You can put me straight

Believe it or not, there are times when I really wonder why I started this blog. Coming off a nice “anniversary” of sorts last week, which you can read about here (ICYMI), I had all sorts of warm fuzzies over this fan community.  Thankfulness, hopefulness and love all around.

Then Saturday happened. Call me crazy, but its a pretty sad state of affairs when someone cannot write a simple blog without people coming unglued over the words. I still feel as though the spirit with which Amanda wrote was completely misread. What was an honest post about how the community aspects of being fans is what keeps all of us here and present during times when the band isn’t touring or even around was taken in a thousand different directions than the one intended.  I’m not sure how Amanda felt coming away from that day, but after I caught up on the posts and comments, I felt horrible.

I saw everything from “Give the band a chance” (What is that supposed to mean, exactly?) to “You’re degrading the opinions of other fans.” (Are you joking?)  Personally I think a more appropriate comment would have just been “How dare you say anything remotely negative about Duran Duran!” because that at least would have made sense and been truthful.  Thinly veiled comments regarding maturity and impatience (which, by the way – I’d already said myself at some point in the past couple of weeks. Thanks for noticing.) spiced up the day as well.  Then there were others who flat out just either didn’t agree or didn’t understand the blog.  Those comments were the most helpful of the bunch, because at the very least – it shows me where our writing needs to be tightened up, and quite honestly: not everyone is EVER going to agree with us anyway.  Newsflash: we already know this.

Where to go from here?  I’m not really sure.  I’ve been told twice in the last week that social media is on its way out, blogging has become a thing of the past, and that we have no real purpose these days.  “There are more important things to do.” Maybe so.

Maybe I should mention that the purpose of her blog was merely to prove that relationships (between fans) are what keep us glued to the community.  What if I wrote that we have some ideas on how to keep ourselves entertained between albums, and that we even had ideas for upcoming in-person meetups and events to celebrate the new album when it arrives. Would that have changed the responses?

Amanda told me on Saturday that many of the responses she received just proved her point – that the people who responded said they just had other things going on in their life and that since the band was busy, they were busy too and didn’t take time to check in.  That makes sense. Amanda and I are still involved because we write the blog every day – album or not.  I can’t really drift too far away, even if sometimes I might like the idea of not thinking about the ban for a change. I read from others that without a central message board, there’s just nowhere to gather. I agree. Yet, if you go to DDM – it’s a ghost town on their boards. Why is that?

As you should have noticed, this post isn’t about what THE BAND is doing.  Let’s remove them from the equation for a bit – because they’re doing whatever it is that they’re doing.  Their creative process isn’t really my concern right now.  For this blog post, I’m not interested in debating whether or not they need to be on Twitter or any other social media.  Let’s talk about being fans.  What keeps us going when the band isn’t touring or in the news?

I started this blog because I had a lot to say.  Simon once said in an interview that there were outspoken fans in the US that wanted the band to know what it was like being fans, about how the music made us feel. I really don’t know whom he was referring, but he was accurately describing Amanda and I.  A few years into this blog now, I find that I write to keep people connected. I write not only for the band, but also as a platform for fans to connect. I keep hoping to bring people together.  That’s why I started this blog, and that is why we keep going.






9 thoughts on “You can put me straight”

  1. I didn’t catch the other blog entry or the follow-up drama that undoubtedly was as pointless and stupid as all the Durama that used to happen on DDM. I just wanted to say that this is YOUR (yours and Amanda’s) blog, and you can write what you damn well want. If they don’t like it, they don’t need to read it. It’s like telling an author of a book how to write their story. Uh, no.

    Don’t let the haters get you down. Opinions are like buttholes — everybody’s got one, and they all stink!

    To address your question — I do have a life outside of Duran Duran, so I have plenty to keep me busy between albums and tours. I will admit that, the longer they take between, the less I am caring about what’s going on with them. It was really fun to be totally obsessed again for a while after the reunion, but REAL LIFE is more important to me right now. So, I’ll fit them in, if I have the extra time and money, when they reappear, but I have different priorities these days.

    Keep up the hard work, ladies! It’s your labor of love…

    1. Your response to the question makes perfect sense – and you’re right, priorities definitely change. We had a great time back during the reunion, but even if Andy were still with the band today, I think things still would have calmed down by now, at least a bit. I know that I’m not at all SURPRISED that things are quieter with fans today…only that I needed to comment on it, and maybe in turn find ways to keep the people that have the time and interest to keep going. Thanks! -R

  2. I missed the drama too! Well, I sensed it. There was a disturbance in the force, let’s just say. I am always baffled at how comments regarding negative feelings experienced in the fandom, somehow get translated as criticisms of the band? There is plenty to gripe about on both fronts, as well as plenty to applaud. But as far as I see it, fandom is our domain to “control” – its our space. The band certainly has an influence, but its primarily our sphere to do with what we want. Personally, I am ever so grateful for the “glue” that the DailyDuranie provides. (Maybe I need to really sniff it hahaha bad joke) Jokes aside, I think we too often give away the power that we have. I’m not saying that we can influence the band’s creative process, their business decisions or what pants they wear on any particular day, but we have the power be “fans” alone, or as a collective. I see the Daily Duranie trying to create discussion around the latter. Its this sort of self-conscious reflection that I enjoy (because let’s face it, I’m a complete geek!)

    So thanks for the glue, for the effort, for the words, the fun thoughts and the uncomfortable thoughts. We need them. All.

    1. The way I’ve always felt (as the author of some criticism over the years) is that there are many, many fans out there who have no problem with a little well-placed criticism. We’re not talking about throwing the band under an oncoming bus, per se – but you know, constructive criticism is OK. Then there is a faction of fans who will defend the band at all costs. Anything the band does is right, and no one should say otherwise. That is just as bad as constantly complaining. It becomes background noise.

      That said, I love what you say here about fandom being our domain to control. You are right. The band has their image, their brand and their music. Fandom though? It’s OUR space, and when we work as a collective as opposed to individuals – there is so much more that can be accomplished. I wish more fans would see that potential rather than work to show and tell Amanda and I that we “need to get a life”. What is wrong with this blog being a part of our life? In fact, it’s really become a part of what we’re making a larger career – not to let the cat out of the bag, but what Amanda and I are working to do is far greater than Duran Duran or even this fan community. This just happens to be where we started. What is wrong with working to connect fans as part of our lives? It’s not as though we live to solely worship the band – if you’ve read this blog for any length of time over the years with which it’s been written, one would know that the blog and our drive is far more than band worship.That’s the EASY assumption to make.

      (Although let’s face it, fawning over the band every once in a while is not a bad way to pass the time….)

      Thanks for succinctly writing what I could not put into words. -R

  3. Hi

    Do you follow many other bands? I feel like the responsibility of having a daily blog about one single band is overwhelming and virtually impossible. I follow hundreds of artists and there is always going to be an ebb and flow with regard to interest. Im not a Duranie but I like the band a lot for very specific reasons, and so I don’t know the general buzz that you must be so in tune with, so I apologize for that. I was actually surprised that they are already talking about a new album. There is a band I like that just released a new album, and their last one was in 2007, and there is nothing wrong with that, they had taken some time off and all that. Could this be a sort of ‘watched kettle never boils’ type thing? I know if I focus on something too much I just get a bout of anxiety and when I leave it alone, 10 new things have happened that I didnt even anticipate.

    1. I take it you are a brand new reader…so welcome! 🙂

      We’ve been writing this blog since September of 2010, so no, writing a daily blog is far from impossible, although sometimes it can be challenging. The thing is – and I said this in the post to which you are replying: our blog is not about the band. They have PR people that do that for them. This blog is about being a FAN of this band. Every post we write is with that general theme in mind.

      In addition to this blog – and you can see this for yourself here and as well as even here, we do a lot of other things besides just write this fan blog. We work to create an environment to keep fans connected. It’s not just a “here is what Duran Duran is doing today” sort of thing, with plenty more in mind to come.

      Finally, and probably most importantly – the blog today was not in reference to just sitting back and waiting for the band to release the next album. I can understand why the knee jerk reaction is to assume that I must need other interests, but that really wasn’t what the post was about at all. I apologize that I couldn’t make the point clearer.


  4. Heather said what I would have, if she hadn’t put it so eloquently already! And without you ladies & this blog I wouldn’t have met her, or any of the other brilliant Duranies who attended Durandemonium. Keep up the good work, you’re doing just fine! And thank you!

  5. I have never met the band and am sure I never will. BUT I have met many of the fans and I hope to see y’all again. I bet people have gotten upset with their significant others or kids at some point, yet are able to STILL love those people. Same with the band. Over my thirty+ years of being a fan, it would be unreasonable to think that they wouldn’t do something that I didn’t like. I can be upset, yet still love them.
    Also, the question about what keeps us (fans) going when the band isnt touring or in the news..well, as an Andy girl, he isn’t going to tour with them again and he isn’t in the news. So for me, that stuff obviously isn’t important. I simply love the band, the music, the way I feel when I listen to their music. I love the people that I have met that I only met bc of this blog. I honestly think some people have to complain about something. I love this blog, and I am glad that we all have different views about the band. How boring it would be if we all were thought the same way. You two ladies have changed my life bc you have made it possible for me to meet so many great people. I am a person first and a fan second. I see others the same way. I know that this is kinda long, but it really bothers me when I see R. and A. bust their asses for us (the fans) and people just want to be negative about it. I know you girls work hard. I saw it in Chicago. Just know that there are people out here that want to just have fun and enjoy the fact that we can chose to be fans. I just wanna talk about videos and things about the band I love. The rest of my life (career,etc) is filled with drama and I refuse to let it take over my fandom.
    Bottom line-Y’all are awesome and haters are gonna hate. Y’all have your own fandom out here that enjoys and appreciates what you or no band. 🙂

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