Year End Kafe with John Taylor!

I have been anxiously awaiting the year end Katy Kafes with the members of Duran Duran!  First, I have been dying for something to write about in terms of Duran news.  Obviously, I have lots to say about lots of other topics but I do enjoy writing about what is new, what is the latest in Duranland.  Second, as with any kafe, I always hope that there is something really exciting revealed or something that gets me thinking.  The last kafe was in November and got Rhonda and I thinking so much that an immediate phone call had to take place!  I love those moments!  In the case of last month’s, things John said definitely got me thinking and got me more determined than ever.  It was very good!  So, I listened to this one, the first of the year end kafes, with a high level of excitement.  It should be noted that this blog, like any of the rest of our blog posts about Katy Kafes, does not cover each and every part of the kafe.  If you want the complete picture (and I know you do), be a member of DuranDuranMusic and check the whole thing out there!

I have to admit that I was amused by the discussion surrounding snow.  John sounded a lot like I do when it comes to snow.  It is welcome to snow as long as no one needs to get anywhere or travel.  I find that particularly funny as we are due for an ice storm tonight and a major snow storm over the weekend.  Of course, snow, at the right time, can truly make it perfect.  For example, right after my youngest niece was born, my entire family got together for Christmas, which is rare.  The last of the family arrived on Christmas Eve.  Then, it snowed overnight, which created a beautiful holiday scene.  Plus, it was fun to see my oldest niece enjoy the snow for probably the first time in her life as she lives down south.  I digress, though.  Weather is distracting!  Anyway, John talked to Katy from the studio, which he described as having a “positive vibe” and that they feel good about what they have worked on.  He, in fact, described the project as “on track”.  I’m not sure if that means time wise or style wise or what.  Obviously, the year has been, basically, about them in the studio as he points out.  
Katy then asks John about popular entertainment, including books, albums, etc.  John mentions a series of  musical favorites from this year including Daft Punk, Kanye, Arcade Fire and more.  He also gives a list of other individual songs that caught his attention as well as films and TV shows.  What I enjoy about this part of the kafe is how John describes each album or artist or whatever.  He isn’t just giving a list but is giving reasons and how he reacted to the music or whatever.  It reminds me of those great school librarians who are able to turn kids into books solely by giving a really good introduction into a book or series.  His enthusiasm is clear and I’m willing to bet that he has convinced many people to give some artist, show, or movie a try just by how excited he is.  Another thing that I thought was interesting is how John claimed that he didn’t go and see much since he wasn’t traveling.  It was interesting because that is how I feel every year!  
2014 came up as a topic, specifically related to the next album and tour.  Again, he stated that they weren’t feeling the need to do a big tour (!) but that he felt good about the music, which is what he stated on twitter the other day as well.  He did say that once the album is done, they will think about the best way to present it to everyone.  This leads me to wonder if they are thinking about doing something different than regular promo appearances and a tour.  One specific month was mentioned for new Duran–August.  I have to admit to cringing at that a bit.  August???  That seems like a lifetime from now!  I don’t know that I will survive until August.  What the hell are we going to write about on here?!  That said, I’m surprised he gave such a firm time frame even though we don’t really know what was meant by new music.  The whole album?  A first song?  Snippets?  Tour?  I’m almost left with more questions than answers.  Perhaps, once we hear the rest of the year end kafes, we will have a more complete picture.  

4 thoughts on “Year End Kafe with John Taylor!”

  1. I'll tell you here what I thought: it sounded to me as though John has settled into a lifestyle that doesn't require traveling. He likes being at home and he's discovered what life is really like when you've settled down and you're not a rockstar….and he likes it.

    I was a little surprised to hear him say we wouldn't get new music until August, and maybe even a little dismayed to hear that he didn't seem particularly interested in touring. I also read his statements about “deciding what they'd do to present the album to the world” to mean that maybe they wouldn't do the same bit of touring, etc… in which case I just have to say “good luck with that”. I just do not have any sense of where this band is headed at this point. -R

  2. JT said August for the new music? Wow, my birthday is early September !! LOL
    This thing of “no big tour” gets me disoriented, dazed and confused (à la Led Zeppelin I said it!)
    10 years ago, our lovely bass player seemed to want the reunion only for playing live, he didn't want to make albums. Today it's total opposite.
    Does JT miss Andy on the stage? Nah, maybe he doesn't want to admit it, but Dom is our NEW awesome guitar man and this is it.
    Do the guys want to spend longer with their families and become grand dads? A big world tour wouldn't be the best tool to enjoy the joy and the juices of their Wags, but if they love making music, the stage is still somehow the best way to make the fans hear it.
    Do the guys want to retire from live activity? To my regret, that's a possibility. Rolling Stones are still on the road.
    Does the rest of the guys agree with JT saying NO big tour? I don't think so.

  3. In my opinion, John is not missing Andy on stage. When I saw Duran in the summer of 2005, it was like there was a wall between John and Andy. They never played together whereas there is a ton of interaction on stage between John and Andy. Besides, John has always said supportive things about Dom. I think John is just comfortable staying home right now.


  4. I actually think that the rest of the band DOES agree with John about the touring. Nick clearly wants to do something different with this tour, and I might be guessing – but I have a suspicion that the musical that he and John are working on may end up taking part in all of these plans for a more “unusual” way to promote the album. We will see.

    I won't even discuss whether or not John misses Andy…that story ended many years back at this point.


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