Winter Marches On (Ok, so it’s barely Autumn….)

Is it just me or does summer feel like it was a long time ago…and next summer seems like a mirage out in the distance?

Stay with me here, I’m not talking about the weather, of course. Today in SoCal is pretty much the very first “rainy” day we’ve had in, well…many months.  I’m actually in long sleeves AND enclosed shoes!!! (I am an admitted flip-flop wearer. Style be damned. I’m casual and I like it!) Thank goodness for my grey Chuck Taylors.  I’m talking about the band, of course.

Today I read a great little interview on John Taylor in Guitar World magazine. Haven’t read it yet?  Let me do you the favor of passing it on right here. (Guitar World)  John explains why he wrote the book, why he chose to do it now, and what’s coming up next for the band…which has the rest of the Duraniverse, myself included, on the edge of our seats.  We know they’re headed back into the studio to work with Mark Ronson again in March of 2013, and that is great news. Mark seems to know how to give the band the confidence they need in order to own their own place, and that in turn is the recipe for the band creating their best work.  Synergy can be powerful once placed in the right hands.


I’m not going to lie.  I’m a fan just like the rest of you.  I want to hear news from working on the album tomorrow because that’s what keeps me going.  I want our book done tomorrow, too. That just isn’t possible…on all counts…and we know that.  They finished the tour just what – six weeks ago or so? I suppose it does seem a bit like a slave driver to start cracking the whip just yet, so I will refrain. No really, I promise!

It’s really no better where I sit. My schedule is crazy, Amanda’s schedule is even worse. We’re talking about meeting somewhere and shutting ourselves in a hotel room until our book is done. (Ok, really just for a weekend – but I like the idea of not coming out until it’s done.  My husband though?  Not so much!)  So on that note, I can understand how this works.  I also completely understand the excitement of being a fan, missing the band, wanting new music, and continuing the journey – because that’s what this is really all about, isn’t it?

However, there was another sentence in that interview that continues to give me a small ray of hope.  A little something about touring in the summer…

I tweeted a little note to Duran Duran HQ this morning.  Let’s begin the chant, shall we?  Repeat after me: Summer. Shows.  I love those words, do the rest of you?  Let’s make them work for us.  Let’s keep that little ray of sunshine going through what might very well be a long winter.



4 thoughts on “Winter Marches On (Ok, so it’s barely Autumn….)”

  1. I LOVE the comment he made about “being open for business in the summer”. Maybe they can reschedule their concert they had to cancel @ Ravina & the other venues they cancelled after Nick got sick. Crossing my fingers & toes that happens in the summer of 2013!

  2. I don't think they would necessarily reschedule – since those venues already did refunds as I am aware, but they very well could decide to go back to those places – who knows.

    One thing I want to make clear here though, is that like the rest of you – I am a fan. When I post things, I'm not looking to take down the rest of the world or slight anyone by not mentioning other countries. I recognize that the band did not go to many, many other places in the world that many fans reside, and I do not mean to hurt feelings by not mentioning those places specifically in any post I publish. Sure, I'm talking about my own experiences here – but in no way am I somehow suggesting that other places do not matter.

    I would love to be able to post that the band is playing everywhere and making the entire fan base happy. That would also be a miracle, no? -R

  3. Oh, and I should say that the above reply was NOT in regard to anything any other commenter has said here on this post, but rather in response to several comments I saw on Facebook. Just clarifying! 🙂 -R

  4. I hope that some of the first shows will be in areas near the cancelled dates! Toronto, here I come! (and if they decided to do Montreal… even better!)

    I have to stop commenting via the ipad…not once but TWICE I left long and thoughtful responses… only to have the ipad via google send them where all the odd socks end up… 😛

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