Worried about the Future

Duranies fret about the future, or at least, they have for as long as I can remember.  It seems that there are always fans who are concerned that Duran’s career will be coming to an end soon.  Part of me completely understands this anxiety and the other part of me finds it ironic right now.  So, why the concern now?  From what I have seen, the worry comes from the following: their age, their popularity, their album sales and their concert ticket sales.  Yes, the truth is that the members of Duran Duran are getting older.  We all are, but that doesn’t mean that their lives are about to end.  Roger’s about to be a dad again, for goodness sakes.  I believe that he plans to be around for that little one.  What exactly is the concern with their age then?  Is it because we don’t believe that they can cut it as rock stars for that much longer?  Why?  What does it mean to be a rock star?  Does being a rock star mean that they won’t play as long of shows or that their tours won’t be as long?  Does it mean that they wouldn’t stay up late and party?  What is really important here?  Personally, I don’t care if they go out and party anymore.  Yes, I want them to play really long shows and I want long tours so that I can see and enjoy them!  What fan doesn’t?  If they want to slow down because of their age, though, I have to respect that. 

As far as their popularity goes, I feel like this topic has been discussed to death.  Yes, it is a fact that they are not as popular as they once were.  It is obvious when you look at the album sales and even concert ticket sales.  That said, they have sold out most of the small shows around the States during the next couple of months, but I do admit that they are small venues.  Of course, we have mentioned the possible for reasons for this lack of popularity in many other blog posts that I won’t go into.  Yet, I’m not sure why this fact automatically equals that they are about to end.  Do we all assume that popularity is the only thing that matters to the band?  I guess I don’t believe that.  Yes, people will say that they need to sell albums and tours to make money to keep going.  News flash here.  Many of them have money.  Maybe they don’t have as much money as they did but still.  Now, I do think that they like to be loved and I’m sure that their egos are alive and well.  But, if they only wanted to be popular, why didn’t they quit decades ago when they fell from popularity?  Is it just that they keep chasing popularity?  Maybe.  I still doubt it.  If they were, wouldn’t they always try to work with the most popular people?  Wouldn’t all of their albums be done like Red Carpet Massacre was?  Wouldn’t they try to change their style completely to fit in with whatever trend is popular?  Is it possible then that they would like to be popular and recognized for their work but also want to be themselves, musically and artistically, for the most part? 

Do fans of other bands who have been around as long as Duran has worry about the future?  Do U2 fans, for example?  I don’t know but I doubt it.  Does this happen in Duranworld because Duran has been so inconsistent with their popularity?  Maybe.  Is it because we all love them so much that this is something that we are always anxious about?  Possibly.  I do find this to be rather ironic.  I wonder if the fans who are worried realize that the name of their current album is All You Need Is Now.  Duran has always said that they are about embracing the present and this song, in particular, shows that.  Can’t we just be glad that they have a new album?  Be happy about whatever shows and promo appearances that they are doing?  As someone who is facing a very uncertain future, I can understand the concern.  I get it because I know that I really want Duran to be around for a long time.  I couldn’t face losing them.  However, I also think that we should enjoy what we do have rather than worry about what we might not have soon.  I wish that I had done that more in the last decade of my life, but I’m trying to do that now, both personally and with Duran.


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