Why Must Everything Be So Complicated?!

So I have been sitting in front of my computer for over an hour now.  During that time, I have been thinking while only occasionally actually using the computer.  You see, fellow readers, the Daily Duranie is once again faced with unfortunate circumstances surrounding our (2nd!!!) attempt at going to see Duran play in their home country.  For those of you outside of the UK, there is a planned strike for Wednesday, November 30th.  My understanding is that it is with the public employees who are angry about cuts to their pensions.  This is a cause I’m not unsympathetic about.  That said, it now appears to be a huge thorn in our sides as the union who runs the border controls (aka customs) will be striking as well.  This will cause huge backups at the airport where most people enter and could eventually lead to cancellation of flights.  So, when do we, the not-so-lucky, the not-so-smart people, fly in?  Yes, that would be Wednesday, November 30th, which is also the day of the first show in Brighton.  Yes, we have tickets for that show.  We have good tickets.

The obvious answer to the problem would be to fly in a day earlier.  Ah, yes, if only it was that simple.  Unfortunately, my job is not so flexible.  In fact, there is a huge procedure to taking days off and I only have 5 per year even with that procedure.  Let me explain the process a bit.  I ask my immediate supervisor.  S/he agrees.  It then gets sent to a different office that also has to approve it.  In this case, it was approved with a condition of finding someone who has my expertise to fill in.  Luckily, I was able to do that.  In this case, I asked for 4 out of the 5 days.  That seemed like the logical thing to do at the time.  We were able to squeeze four shows in like we had originally planned.  Cool.  Great.  By the way, these types of requests must be done in advance, which, of course, brings me to the current situation.

Yes, I suppose I could ask to leave a day earlier.  I would not be asking well in advance, which could be a problem.  Yet, of course, this is a situation that is completely out of my hands.  Therefore, maybe, they would understand.  This would also mean that I use up my last day.  Unfortunately, this is also a problem for me as I have received an opportunity to a conference that I cannot pass up.  This conference has nothing to do with work but a once-in-a-lifetime deal.  Originally, I thought I was in trouble with that because it appeared that it would require 2 days and I only have 1 left of my days off at work.  Yet, after some investigation, I might be able to swing this conference, this opportunity in one day. This would mean that I would fly to that conference the night before, attend the conference and fly back home early, early, early the next day.  I would be late to work but not significantly.  Therefore, I thought that my work would be okay with that.  Problem seemingly solved on that one.

I still don’t know what to do about the flight to the UK.  Should I push my luck at work knowing that I have used 4 days and that the request won’t be in advance?  Is there something idea that I’m missing?  Yes, I admit that I’m being totally selfish here but both of these are dreams of mine.  Serious dreams so, yes, I want both.  Who wouldn’t?!  I just don’t know what to do.  I don’t understand why it always has to be so complicated.  Why?!  Why can’t Rhonda and I just go to the shows without a problem?  Why does it always seem like something gets in our way?!  Maybe we are worrying about a problem that won’t actually be a problem.  Yes, maybe, there are long lines to enter the country at the airport but maybe it won’t be as bad as it has been described. 

So, readers.  Help me out.  Help us out.  Help me to figure out a different solution, one that I can’t see.  Allow us (me) get these dreams of mine fulfilled. 


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