Who’s That with the Broom?!

If there were any concert I wish I had video for, it would be the Power Station concert that took place on this date in 1985 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Maybe you’re reading this right now and wondering what I’m going on about. Well, there was a special guest at this particular Power Station performance. He (oh yes, it was a “HE”) appeared between the main set and encore, and proceeded to sweep the stage.

The crowd began to recognize the janitor – he was none other than Nick Rhodes (an obvious choice for janitor???), and as the encore continued, he “played” along…on his broom. (again, of course he did. Who doesn’t imagine Nick playing air guitar, or air keyboards???)

I had wild hopes of finding this clip somewhere on YouTube, but my search was not productive. If you happen to have it or were there…feel free to chime in! I’d have loved to have been in that audience!

With that, I am off to get some work done around here. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Who’s That with the Broom?!”

  1. Me too. Love these little insights into the band’s friendships and humor.This seems so out of left field for Nick that it would be a joy to see.

  2. Andy says on his book that he and Nick, after the 1986 split-up they remained on civil terms. Nick even attended Andy’s 25th birthday in LA.
    It’s under any fan’s eye, to our regret, they do not love each other, but out of DD they actually manage to be decent guys.

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