Daily Duranie Review

You Kill Me With Silence – Daily Duranie Review

We’re back with another review by YouTube video; this time the newly released song, You Kill Me With Silence.  Did we love it as much as the rest of the fan community?!?  Check it out….

-A & R

2 thoughts on “You Kill Me With Silence – Daily Duranie Review”

  1. hello girls and congrats for your interesting reviews and super funny Vlogs
    I am just back from my week off I was in place with a veeeeery weak internet connection and …. boom! Now my computer is giving me so many snippets and updates…
    However: I automatically got the ITunes tracks, because I pre ordered the album. Didn’t hear Paper Gods but heard few seconds of this one and it sounds to me so Arcadia-style….
    I want to resist until the release of the album. Don’t want to hear anything.in the meanwhile.

    1. I’m curious. If these songs have been officially released, how come you don’t want to hear them until the entire album is released? -A

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