Which Tour Did You See Duran Play Live for the First Time?

Last week, I asked the question, “When did you see Duran Duran live for the first time?”  I got a ton of responses, totaled them and determined what year was most popular for Duranies to  experience Duran live for the very first time.  Yet, it seemed clear to me that there was a better way to phrase this, a better way to organize this first time experience and that was by actual tour vs. year.  As we all know that some tours are short, in duration, and others can last years as the band will often have multiple legs to support a new album.  For example, All You Need Is Now Tour started in 2011 and ended in 2012.  It was longer than a year.  Anyway, I’m more curious about what era/what album/what general time frame of the band’s history got people to buy their first Duran concert ticket.  In order to find that out, I went to dd.com and their amazing list of concerts.  They were so kind as to have divided up the shows into their various tours.  Thus, I could find out exactly when one tour started and when it ended.  Then, I have put those tours into an easy poll here.  Your job, then, is to vote for the tour that you first saw Duran live.  One vote.

I know that there were other questions that came up, including how old people were for their first show, which tour was the most popular and which tour had the largest number of songs in the setlist.  I will get to all of those, in time.  I promise.  Until then…

42 thoughts on “Which Tour Did You See Duran Play Live for the First Time?”

  1. It could have happened on the Sing Blue Silver Tour in St. Louis in ’84. It should have happened in ’89 on the Big Thing Tour. But ended up not happening until No Ordinary World summer ’93 and then I went a bit overboard…

    They had come to St. Louis on Sing Blue Silver Tour but I wasn’t quite 16 yet at the time and St. Louis was 1.5 hours away. There were a few of my classmates whose parent brought them but I didn’t have the means, wheels or general wherewithal to make it happen. So I just had to live vicariously through my few lucky friends who were able to make it. Of course they all said it was amazing.

    During the Strange Behaviour Tour I was a little distracted. Notorious was a great album but I was super busy as a freshman in college and was knocked on my heels a bit when I heard Roger and Andy had left the band. Wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Plus the nearest they came was like 2.5 hours away on that tour and I didn’t think my Honda scooter would have made it that far on the interstate. So another opportunity passed.

    When the Big Thing album came out I was a junior in college and by this time I was determined to beg, borrow or steal to see them. It was definitely going to happen. I managed to get tickets for the Merrillville, IN show and had purchased them well in advance. Something like in early January well before the show in March thinking I was planning it perfectly and nothing was going to stop me. Two days before the show I remember feeling run down and slightly feverish. Evening before I’ve got full on fever and am in bed with chills thinking this can’t be F-ing happening!! Morning of show I am vomiting like twice an hour. I remember thinking on the way to the clinic that this was the only thing that probably could have kept me away. I was so dehydrated they admitted me for a day to the neighboring hospital. I was gutted.

    Then when Liberty came out and flopped, I was like well, that’s it then. I missed my chance. They’re done now for sure. I remember subsequently spending a lot of time listening to their early stuff wondering what the hell happened… and just thinking maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

    Then a couple years later I remember catching the very end of a video on MTV and saying to myself is that who I think it is? That sounded and looked VERY cool. Turns out it was the Ordinary World video. The “VJ’s” were then going on about how D+D were making a “comeback”. Needless to say I was psyched and more determined than ever. I originally planned to go to 2 shows for sure… but in the end, I met a bunch of cool duranies who then invited me to hit a few more. So in total I caught 5 dates on that tour.


    Also got to see original 5 in 2003 in a super intimate venue in DC. We had 3rd row center. So that was kind of the end all be all redemption that will never be topped.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story!!! Like you, I didn’t get to see them until 1993. Since then, I have worked to make up for lost time! Now, if you haven’t seen then since 2003, I highly recommend checking them out next time! 🙂 -A

      1. I caught them in 08 when they played in Raleigh NC like 2 miles from my house at Kokabooth Amphitheater. Cool outdoor venue. Then missed them in 2012 when they came to Durham NC as I had to attend a wedding out of town. Will def try to catch them when they come through next. By the way is one of you from Illinois? I went to U of I in Champaign and was from a desolate downstate town myself. Duran was a real escape from it all… until I could actually escape haha.

        1. Cool about the ’08 show! We were at the Durham show in ’12. You missed a really good one! I am from IL–Ottawa, specifically. Happy to be out of there! There is another connection as my sister now lives in Raleigh. 🙂 -A

  2. Hey yall dont have the tour lisred that i first attended. It was march 30th 1985 in roanoke virginia right after 7 and the ragged tiger release. Oh the memories.

    1. Are you sure that was 1985? The tour for Seven and the Ragged Tiger happened in 1984 around that time of the year. -A

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