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What does a Duranie do when moving off the couch seems like a lot of work due to being ill?  This one listens to the year end Katy Kafes on  Katy Kafes are one of the true privileges of being a member of DDM, I suppose.  Although, highlights from each of them were posted on as each of the members wished Katy and the fan community a happy holiday season.  This blog will attempt to summarize the important or not-so-important points of each of them and give a brief review because that is what we do here, people! 

I listened in order of how they were listed on the page.  I might assume that they were recorded in that same order, but I really have no idea.  In fact, the only one a definite date is known for is John’s, which was after his last book signing, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  In the beginning of the Kafe, Simon needed a refresher on what actually took place during 2012.  At first, I was critical of that until I realized that I had to think about what Duran did this year, too!  I could blame the bad head cold for my lack of memory, but it is probably just old age setting in.  Then, Simon discussed touring and some of the dates that were highlights for him.  Some of the shows he mentioned were the Switzerland date in January, Dubai, Latin America, Greece, Exit Festival in Serbia, Italy, France, the Olympics, and the US.  The part of that discussion that I really enjoyed hearing were the stories he told.  For example, he talked about skiing with Yasmin and Amber in Switzerland or how he hurt his knee in Latin America.  That is a lot more interesting to me than a list of fabulous dates.  When it came to the US dates, he talked about disappointing it was to Nick and the fans that the last of the dates had to be canceled.  He talked about he went ahead to Atlantic City and mingled with the fans.  Some of those fans were angry, which he felt was “inappropriate”.  I assume here that they were angry with Nick and/or the band rather than angry at the situation.  If that is true, I have to agree with him.  It wasn’t like Nick could control his health.  Sickness happens.  I know.  Outside of touring, he talked about Nick’s 50th birthday surprise with artwork from guests and other invited people.  He also discussed how he is enjoying his time off and being able to spend time sailing, being with the family, and being able to travel to India.  He also hopes a new Simon’s Reader will be coming soon.

Like Simon’s Kafe, Nick began by discussing the tour and specific shows or places that were real highlights.  Some of Nick’s were South America, Exit Festival in Serbia, the Olympics, and the US.  He moved on to some of his traveling highlights, which included a few days in San Francisco where he enjoyed numerous art shows, including people like Cindy Sherman and Man Ray.  As someone who enjoys arts and art museums, I loved hearing about these shows.  I, too, would love to see the Cindy Sherman show, in particular.  Nick recommended looking online for some of these shows even if one is unable to travel to attend in person.  Good advice.  He also took the time to talk about Second Life and how those who are left have created and maintain a creative community.  I will have to take his word for it because it isn’t any place I go and spend time in.  He did say that he hoped to pop in before the end of the year, which is rapidly approaching.  Heads up, then, to all of you who do participate in Second Life!  A Kafe with Nick wouldn’t be normal if there was no discussion of movies.  He mentioned how he wants to see Lincoln (he totally should as I cannot recommend it enough) and Hitchcock but he did enjoy the latest Bond and the latest Tim Burton films.  Travel was part of his Kafe as well since he took a holiday to Bali, which doesn’t scream Nick Rhodes to me but cool.  He, apparently, wore shorts.  Other highlights for him for 2012 included visiting the Rio boat and his 50th Birthday Bash. 

Roger’s Kafe began with a discussion on weather, snow, and children’s first snowfall as both Katy and Roger have young children.  This made me giggle since we have had so much snow here.  I have to admit that I still feel like a kid with the first season’s snowfall and this year was no exception.  Roger did not talk about many specific shows on tour when he began discussing his highlights for the year.  He did mention the Olympics and how big it was, especially since his whole family was there, watching.  The other show he said was Rome.  Now that the tour is over, he is glad to be home and spending time with his family.  He does look forward to going back into the studio with Mark Ronson in March and figures that he might be itching to get out on the road by summer.  Hmm…Outside of Duran, he has been DJing some, including with his son, James, which is good because James brings a different kind of taste in music.  He hopes to get to South America to DJ in maybe January.  There was a visit to Peru to visit family as well as a trip to Miami for vacation.  The other highlight that Roger mentioned was John’s book, which I thought was very nice and thoughtful of him.  He said that he thought the book was lovely and that John was lovely.  He is pleased that it did so well and that he is very happy for him.  🙂

John’s Kafe was a little different from the rest as he had not only the band stuff to talk about but the book stuff as well.  He said that he thought it was a good year for the band.  Some highlights were the Olympics and the Exit Festival.  It wasn’t always easy, though, as he did feel overworked with both touring and writing the book.  Once the book was written, though, it was fun to put it together, pick out pictures and get ready to promote it.  This surprised the publishers who really only wanted him to go to London and New York.  John said that the Duran team had to fight for every city.  As for expectations, he tried not to have any as he had no idea how it would sell or how the fans would react.  Obviously, the results have been very satisfying and the in-person readings and signings have been great.  He is excited that it is getting translated into other languages.  That said, he is ready for a break.  In fact, he would find himself grumbling that the rest of the band had been on a break and that he needed his, too.  I can completely relate to this as I often find myself diving from one project to another without any real break.  He plans to spend his holiday in England and has a trip coming up, but didn’t say where.  He looks forward to getting back in the studio with Mark Ronson and thinks that they can build on what they did with All You Need Is Now, which sounds wonderful to my ears!!!  He hopes it will be out in early 2014.  At the end, he stated how this felt like a very successful year as many connections were made, which I have to agree.

I always enjoy listening to these.  I feel like you can always gain an insight into the band members by what they say and I often feel like they can give subtle hints about what is happening behind the scenes.  This time, though, I didn’t sense any of that, which is a bummer. I am also bummed that they don’t give Dom a chance to do a Katy Kafe about his year.  I am looking forward to March when they get back into the studio.  Will Roger be right that they will be ready to hit the road by summer?  Will John’s prediction of early 2014 be off by 6 months?  A year?  Three?  I kid.  I only tease because I love.  I would obviously love the album by then and I would love dates by summer.  Who wouldn’t?!  To summarize, 2012 was a year of touring for the band.  They also traveled both on tour and on their own.  They spent time with their families and paid attention to art shows, books, and movies.  That wouldn’t be a bad year for any of us!  Now, I’m looking forward to 2013 and it sounds like they are, too!


6 thoughts on “Year End Katy Kafes”

  1. Simon was referring to the very mean and angry tweets that were sent to John and him after the cancellation in Atlantic City. Some of them were quite shocking. I HOPE that none of these resentments were made to his face. I was also in Atlantic City, and I was disappointed too but my first thought was 'how awful…Nick must really be feeling bad if he's cancelling a show'I mean, he went on stage the same day his father died. How can anyone question his dedication?
    I don't blame Simon one bit for being disappointed.

  2. I did see quite a few angry tweets to Simon and John (and even Dom if I remember right) during the cancellations in August. On one hand, I can understand disappointment. I know what it is like to have shows canceled, especially after having traveled – but as Roger said, they are not robots. They're humans, and things happen. I'm glad Nick is better…that's the important thing. I agree Cynthia – I don't blame Simon a single bit for mentioning any of it. Good for him on feeling comfortable enough to do so. It was a busy year for them, wasn't it??

    I loved Nick's Kafe because he talked about the art he'd seen – I love Cindy Sherman, so I really need to look into where I might be able to catch that retrospective if at all possible. Does he REALLY actually PLAY Second Life? I mean, is he actually working his avatar and all that, or is it someone else doing it? I'm just curious because that game/life/whatever is so hard for me to work! I had trouble just walking. 😀

    I chuckled to myself when I listened to Roger talk about the Advent calendar with Julian. My youngest is four, and we have similar problems with her – she wants all the chocolates now. It's a fight every day. I also wanted to comment that somewhere on Facebook it was mentioned that there would be US DJ dates next year – and I think that at least based on what Roger said in his Katy Kafe, that it's actually SOUTH America who will be having DJ dates.

    I just wanted to say once again that as far as John is concerned, this has been the most surprising year for me as a fan. I learned so much about him this year from his book. He is so much more than just a “face”. I have great respect for him, and again I have to say – his book touched me deeply – definitely the best book I've read this past year. (and I read a LOT!) I agree with him that we've really gotten this connection between the fans and band going now, and I can only see good things ahead. It's like a new beginning, not a slow fading end. (Once again, I am NOT DONE YET…so the band does not have my permission to quit either!)

    I can't let this go without one comment – and that is that I really wish they would make the effort to include Dom in on these Kafe's. If in fact it is true that Dom truly is a member of the band, then shouldn't he be treated as such? I don't care what type of contract you all have behind the scenes. It's none of my business and has absolutely no bearing on my fandom or loyalty to the band. I only care about what I SEE and hear in the music. John says that Dom is a member of the band, but he's not a founding member. Fair enough. We can't rewrite history. However, if he is really a MEMBER – then make him one. The calendar and the few posts I've seen with his picture included in the band photo and such are a good beginning, but ONLY a beginning. I can understand why it's taken so long to really embrace the idea of adding a permanent guitar player to the mix – change is tough, and that whole loyalty thing, along with the fans reaction is a lot to take (even for me). It's been eight years now, though and it doesn't look like he's going anywhere. Including him for merch, embracing him as a real member and stuff shouldn't be so shocking now. I guess I'm just saying that it would be a lot easier for fans to truly accept him if it appeared that the BAND really accepted and included him as one of their own. After eight years, you're not shoving anything down anyone's throat – you'd simply be agreeing that yes, he's here to stay, and you're lucky to have him. We'll respect him if the band respects him. The band sets the tone for the rest of us. Sure, I've got his back on this one and I support him because you know what?? He deserves at least that much.

    I think I just hijacked the blog. Sorry Amanda. 😀


  3. I have a hunch Rhonda that Dom will be made an official member of the band by the time the next album comes out. I would be surprised if he wasn't.

  4. Admittedly, I would be thrilled for Dom if that were to be the case. That said, I do miss Andy. I just also recognize that he has moved on, and I hope he is happy. I have great love and respect for him. -R

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