You Have to Make a Choice

Last week, I blogged about’s ranking of Duran Duran albums, which you can read here.  While I wrote the blog, I began to wonder if all Duranies who read this blog own all of the band’s albums.  The hypothesis that I created in that blog is that there are some Duranies who do not actually own all of the band’s albums.  For example, I suspect that there are some who don’t own Medazzaland and Pop Trash.  Instead of just guessing that, I figured that I would create a survey to find out if my guess is accurate, which is below.  In the survey below, please click on all the albums you OWN.

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Are there fans who don’t own the albums but have heard them?  Let’s find that out!

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Beyond the band’s albums, I also wonder how many of the band’s side and solo projects fans have, too.  Maybe they have heard more than they own?  I want to know that, too, so I created more surveys to find out!

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After I give everyone a chance to participate, I will do another blog to share what I learned or what I think I learned.  Of course, if you have predictions (and I bet you do!), please share them!  What will we find out with these surveys?


P.S. If I have forgotten a side/solo project, just let me know.  I’ll add it with a separate survey.

2 thoughts on “You Have to Make a Choice”

  1. What I instead would like to understand is why you fans rate A Diamond in the Mind and , Live from London officially released albums?????
    To me they were two DVDs relase on the ocasion of tours: the 78-03 tour and the AYNIN tour. .
    Arena instead was an album, recorded live, (as well as Live from London and Diamond), but it featured a studio song.
    It is not a controversy, it is just: why is it?
    Thank you.

    1. First, I would recommend NOT including a phrase like “you fans” in a sentence. It sounds disrespectful. Both ADITM and Live from London contained CDs of the live shows. In fact, you can buy vinyl of ADITM in and of itself. That makes it an album, in *my* eyes. -A

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