Why I’ve stayed Part 2

Yesterday, Rhonda answered the question about why she has remained a fan.  Today, it’s my turn!  One of the reasons she mentioned was how she is a fan because it is an escape from being a mom.  While I’m not a mom, I, too, find myself in need of escape from real life (don’t we all?!).  Most of my life is focused on some pretty serious stuff.  Career wise, I have been a special education teacher for years.  While that job isn’t easy anywhere, I am in an urban district at a middle school of poverty.  While I have loved my students, their lives are not always easy and I often take their worries home with me (not by choice!).  Then, outside of work, I’m pretty active politically as I have been working for and with political campaigns.  This isn’t an easy gig, either, as I feel very strongly about candidates, laws, policies, etc.  In fact, today, I’m a huge bundle of nerves as my state is going to the polls in six recall elections.  (Go Dems!)  Thus, most of my life is spent dealing with tough “real life” issues.  Yes, I choose to do that because I believe that I can and should try to make a difference.  I’m a sap that way.  That said, I need a break, at times.  I need something to focus on that is silly and fun.  Duran Duran is that for me.

Not only does Duran’s music often take me away from all of the stuff I deal with on a day-to-day basis, it has taken me physically away.  In the name of going on tour, I have traveled so much more than I ever thought that I would and have seen so many more places.  Since going on tour, I have seen great places like London, New York City, New Orleans, Vegas, and more.  Their tours have given me permission, in a way, to vacation, to spend money on traveling.  Without Duran, I would just be traveling to Boston or Raleigh, where my siblings live.  This has made me realize that while I still hate flying, I actually enjoy seeing other places.  I have learned a lot of about how to travel and gained quite a bit of confidence in my ability to do so.  For example, I have always wanted to see England but never really thought it possible.  Now, I’ll be there twice in a year!  Insane!   Of course, a big part of my enjoyment with traveling has to do with who I go with.

My tours have been fun for many reasons.  They have been great for the shows themselves (of course!) and I have loved seeing new places, but the real reason they have been fun is because of the company.  In many cases, I have traveled with Rhonda.  Duran Duran brought us together as we met at the Duran Duran Fans Convention in New Orleans in 2004.  We barely knew each other before that as we had only “talked” via posts on a message board before that.  We didn’t know if we were going to get along.  Yet, we did.  Now, I can’t imagine not having her in my life and I’m willing to bet that she feels the same way about me.  (After all, we do have this blog together!)  Beyond Rhonda, I have met SO many great people!  Part of the reason I like going to shows away from home is that I get to meet people.  How cool is it when you meet other people who feel like you do about Duran?!  Then, in between tours, I have gotten to meet people online through message boards, twitter, and facebook.  My life would definitely be less fun without all of the people I have met!

Of course, at the end of the day is the music.  The truth is that I still love their music.  I love the classics like Planet Earth but I also love the new stuff!  While they might irritate me at times and while not every song is awesome, when they do a song or an album right, it is REALLY right.  Thus, Duran Duran has given me great, timeless music, forever friends, an escape from reality and the reason to travel!  What a great combination!

What about you?  Why do you stay a fan? 


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