You Can Dance Together All Night…

Last Saturday, I described the dinner/dance part of the convention in 2004 and how I envision this year’s convention’s dinner banquet to be much of the same!  Of course, this convention, we also will be hitting the club, Late Bar (yes, named after the Duran song), for their usual Saturday night of Planet Earth (80s night–yes, obviously, after the Duran song).  My excitement for the Saturday night of the convention practically can’t be contained!!!  After all, the banquet will be filled with good food (trust me!), great music and equally as fabulous company!  Then, we will head over to the club to continue the party there.  As I stated last week, this reminded of the Pyramid Club party for the fan show in 2007.

Ah…the fan show.  This concert, for many of us, makes us shudder and not in the usual, oh my God, I just saw a Duran concert way.  This concert in June of 2007 in New York City was for “fans only”.  To be considered a fan, one had to be a member of DuranDuranMusic, the official online fan community/club.  As soon as the announcement happened, Duranies from all over starting making plans.  Rhonda and I were no different despite it not being an ideal weekend as Father’s Day was on the day of the concert and the school year was just finishing for me.  Most Duranies were planning to make a weekend of it, either arriving on the Friday night before the Sunday concert or the day before.  Thus, many people were free on that Saturday night!  Soon enough, an event at the Pyramid Club was announced for the Saturday night.  This club has been around for a long time in New York City and, at that point, hosted different themes each night.  Like Late Bar in Chicago, Saturday night was their 80s nights.  Perfect. 

I arrived at the Pyramid Club with Rhonda and a couple of other Duranie friends via cab.  As soon as we walked in, I took notice of both the enormous crowd and festive atmosphere.  Drinks were flowing, people were chatting in groups or they were dancing away in the back area.  The club wasn’t big, by any stretch of the imagination.  The bar took up a lot of space in the front part while the back area opened up to a dance floor, which wasn’t huge but held quite a number of dancers.  I remember thinking that I was surprised that so many people could fit and, yet, no one complained.  I think it only enhanced the party atmosphere!  As I looked around the bar, I noticed two things.  I couldn’t help but be excited that there were paintings of many of the most popular pop stars of the 80s lining the walls, including one of some band we all know.  I was also thrilled to be finally meeting so many of the people I had only been talking to online! 

In fact, I distinctly remember Rhonda and I separating as soon as we took in the atmosphere and got our drinks.  Why?  Simple.  We wanted to find those online friends and introduce ourselves in person.  Back in 2007, DDM was still the place to be in Duranland and many posters on there gravitated towards the area on the board for their favorite member.  Thus, I spent a lot of time talking to people in what was affectionately called John’s World, specifically in the Church of the Bass God thread.  Rhonda, on the other hand, chatted more with Roger fans.  The night was filled with drinks, dancing, laughing and plenty of picture taking.  It seemed like all of us wanted to capture this incredibly fun night on film! 

By the end of the evening, Rhonda and I found ourselves back together on the dance floor in the back.  We finished up the evening dancing and taking silly pictures of ourselves!  After what felt like the entire Duranie world shut down the club, we all went back to the New Yorker, which functioned as the Duranie dorm for the weekend, like the Amalfi Hotel is for our convention.  There, more mingling took place before we finally called it a night at 5 am. 

As we all know, the show the next day didn’t live up to anyone’s expectations as we experienced hearing some of the songs on cd off of then upcoming Red Carpet Massacre album before witnessing a less than stellar shortened live performance by the band.  This performance featured not only sound/technical difficulties but also forgotten lyrics and a very awkward first performance of Night Runner.  At the end of the weekend, as we were trying to come to grips with our disappointment in the show, the part of the weekend that made the trip worth it was that night at the Pyramid Club.  It was one of those nights that was so much fun that it will never be forgotten.  Frankly, it was worth the price of the concert ticket, the price of the airfare and the price of the hotel.  I truly do believe that Late Bar will feel the exact same way.  It will be an absolute blast for all of us!  I can’t wait!!! 


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