I’m Working Onto Something: Duran Downtime

It’s Wednesday! I don’t know where this week has gone, but I’m feeling far removed from Duran Duran these days, particularly with the downtime, I have to say. Yesterday I spent my day at a Parent Tea at our school. I participated as “mom” rather than “Miss Rhonda.”  (the cute new title I earned with this job), and also in CPR/First Aid/AED training. That’s right, Duranies, should you be at an event with me, have no fear…I can help. <waggles eyebrows>  Today I’m headed back down to San Diego county to sign all of the exciting paperwork so that hopefully, I can start work tomorrow.

I’m also about waist deep in college applications, essay writing, and school in general for the kids. I think that we at least know where Gavin, my son is applying now. Can I just say that when this process is over again in the spring, I’ll be very glad that I won’t be doing it again until my youngest is a senior, ten years from now!  On top of that, I’m trying to figure out our schedule, get used to all of the activities we signed up to do (what was I thinking??) and still cook dinner each night.  So far, I’m at about 60%. Not good.

I was thinking yesterday as I sat down to check in with the world that I am already feeling out of it. For the past six years, primarily due to Daily Duranie, I took it as part of my “job” to know what the band was up to. Otherwise, how would I have things to write about each day? When the band stopped touring at the end of AYNIN—right about this time four years ago—I think I went through serious withdrawals. I didn’t know what to write about anymore. I was so used to having constant activity that when I didn’t, I’m pretty sure depression set in. Following the band WAS my hobby.  Some may say I failed miserably, instead of just moving on or scaling back the blog in the downtime, I followed the recording of the new album as best as I could from my kitchen here in the US, and yes—I was anxious for new music, but mainly (if I am being honest) for the band to tour again.

So here I am again, at a similar point in downtime. Granted, the band isn’t going back into the studio or anything like that. They still have more touring to do next year, as I understand. But we are in between tours. Duran Downtime. I have this anxious feeling stirring in me again, but then I realize this time, it’s different.  I’m finding myself with little to no time to “check in” with the world each day. I may tweet randomly at odd moments, but I can’t sit with my Tweetdeck window open and have conversations the way I once did. If anything, I’m concerned about finding the time to blog about anything at all.  Even now, I’m typing as fast as I can because I need to leave in about 20 minutes – and the rest of my day is spoken for.

I find myself out of it purely because now, I can barely pay attention. I’ve gone from feast to famine in a matter of weeks, and I won’t lie – I kind of like it!  I do miss talking with friends, and I absolutely miss planning the next road trip. On the other hand though, it is awfully nice to focus on something other than the pants certain band members willingly choose to wear in public.  Other than a Skype session a couple of weeks ago, Amanda and I hadn’t had a single phone call since she left my house at the beginning of August.

Times have definitely changed. I knew it would happen eventually, though. I still say that it’s nice to be able to step away and do something more than wait for the band to announce something, or wait to see who out of my circle of friends is online and able to chat. I’m hoping this keeps me busy in between tours, and keep the touring coffers a little less empty!

I remember what I felt like four years ago. I was sad, a little depressed, and knew the winter would be long. For me this time, I’m not sad. I’m excited to start my new job, and if anything—I’m a little worried about how I’m going to manage blogging, writing and eventually planning a convention.  These are challenges I welcome in the months ahead, as I find my new groove and settle in to a brand new schedule.

Yeah, downtime sucks. I miss my friends. Of course I miss the excitement of planning travel and knowing I’ll see the band.  But this time, real life is filling the gap for me, and I welcome it. We’ll see if I’m still saying that by next June, though.



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