White Nights Festival

I am supposed to be packing.  I have two rooms to finish and my storage unit to clean out before the movers show up on Monday.  Yet, what am I doing?  I’m doing what many people in Duranland might be!  I’m searching, searching, searching for anything and everything from Duran’s little visit and performance in St. Petersburg, Russia!  I didn’t realize how thirsty I was for something, anything until this!  Now, I can’t get enough.  Here is what I have found.  It is probably not complete but I am happy to add and edit as more is found!  If you found something I didn’t, please share!!!!

First, from the band’s social media, I have seen a few photos from Dom Brown’s twitter account (@dombrownmusic) of some sites in the city itself, including Split Blood Church and St. Issac Cathedral.  Likewise, Duran’s twitter (@duranduran) and Facebook has posted a picture of Nick walking around the Hermitage Museum.  John posted the view from his room on his twitter (@thisistherealJT) and his instagram.  Lastly, Anna Ross’s Facebook page  has been filled with pictures and updates.  She alerted us to sound check and posted a couple of pictures, including a group shot that could have been after the performance.

Second, from other fans, I have seen some photos and some very short video clips.  For the rehearsal picture and video clips, head over to duranasty’s Facebook page, which you can get to here.  By the way, if you haven’t already like that page, I highly recommend it.  Another Facebook page to include photos and video is Duran Duran Argentina, which you can get to here.  This page not only included a group picture (with Dom, as it should be!) with some unknown guy, which you can see below, but also short clips of rehearsal, All You Need Is Now, Sunrise,  and Notorious live as well some other pictures!

White Nights1

I highly doubt that this is all there is all there is on the internet about Duran’s little visit and performance.  I would love to know the set list and to see and hear more clips!  I have missed them terribly!  Thus, if you have something or have found something else that should be shared, please let us know!!!



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