Where It’s Gonna End Up

Yesterday, I had a staff meeting after work.  I have to admit that I found my mind wandering.  Instead of thinking about the topic at hand, what I had to do after the meeting, or the happy hour I was going to enjoy with former colleagues, I found my mind wandering over to Duran Duran. I started thinking about the most recent Katy Kafe and the song title given.  I pondered, “Do I like it??  Is it cool??”  As typical with me, after a day of work, I quickly move on to a different but related topic.  What are the things that Duran has done that I really like?  I think about all the little announcements we have gotten in recent months from working with choirs to Mr. Hudson to this song title.  Then, I thought about announcements in the past from working with Mark Ronson to introducing an album on Broadway to have 5 individual versions of a video as well as a regular, whole group one.  My fleeting brain then started pondering moves made with their videos.  Was the nudity in Girls on Film a good idea?  What about the supermodels in Girl Panic?  What about no band in The Chauffeur?  Of course, what about their live performances?  Have I liked every thing they have done with their live shows?  Did I like the heads in the All You Need Is Now tour?  What songs mixed into Duran classics have worked and which ones haven’t?

So, then, I gave my unable-to-focus-on-anything brain a task.  A focus.  I decided to think about the first 10 things that Duran has done at some points of their careers that I just have just loved.  I gave myself only 3 minutes to complete my list.  I did not allow myself to think too much.  I wanted to see what would float to the top of my brain.  I realized, of course, that this would not be perfect or in any order or that, if I did this again, the next day or the next month, I would probably have very different answers.  Yet, I resisted the urge I had to organize the list.  I wanted to go with the flow.  Here is what I came up with in 3 minutes and in no particular order.

10 Things Duran Did That I Loved:

*Electro Set

*Careless Memories anime video


*The addition of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax in Wild Boys during recent live performances

*Falling Down video

*Including past Duran footage in current video (video for All You Need Is Now, for example)

*The use of humor in video (Rio, for example)

*The influence and use of other arts in their visual presentation

*JoSi and DoJo moments during a concert

*Long, individual band introductions during concerts

I admit that the task wasn’t easy as I could think of about 200,000 things that Duran has done that I have loved.  I could have named specific songs and videos and didn’t.  They just didn’t pop up in my head the way these other ones did.  Are those my favorite things?  Your guess is as good as mine!  I suspect that if I gave myself more time, I would answer very differently.

So Duranies, interested in a quick Duranie challenge that doesn’t require too much time or knowledge?  I know you are.  I challenge you to do what I did:

In 3 minutes, list the first 10 things Duran Duran did that you thought was really cool.  They do not have to be in any order, except to list them as you thought about them.  Do not edit or attempt to control your list.

After that, please share your list with us and the rest of the Duran fan community!!!  I cannot wait to see what people come up with!


6 thoughts on “Where It’s Gonna End Up”

  1. Ten things that the band has done that I love:

    Having Dom sub for Andy, then having him be a permanent fixture – whether it’s for touring or writing or all of it.

    Working with Mark Ronson

    The VIP M&G for the MoMA Unstaged screening

    The videos during the earliest part of their career – I could always count on those as an escape.

    The way they combine visual art with music. I am almost NEVER disappointed by the way they package things or the artists they choose to work with. They make me think. I love that.

    The way they interact during live shows (both with the audience as well as with one another)

    Their innovative use of new technology.

    Careless Memories Anime

    Their instrumentals, specifically the ones on AYNIN and Tiger Tiger, but I love them all.

    Tricked Out Live. Yes, it’s the one song I have to say that I’ve never seen them do live – but I thought it was incredible to have John and Dom do the whole “dueling” bass/guitar thing front and center. Very, very cool.

    Unlike Amanda, I have to admit that it was very difficult for me to come up with this list. Not because they haven’t done a ton of things I love – but because I was trying to come up with the things I love most. I think my list was very vague. I didn’t name a lot of specifics, probably because I was trying to be inclusive! 😀 -R

    1. I love your list! I agree with the things you mentioned that I didn’t, especially adding Dom, the VIP M&G with the Unstaged screening, and Tricked Out live. What I wouldn’t give to see THAT again! *sigh* I was hoping that others would jump at the chance to share what they love that the band has done. It is like a little Duran Duran appreciation, you know? 🙂 -A

  2. Ten things that the band has done that I love:

    1. The VIP M&G AMEX event before the MoMA screening- a perfect, flawless event in planning and execution. They should do this again and again.

    2. Working with Mark Ronson. He gets it. They need him.

    3. Working with Nile Rodgers. see above

    4. They’re committment to not be a nostaglia act

    5. They’re ability to blend music. fashion, and art seamlessly.

    6. The way they keep looking for innovations, which in turn makes their fans more aware- socially, techologically, artistically. We need to explore these new frontiers to keep up with them.

    7. Their class in handling press and media. If I were asked for the 1 zillionth time “What’s your process when writing music?” or “The videos you made in the 80’s” I wouldn’t be able to answer as politely and sincerely as they do.

    8. Their genuine love for music which comes through in their interviews and performances.

    9. Simon’s tweets.

    10. Their early vision and dedication to achieving their goals. It’s amazing to think that a group of boys barely out of their teens ( or not in NR’s case) were able to become the biggest band in such a short period of time.

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