Year End Kafe 2018 with John

Yep, I’m still struggling with getting everything done this weekend. Did I mention that I am still Christmas shopping? I’m also still shopping with my dad. Thankfully, I got a few more presents out of the way. Some are definitely going to be late. (Sorry Rhonda!) I’ll be lucky if the ones that I’m supposed to wrap get looked at before Christmas morning. I’m truly awesome.

Nonetheless, I took a break from that insanity to listen to the next year end kafe. This one featured my favorite bass player and yours, Mr. John Taylor. As always, I’ll provide some highlights and my thoughts about those. If you want the whole deal, head over to, get a subscription or log in and enjoy for yourselves!

Before I even clicked on the play button, I found myself amused. Why? John came to the kafe with notes. I laughed because I often take notes when I listen to these or when Rhonda and I write or video a blog about a set of shows or tour or something. The notes help us stay focused. I appreciate that we share that in common with John! I continued to feel some kinship with him when he described his event of the year, which was when some place (hard to hear) banned cell phones in school. He mentioned about how tough it would be on teachers to have to deal with those and, as a teacher, I thank him for that and concur. I hate cell phones. Hate them. I wish that the kids at my school would not be allowed to have them as I spend a lot of my day reminding them about the rule, threatening to take them away, etc. It is bad.

From there, Katy moved quickly into movies of the year. To no one’s surprise, he answered with Bohemian Rhapsody. (If you haven’t listened to the previous Kafe with John, he goes into detail there.) Like Nick, he also brought up the movie, Cold War. Based on his description and Nick’s, it is definitely one that I would be up to seeing. As far as TV goes, John mentioned the show, Bosch, about an L.A. homicide detective. One that is on my list to watch that John talked about was the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Someday, I’ll see if his recommendation was a good one!

As far as books go, John brought up a book by Brene Brown entitled The Power of Vulnerability. Interestingly enough, I read another one by the same author called Daring Greatly. I have to admit that I looked it up and it sounds fascinating as the author explored this idea of how vulnerability is often connected to weakness but in reality can lead to amazing experiences and purpose to our lives. John recommended it to anyone who is about to go into something in which there is worry that s/he does not have what it takes. (For the record, I started to think that John had been reading my diary or something as I recently started a new job that I have some knowledge and experience for but not sure if those will translate to the right outcome.) The other book he focused on was Englightenment Now which talks about how far humanity has come in terms of progress. It sounds fascinating and was on my sister-in-law’s wish list.

Katy then moved on to ask about music of the year. John’s response included a shoutout to the new Chic album and how excited he was that Nile Rodgers was able to get new material out. Of course, John listed plenty more but I struggled to keep up, which is how I, too often, feel when it comes to new music and artists, in general.

What about the Duran Duran moment of the year? For him, it was the BBC Takeover Night but he acknowledged that this is tough for other fans around the world but it was good fun for the band. They really enjoyed talking with the other band members about what they were into as kids. John did ask Katy if there was some place online to see it and what I thought was true was confirmed in that there is not Hopefully, BBC will do something with it so more people can see it or see it again. One super funny story that John shared was how Nick’s mom asked after about who had done their hair because they looked “terrible,” according to John. Hilarious! Another fun fact. John does not have any of the Duran perfumes!

John’s personal moment of the year was when he presented at the Brilliant Minds Symposium which John had to step out of his comfort zone to do. He did give a shoutout to Patty Palazzo for helping with the presentation. Sigh. I wished that I could have seen that! Katy would love to be able to share some of that on the band’s YouTube channel. (So would we!)

As far as 2019 goes, he looks forward to the gigs in February. He gave a big ole tease that they are planning a couple of new songs in the set, “assuming the rehearsals go okay”. Please and thank you. Like Nick, John expressed excitement to go back to the writing they had started in November. The plan is to return after the gigs in March. That said, no one is “ready” to admit that they are working on an album “yet.” Fascinating. He said that he suspects that they will be ready to make that statement by spring, which brought a big smile to my face. Katy asked if John agreed with Nick that the album could be done in a year and John hopes so! He would love to be able to celebrate the 40th with a new album. (Again, so would we!) He said that it is possible!

John gave me lots to look forward to! 🙂


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