You mean that band is still around? Really?

This morning I was in Target, picking up the usual: milk and that sort of thing.  I was in line – a very long line I might add, and my cell phone rang.  My ringers are personalized depending upon who is calling, and this person has a DD ringtone assigned to them.  (Those calls get answered first, especially when it’s Amanda’s ringtone I hear!  Other calls, such as the ones with just a regular ring, typically get ignored, and I’m not even kidding.  All of my kids school numbers – as in the office number for their schools – are assigned to Reach Up for the Sunrise because the chorus is so loud it nearly makes me jump out of my skin…so I know to pick up immediately!)  Anyway, after the call, a woman behind me asked if my ring tone was Duran Duran, to which I smiled and said “Yes”.  That’s when she said “I loved them back in the 80’s, but they aren’t even together anymore.”  Well, my eyes about bugged out of my head at this point, and I took the time in line to correct her.  She was shocked, and even more so when I explained that they have several albums out that she should really look into getting!  (Her fascination ended at The Wedding Album. *sigh*)

I don’t know about anyone else, but this happens to me quite a bit, and mainly because of my ringtones!  I’m pleased to help out the band with their grass roots marketing, but also completely annoyed that people have been living under a rock for the past 20 years.  I have many friends from high school who have found me on Facebook, and one of the first questions they ask me, obviously after scrutinizing some of my pictures and things, is whether or not I’m still a Duran Duran fan.  Some are nice about it, but a lot of them try to tease me by saying “What? You’re still into them?  Aren’t they dead yet?”  (Yes, people REALLY say that…)  After which I take a deep cleansing breath and attempt to answer their questions as nicely as possible.  Sometimes, I even succeed.

After my excursion to Target, I came home, knowing that I needed to blog and that I didn’t really have much of a topic in mind.  That’s happening a lot lately.  I’ve got tons of book ideas, but the blog is tougher right now.  There’s not a ton of Duran news, and what news I do have doesn’t really affect me to the point where I have an urge to write.  It’s either feast or famine sometimes.  Anyway, I hopped onto Twitter to see if something would get my creative juices flowing, and I saw the #questionsIhateanswering topic trending for Los Angeles.  My answer?  The topic of this blog.

It’s not even that I hate answering the question,  it’s that it is even a question at all.  I can’t help but be frustrated that such a fantastic album like All You Need is Now has gotten so little notice from the general public, and what’s more – I’m completely annoyed with my fellow 30 and 40 somethings out there that they haven’t stayed more in touch with music in general.  It’s sad that once we hit the age of 30, 35 or 40 we stop paying attention to what’s out there.  Granted, I’m preaching to the choir here, but it’s no wonder that our demographic no longer seems to matter to anyone but ourselves, and that’s incredibly sad.

One person commented back to my rantings on Twitter that she’s over it.  She just loves the band for what they give us (I’m totally paraphrasing here, my apologies), and the rest of it just doesn’t matter.  Most days, I would agree.  Today…I’m missing that mark.


8 thoughts on “You mean that band is still around? Really?”

  1. (Sigh) I was one of those who fell away, as I've mentioned in a few posts. However, I can say I kept up enough to know when there was a new album out even if I didn't particularly like it.

    I think my parents thought I had an addiction problem… with the band. When I went to Europe I was in the thralls of fandom and when I got home my room was de-duranized. Every poster, every scrapbook, magazine and button was gone. They didn't take the records, but everything else was no where to be found. Add that trauma to the fact I'd learned that Roger had gotten married and I went into a funk.

    I have no idea why my parents did what they did, they never gave me a reason. But it depressed me so much that when Roger and Andy left, I “left” too. It wasn't that I didn't ever listen, but I no longer purchased every single thing with their name on it.

    Every time there was a new release I'd listen – hoping to love it. But aside from a song here and there it just didn't grab me and pull me back in. I even tried hearing them live during the “one-Taylor-years” but it didn't help. The “Big Thing” show I saw in Miami. They were mere specs on a stage 100 yards away. A few years later I saw them again and again left feeling let down.

    It wasn't until I heard “Sunrise” after a random Internet search to see if there was any news that I felt that familiar flutter in my stomach. I had some rockin' speakers that let the bass pound and by the end of the song (especially with that bass “slide” there towards the end – not sure what else to call it) I was addicted again. It was like meeting up with an old friend. My addiction was a bit tempered when Andy left again, but also by the fact I was now an adult. I don't have posters on my walls any longer, and I don't cover the front of my shirt with buttons, but my playlist is 75% Duran Duran. I go to every show I can, even against doctor's “best” advice this last one, because I know they won't be touring forever and I have a lot of years for which to make up.

    Of course, the baby will be listening to Duran Duran “Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star” lullaby versions…

    So am I forgiven? 🙂 ~Betsi

  2. Betsi-There is nothing, absolutely nothing to forgive. We have all moved away at times. Sometimes, these times are long lasting and, other times, it is much shorter. No one is better or worse because of it. That said, no offense to your parents but that's horrible that they did that. I just don't understand why people can't/won't support what their loved one is into. Did they think it was harming you? I just can't understand. Now, as for being an adult, I'm one, too. I am a professional and I wear Duran t-shirts and have posters on my wall. I don't think that makes me less of an adult or less of a put together adult. It is just how I like to express my fandom. 🙂


  3. I imagine if I still had my stuff I would still sport it on my walls, I just never replaced it. I do have my official DD fan club card in my wallet, though. 😉 and I can't wait to fit in my new DD t-shirt that came with the membership. By the time I got it in the mail I was too pregnant to wear it.

    I do think my parents thought it was harming me. I don't know what I did, what vibes I was giving off that scared them … maybe they found some of the, uh, “fanfic” I wrote???? Not sure. I grew up in the “Bible Belt” and about two weeks before the 1984 DD concert the preacher lectured all the parents who were allowing their kids to go to the “Doo-ran Doo-ran” concert. I was mortified. While my parents still allowed me to go (none of my other church friends got to go so I considered myself lucky). I remember having played “Save a Prayer” for my dad once – thinking it was a pretty song. I had no idea what it was about, I was 13/14 years old. But he knew. Maybe he thought the music was too adult for me at that age. Maybe they got wind of the Girls on Film video… I was incredibly naive and if they thought their music was a bad influence, I suppose they did what they thought they should. I asked years later and they both claimed not to remember. They're gone now, so it's water under the bridge. Kinda funny that of all my friends who were 'banned' from going to the concert, I'm the one who didn't go wild.

    (As for the smuttiness of my 14-year old version of fanfic – one kid in class who read it told me the title 'Wild Boys' should have been 'Mild Boys' because there wasn't nearly enough sex in it.)

    It's a good thing my memories are still in tact and all I need is now. ~Betsi

  4. Oh my gosh Betsi, my parents did the same thing to me!! I actually was leaving for college at the same time they were moving out of the house I grew up in, and all of my magazines, posters, etc. were thrown away. Thrown AWAY. I couldn't believe it, although at the time my mom was very matter-of-fact about it all. Her feeling was that we were moving, there was no way she was going to allow me to put those posters up in her brand new house (no holes or tape on her brand new walls), and I was going off to school. She saw no reason to keep them, and I think to this day she still doesn't get what she did. I wouldn't do that to my kids. I'd box it all up for them to take with them or whatever. My mom was like that about a lot of things though. When we go to my husband's parents house, they still have some of the stuff he made for them in wood shop or whatever. My mom threw all of it away over the years. I'm not as much of a pack rat as my husband is (I swear he'd be a hoarder if I weren't here), but I'm not as bad as my mom either. LOL My mom just doesn't like to hold on to things, it wasn't really about the band in her case. In fact, she sat with me and watched Girls on Film the first time we saw it. I think she laughed at ME blushing… nice. (I'm the same way with my oldest. In fact, I took her to see Duran Duran in Vegas, and laughed when she turned around to look at me with eyes as big as saucers when John Taylor called us all M-F'ers!) Good times!!! -R

  5. You know what poster I miss the most? The one of Roger in the leather pants, blue jacket and the lavender background.

    Like you, I'll definitely do things differently. I just can't imagine what my kid will be listening to when he's 13! ~Betsi

  6. I had that poster. Hard to forget that one. I'm a Roger girl….or at least I was growing up. 😀

    What's really funny is that my oldest is 15. She never had a big obsession with any band, and that was VERY disappointing to me. I wanted to feed that obsession, you know. 😉 She was at an age where she liked Hilary Duff for a little while, then she went through a Taylor Swift phase (although she still likes her I think), and now she's big into indie bands. There's this one band called Never Shout Never that she really loves, but she's so dang sensible about it all. Ugh. JUST like her father. Totally annoying. My middle kid is my son – he's 12, and there's no chance of his getting into a band like I did. He prefers classical music, and is a HUGE video gamer, believe it or not. My best chance is that my little one, who is now almost 4, gets into music. Right now she absolutely adores Duran Duran though. She asks me to play Sunrise, Planet Earth, AYNIN…and gets very excited when she hears them on the radio. She knows most of their songs, and will sing right along with them. She even reaches up for the Sunrise when they play…which of course cracks me up. We'll see if this lasts. It didn't with my younger two (although my oldest still loves Andy Taylor. She met him at Virgin records for the Astronaut album signing, and he was so excited to see a little kid in line – she was about 7 at the time – that he jumped out of his chair and shook her hand. She's never forgotten that. :D) -R

  7. Awww! I really want to meet Andy. As much as I “loved” Roger, Andy was a close second. I think because I wanted to be different. My friends were all Simon/John/Nick. Me, Roger rocked my world. Still does to a certain degree, but mostly just good memories of the early Duran days. I cried when he got married, true, but I was really sad when he got divorced, too. Of all them, I would have thought he'd be the one married forever – I certainly wouldn't have thought it would have been Wild Boy Andy or Simon!

    I have long been brainwashing my friends kids and was close to taking one to the DD concert in October, but my husband ended up going with me. (Much to his surprise he enjoyed himself.)My niece is also a bit of a fan, though like your kids, not really all out for any band.

    I really do have the Duran Duran lullaby versions for the nursery. Hope it doesn't backfire on me.

    Hope your little one follows in your footsteps. They're good ones! ~Betsi

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