblr on DD humour that I put up just last week. I started captioning DD photo’s on a Duran Facebook page I belong to in Australia. They were fairly well received and I wanted to do something with them – This it!

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