You Look Like You’re the Best

Sometimes, this blog really tells me a lot about Duranies, about our fan community.  Recently, we finished asking about which picture of Roger Taylor from the 1980s fans preferred.  Then, we moved on to John Taylor pictures from the 1980s.  We decided to break up the Roger pictures into decades (1980s and 2000s) simply because there were a LOT of Roger pictures submitted and some people, though clearly not all, were growing tired of looking at the pictures of Roger.  The very last thing we want to have happen is to have people get sick of what we are doing here.  Thus, we moved on to John Taylor.  It seemed relatively simple.  No big deal.  I didn’t think anything of it as I organized the pictures of John that people sent us. I didn’t think anything of it as I started to post them.

A few days after the John pictures started I noticed something.  Our stats seemed to be going up.  The poll numbers were higher than they had been.  At first, I thought it was just the shift from one band member to another.  Yet, the interest has remained high.  Here is an example.  The first Roger pictures had 82 votes.  The second one had 46 votes.  The third one had 32.  The fourth one had 48 votes.  So, how does this compare to the first four days of voting on pictures of JT?  The first day saw 62 votes, which is less than Roger’s first day.  Yet, the second, third and fourth days had 81, 66, and 69.  Those numbers are much higher than Roger’s (46, 32 and 48).  Will this trend continue?  Time will tell.

So, what does this tell us?  Well, if you had asked me a month ago where John’s popularity was within the Duran fan community, I would have said that he has slipped down below both Simon and Roger.  I might have mentioned that John is often not seen out after shows or that Roger has aged really, really well, according to many fans.  Yet, these numbers tell me something different.  Clearly, John still has a place in many fans’ hearts.  Perhaps, the votes are high for these pictures because they are from the 1980s when John was a fan favorite and that these pictures remind people of when they first became fans.  Again, time will really tell.  Will this trend remain when we get to pictures from more recent years?  Your guess is as good as mine.


9 thoughts on “You Look Like You’re the Best”

  1. There are a lot of John fans. I think Roger fans have become more vocal so there appears to be more of them.

  2. I think John’s recent autobiography might have re-raised his profile and status among Duranies as well. I know it did for me. Back in the day I was a Simon/Roger girl, but the adult me certainly has John high on the list 🙂

  3. There may be a LOT to the fact that these are 1980s John pics. Simply put, John in the 1980s was the single most perfectly beautiful man on earth. Perfect bone structure, perfect hair and even, miraculously with all the drugs he was doing, perfect skin. (No idea HOW he was not more broken out from all that.) Roger was gorgeous back then, too, but it is more recent years, and most will agree, Roger seems to have that extra something that was just not really there most of the time in the 80s when he was “the shy one”. I am more curious to see the numbers when you get to the 2000s. Will it change? Will Rogers votes get higher? Will John’s go down? And how will they compare to each other then? This is an interesting post to think about. As someone who has almost always been predominantly a Simon girl, those two have all held their places right up there and as they get older, Roger has moved above John for me and during the horrible beard era, Roger moved above Simon much of the time for me, too. And that is really saying something, coming from me. Just curious, but will we be voting on Warren, Andy and/or Dom @ any point?

  4. the number of people who have the connection to your accounts on FB and Twitter I guess it’s relatively another influence on the voting, but on the other front your polls are enough accessible and spread.
    It’s just a “match” between two “giants” like JT and Roger are.

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