Where to Find the News?!

How do you get your news on what is happening with Duran Duran?  It used to be that I would get my news from the most obvious of places:  their official website.  If I didn’t get my news there, I would get it on message boards where people would copy a news item or would give a link to a news item.  Now, I find that I rarely go look at the band’s official website.  Instead, I feel like I get all of my news on social networking sites.  Am I the only one to notice this?  It seems to me that not all of the news is even updated on the official website.  I’ll give you an example.  This week, the band announced a new live DVD that will be coming out in early summer 2012.  Where was this information first posted?  It was posted on their facebook.  Now, it is posted on their official website.  Yet, other news hasn’t.  For example, yesterday their facebook’s status talked about the show in Carcassonne, France.  Apparently, the date for the concert there has been changed from July 27th to July 23rd.  They stated that the tickets for the 27th would be good on the 23rd.  Are these announcements on facebook or twitter good enough to provide information?  Then, what about unofficial information given by…say…John Taylor on twitter?  Do his tweets fill any hole of information or are the fans still lacking information?

When the upcoming DVD title was released this week, my initial reaction was confusion.  It took me awhile to even remember anything about a new DVD.  Luckily, some of my friends had better memories so they could remind me of the details.  They reminded of when and where it was filmed and when they planned to release it.  Now, why is it that I didn’t remember these details?  It truly could be that I have been a busy, busy person who can’t remember anything unless I write it down.  Another possibility is that the information was given in a quick little status update that I just skimmed over.  It didn’t seem like much in the midst of everything else I see on facebook on a daily basis.  Is there a way that they could make it more noticeable?  I don’t know but clearly it didn’t catch my attention.  I also wonder if there is enough information given.  What format will it be released?  Just DVD?  Blu-ray?  Where and how will it be available?  Can we preorder it?  Now, I suppose this extra information isn’t that big of a deal since it is for an upcoming product but what about that announcement regarding the show in France.  How come they had to change it?  There was no explanation given.  Did people with tickets to that show get informed?  Goodness, if they weren’t paying attention on facebook, would they have even known?  This information isn’t listed on dd.com as of this blog.  What if people aren’t on social networking sites?  How will they get seriously important information like this?  A date change is a pretty significant thing, after all.

Of course, not all information shared on facebook or twitter is as essential as finding out that your concert date has been switched.  Some of the information is really just fun or just works to increase people’s interest or excitement.  For me, most of this “information” is given by John Taylor in his subtle or not-so-subtle tweets.  This week, I have to admit that I took notice of a few of his tweets, including that European dates are about to be announced and that US dates are being confirmed.  Interestingly enough, both John and the official band facebook mentioned his book this week.  John said that his book would be released after the US tour.  The band’s facebook mentioned that he would be doing some activities as part of the book launch.  Being the kind of person I am, I did look to see if I could have any hints as to when this much anticipated book might come out by checking out Amazon in both the US and the UK.  According to Amazon US, the book is titled “Love, Death and Duran Duran” and is due out September 25th.  Amazon UK has the title as “The Million Little Seductions:  A Life in Duran Duran” and is due to be released on September 20th.  Hmm…this information leads me to wonder what John will cover in the book and leads me to try and fill in the blanks about upcoming tour plans.  I enjoy this kind of information!

What is different for me between the DVD and France announcements and John’s tweets about plans for this year?  What is the same?  The news on the DVD and France are official.  In my opinion, those need to be posted in such a way that everyone can get all the facts.  Thus, social networking sites are not enough as not all people are on facebook and twitter.  The news should also be detailed as the majority of questions should be answered in that entry.  On the other hand, unofficial news or little hints of what might be coming does not need to be mentioned on the official website or in a way that grabs attention, in my opinion.  The people who like those hints also like to find them and like to try to figure out exactly what they might mean.  I do, at least.  What do you think?  Is Duran Duran means of sharing news good enough for you?  Does it work well? 


42 thoughts on “Where to Find the News?!”

  1. I take the tweets with a grain of salt. JT tweeted there would be NZ date/s, and there isn't. Then the DD Facebook poster prattles on about an 'Australasian' tour – which there isn't (they need to check their geography about what 'australasia' actually is).

    So yeah, they try, but to me it's all unofficial and a bit hit and miss and misleading.

  2. I actually like that they update their social networking sites first, because that's where I tend to go first. If they updated their website, I probably wouldn't see it until someone told me it was there – I just don't check it that often.

    I do miss things from time to time at first, but eventually someone points me in the right direction and it's fine. I just do my best to keep up! -R

  3. I absolutely agree that John's tweets are unofficial. My guess about NZ dates is that they were looking at them but they didn't work out for whatever reason. Lately, though, his tweets have been more right than wrong.


  4. Can't sleep. So, here I am. 🙂 Was going to save it until tomorrow, but I might as well make use of the time rather than complain about my lack of sleep.

    What DD needs is a way that when they update one place, it automatically updates the other. There are, well, “apps” for that sort of thing. It helps keep things consistent. Because I don't do FB, I tend to check their official website a little more, but generally get news from Twitter which is not always the best way.

    As far as date change announcements, we had one here not too long ago and it was announced on the local news, the newspaper and people who bought tickets online were emailed. As for France, this date is in July, so there is plenty of time for ticket holders to be notified. (How is it France is getting so much advance notice of a show, anyway???)

    Just out of curiosity, how difficult is it to get from NZ to Australia? Is it cheap like it is traveling between European countries, or is it more expensive like flying between states? I'm guessing it's the former since the NZ fans truly seem dismayed. I'm sure I'd feel the same way if I had to spend the extra money to travel, but surely it's a scheduling issue, not lack of concern about a group of fans. I suppose one could check the usual venues around the time that DD is in Australia to see what all is going on. I do hope you are soon surprised with some concert dates.

  5. Flying between NZ and Australia is an international flight with times zones to deal with and long check ins. Also, different currencies are used in the two countries (it costs the NZers about 20% more), plus a passport is required (cost $400 on top of an airfare of several hundred dollars) and in some cases a travel visa (depending on nationality). It's not that straightforward. NZers are dismayed yes, because there has only been one solo concert in NZ in 30 years, whilst Aussie has had about 40-50 shows.

  6. I also appreciate there's big distances to travel in the US, and to a lesser extened Europe. Both areas I have travlled extensively – so I know what's involved. But those areas don't require a passport or a change of currency (if you are a American or European).

    Betsi – there's loads of venues available in NZ. Ok, we have had a massive quake that's destroyed the venues in our second largest city, but there's plenty of other options. Japan is in a smimilar boat.

  7. Wow. I would never have guessed it would be so expensive. $400 for a passport!? Do they at least kiss you before they bend you over? Sorry… that is just outrageous. I truly feel for you guys and would happily give up a show for you if I could. I can't even imagine how frustrating it must be when we've been so spoiled with shows all over the country. Even traveling to Europe from the States sounds less complicated.

    Do they play DD on the radio there? If not try getting a grassroots campaign going… bombard the stations with requests from AYNIN. From what I understand that is one way they gauge interest. Back in 1984 it took a petition to get them to come to my town. I believe we had over 5,000 signatures and ended up selling out the 11,000 seat Coliseum much to DD management's surprise. I remember Simon commenting on how many people where there and how they didn't expect so many.

    I wish you the best of luck, NZ.

  8. Yep DD are played here – we were one of the first places in the world to latch onto the band. They played to 50,000 people here in 2003 and were all over the media. However, nothing from AYNIN gets played. I have tried the promo stuff (I work in media – conflict of interest, so need to be a bit discrete). However, I simply can't be bothered trying anymore, especially when I see how 'easy' (it's relative) it is for other regions. I don't have the time and energy to keep battling just to get a show now.

    I made a mistake with the passport cost – it's $300 for an urgent one.

  9. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I think the news should be given over social networking because that's where most people are these days….


  10. Unfortunately, this is back to the same old thing of poor management, poor admin and ineffiency in DDHQ. I would love to say it was some other reason as I hate negtivity with this band but unless any of that changes we will remain in the world of hearing first hand through rumours, 2nd on Twitter, 3rd on facebook, and lastly on their official website. Its a joke.

  11. Awesome post and I agree that there should be some kind of app where we find out more news.I find the Duran website isn't updated that much,only when something big is happening (album,big tours etc).

  12. Maybe DD got banished from NZ after that 2003 show and aren't allowed to talk about it?? Okay, that's my overactive imagination trying to rationalize why as it makes no sense to me. If they would just address the matter certainly that would at least let NZ fans know they're not forgotten.

    On the website/social media note again. Before leaving the corporate rat race when I worked in the banking industry (though not for a big bank!) I was in charge of web and social media as well as internal intranet (among other thing)… I can't tell you what a pain it was to keep all three up to date at the same time when so many different people and departments were involved. While a band's web and SM presence is definitely different (no compliance issues to worry about), keeping it all together is still a challenge. I don't know how many people DDM employs or how many work on different areas, but if I were them, I'd use social media to point people back to the website because not everyone is hooked into the social media, and unless SM hubs like Facebook allowed non-members to at least view business or fan pages (but perhaps not personal pages), a website is a necessity. I cannot ever see myself joining Facebook. I'm sure it has its good points, but I'm happy without it and my sister shoots me anything I need to know from Roger. 🙂

    It's such a breath of fresh air here at the the Daily Duranie where people can share different viewpoints and not get their knickers in a knot when everyone doesn't agree.

  13. You are absolutely right that it is work to update multiple sites as we do it everyday here, on twitter and on facebook and we don't get paid.

    On a different note, we are so glad that this is a place where people can share their viewpoints. 🙂


  14. Hi Amanda,

    I recall very well that they said on Facebook that the show will be available in blu-ray. I am pretty sure of it as I was very happy. All the past dvd are so blurry when you look at them on a HD tv. For the topic, I think that the problem is maybe that they don't have a good management and everything isn't very well under control. They pan to do something and there are surprises etc that posponed everything. Now in days, information is so fast that they give it sometime too much in a hurry and they have to adapt after. That is for the dvd-blu-ray. For John's book I am a bit impressed by the change of title from site to site. Something sure they could be more organisation, that,s not a surprise why the band struggle with popularity for years. The problem is not their music, tehy never stopped from being excellent. The problem is management and marketing. Just look at Madonna, she has a tremendous organisation. When she have a new cd there is huge poster on the city's bus etc here in Quebec Canada… The day I see the same thing from Duran Duran I surely would stand still for one minute or two trying to define if I am awake or dreaming.


  15. Pat-Is it only going to be available on blu-ray? I ask because some of us don't have HD TV or a blu-ray player because some of us spend our money on concert tickets. LOL! As far as I know about John's book, the title hasn't been determined. Don't know if those are working titles or what?! As for the communication and organization behind Duran, you make good points!


  16. Here's the thing…Duran Duran has a dedicated team that does their social media. They work with a company that does that for them, and from what I can tell, they do their job very well. So well, in fact, that the information gets out via social media faster than it gets put on their own website. What I disagree about though, is that this is somehow wrong. There are over 200 million Twitter users today. There are over 300 million Facebook users. I am positive that their website doesn't get nearly the visitors that their Facebook page gets, which is probably why they send out the information that way first – EVEN if it's just a short blurb with more info to come later. I also suspect that perhaps their website is updated by a different person than their Facebook and Twitter, and of course that would make a difference as well.

    As far as what information gets sent out – including the original information regarding the NZ shows that never quite got announced or planned – I think this all belongs under the heading of “the band…or the people surrounding the band…never explain themselves.” This is true. I don't think they've ever made a habit out of explaining why they do the things they do. I would imagine that their management doesn't feel as though they have to, and mechanically – they're right, they don't. We're the FANS. We don't own the band as much as we might think otherwise, and they really don't owe us explanations. This goes back to the argument some made to me when I was dissecting the fan community – we fans sometimes act as though we're very entitled. Sure, there's a part of me that wishes they'd just be up front and honest, but you know – that's assuming a lot. That's assuming that the band is actually aware of everything that goes on behind the scenes, and I very much doubt that. It's not as though the band sits around a table and decides every last detail. I know it's difficult for people to believe that – but this is the very reason they have a management team – to do that sort of thing. The band makes the music, but the rest of it? I'm sure they input when necessary, but the planning is done by the team. I mean, we're not talking about a band that still rehearses in their parents garage here. Duran Duran is a well-oiled machine with plenty of hired people that do the work behind the scene. It's also assuming that the management feels that they owe the fans something – and I think it's pretty clear that they do not. The jury is out as to whether fans agree or not, but I have to say that I don't think that matters much in the end.

    I do think that the flow of information is somehow interrupted or slowed way down…or even blocked, and I don't think the band really recognizes how important this is to the band. For that, I'm glad that our blog does exist, because if by some miracle someone reads it and gets it – maybe then things will change. -R

  17. Did you think this topic would garner so many responses? I suppose since this is the information age, we all want information. As much as possible, as soon as possible.

    It doesn't really matter to me which outlet is first – social or website – it's just nice if it all is consistent. 🙂

    In a way the fans do “own” the band. Without us paying their salaries by purchasing music, trinkets and tickets, they wouldn't be employed as musicians. But it's a strange type of “ownwership” in that we don't get a say in what they do, when they do it, where they do it or how they do it other than the fact we either buy it or we don't. That's big, don't get me wrong, but they'd have to alienate a very large, very diverse fan base to crash and burn at this point. As for the band owing us anything – just good music and some live shows, please. Anything else is icing. Nice, fudge icing. With toasted pecans…

    All in all, I haven't seen a big problem with information coming from DDM. It seems they have all their bases covered, even if not exactly at the same time. I'll probably always prefer actual websites over template-driven SM sites. But then again, I never thought I'd join Twitter either and it's led me to this blog which is a very good thing.

  18. Amanda, I looked back on Facebook and the december 18th they said:

    Duran Duran
    Footage shot in Manchester coming to DVD and Blue-Ray in mid May, 2012!

    Imagined…. the band in HD… 😉 I understand you, my HD Tv was a gift from my girlfriend… and it,s a small one but still… very good feeling to see beautiful picture.


  19. Another example of bad communication today. The email release 'DDlist D-Blast' from DDM. Again, talking about an 'Australasian' tour.

    I wish they'd educate themselves and not rub salt into wounds.

    It's kind of the final straw for me.

  20. I am sure they will miss the 7 fans that it is the final straw for! Hilarious. If they ever do play New Zealand (obviously there is no demand and/or promoters won't book the shows) you WILL attend and proclaim your love for the band. Same ole same ole whining.

  21. Please get it through your thick skull: They would play NZ if the demand was there. It is not. It is you and a few friends. There is no other reason. The 2003 show was not a DD solo show and it's been 8 years. Times change. DUH!

  22. Wow. It takes a lot of bravery to post an insult, anonymously. Feeling all proud of yourself now, aren't you? Now, I am not arguing that they shouldn't post news on social networks. They should. I'm saying that they should post news on their official website as well. You don't have to agree with me, but you really should learn how to be respectful.


  23. I don't see what would be so hard about them updating the social networks and the official site at the same time. Seriously, it shouldn't take more than a minute to update each of those things as normally a website that is establishes(as the official Duran Duran site is) should be very easily updatable. So a minute for the website and 30 seconds each for facebook and twitter. 🙂 Maybe a little longer if the person updating is a slow typer.

  24. Do you mean “dang” because now you have to spend money on it? 🙂 Because it is going to be available on both DVD and Blu Ray so you should be able to get DVD right? 🙂

  25. Above I said they should be able to update all three at the same time, but I do feel R has a point–many more people do get their information from social networking site. I refuse to join facebook, they are turning into a freakin' monopoly(I'm so sick of going to sites where the only way you can comment is through your facebook account, even though the site itself is a news site or something like that) and their privacy policy sucks. You better believe that if I ever do finally give in every single bit of information I give to facebook is going to be false with a completely new email address that is related to nothing else in my life. 🙂

    That said I do belong to twitter(see above all the info I filled in to sign up is false), even though I neither use nor visit it much. So it really does make sense for them to make announcements through facebook and twitter. A lot of businesses/bands/etc ONLY have facebook as their “official websites” so it's hardly like it's unheard of it for official announcements to be made through facebook and facebook only.

    For the most part though, the announcements appear to be fairly timely, when they can be, and spread through the different official accounts. More info never hurts but it usually does get out there.

  26. Will it be available on just regular DVD as well as blu-ray? My impression from what Pat posted was that it would only be released as blu-ray. If that is the case, I don't know what I will do.


  27. Anonymous-I'm not quite sure why you think you know how many fans this disappointment over the lack of NZ dates affects. Have you interviewed everyone there? Done research? Are you aware that they played in NZ in March of 2008 and that was a solo show? That said, you need to get this through YOUR thick skull that we (Rhonda and I) won't tolerate disrespectful comments in response to our readers.


  28. As I said in another comment, this is the last comment of this nature that we will post. While we do want everyone to be able to say what they think, we will not accept comments that are simply disrespectful as this is!


  29. The announcement Pat posted said “It will be coming to **DVD** and Blu Ray”, meaning it should be coming to DVD, regular DVD, as well as Blu Ray. I'm pretty sure almost everything is still released in DVD these days as Blu Ray, while it's gained a good amount of market penetration, isn't yet enough to be standard, so I'd be surprised if it wasn't released on DVD format. That said it is possible that perhaps the Blu Ray may have some “extras” the DVD won't, that's fairly common practice too.

  30. Finding info on Duran Duran from multiple websites is like looking for hidden “easter eggs” in their DVDs: the frantic search is frustrating but you eventually get rewarded by the new discoveries in the end.

    Some fans want to hear the latest DD news/info “first” (hence the gravitation towards Twitter); others prefer to get it from the “official” source (i.e. dd.com). In either case, I think there should be consistency across all media platforms that the band uses. News/info should be released SIMULTANEOUSLY from each site so that nobody misses out. It won't stop John Taylor from prematurely blurting out details on Twitter (sweet man…he means well) but unless the same info is confirmed elsewhere in the Duraniverse, I'd hold my breath and treat it as his “opinion”.

  31. Re the book info on Amazon, I update all my company's book info there. Am just adding the September titles now, and I have to tell you, info changes weekly, sometimes daily, as the editorial, design & sales teams rush to get the books ready to go to the printers in advance of publication. It's also not unknown for books to have different titles in different markets.

    Re the communication issue, why don't DDHQ simply post sm links to the announcements on their website as they used to? That worked for me as the official source & it doesn't stop them posting all the other fun sm stuff they do too.

  32. I know. People think the title is set in stone…as is the release date. I keep telling them that John himself said that they've not set on a title yet (of course this was a week or two back, so maybe they have by now), and I know that release dates can change quite a bit. He only delivered the second draft just recently, so until the book is published…I wouldn't count on anything! 😀 -R

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