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Today is a special day because it is the birthday of one Katy Krassner!  We hope you have a terrific day Katy with many more ahead!  Katy is trying to get 5,000 followers on Twitter, so if you’re on there and want to follow (she doesn’t always talk about Duran, she’s pretty darn funny, and we really kind of like that!) – find her on Twitter as @AskKatyBook!

Did anyone get the TV Mania email yesterday?  Yes my friends, you too can create a little TV Mania by becoming a franchise owner!  What is this, you ask?  Well, to be fair I’m still trying to understand it all myself, but basically – you can flex your creative muscle and create your own music as a part of the TV Mania family.  Here is the text of the email:

Here is your chance to become part of our world and have your own TV Mania franchise. The process is very straightforward and entirely democratic, so it doesn’t matter if you are an advanced user (a DJ for example) or an absolute beginner – either way you are welcome.  Sign up HERE for full details on how to go about becoming a franchisee and for the chance to win some incredible prizes. 

The first step is to sign up and submit a name for your franchise. Unfortunately, we are only able to have one user for each location (e.g. TV Mania Moscow, TV Mania New York, TV Mania Pluto) but we have no problem with you inventing a place, so feel free to use your imagination. Once you have completed this process and the name you’ve chosen has been approved, we will send you an email with our manifesto, a tool kit full of samples and loops, and some design elements that you can use to make your own materials. Our hope is that you will be inspired to create any number of films, remixes, photography, animation, slideshows or graphics. You can use any design or editing programs such as Photoshop, Garage Band, Protools etc, and you can create and/or edit directly on YouTube. Instructions for this can be found on YouTube when you create your page).

Once you have made your first batch of materials you will need to upload them on to YouTube, keeping them ‘unlisted’ until you receive the go ahead from us to publish them to the world! 

In summary, here are the important steps:

*Submit the name you would like for your franchise HERE. You MUST use ‘TV Mania’ as the prefix for your franchise name, selecting the location that you want to have listed after that (for example: TV Mania Dublin). The name can be real or fictional, but we will only be able to  approve one name for each location. Please wait for approval of the name before moving forward to create your YouTube page. 

*Sign up for a YouTube Page HERE and begin creating your TV Mania Franchise, using the name you have chosen.

*If you use any materials that you did not personally create, you must clear the copyright before submitting them. This means that you need to get written permission from the person who did create them in order to use them. When you sign up to be a Franchisee, you are taking full legal responsibility for all of the materials you publish – so please don’t use things that you don’t own unless you have the authority to do so.  

*Upload your videos, animation, live performances, and/or photos, choosing ‘UNLISTED’  as the privacy option on the YouTube page, and using #TVMania on all of your video tags. Please note: it is vital you keep all of your uploads ‘UNLISTED’ until we approve them in order to avoid disqualification.

*Any materials uploaded and posted on any platform, website or device other than YouTube will be taken down immediately.

*Once you have finished making and uploading your TV Mania materials, follow the simple steps in the Manifesto to complete your Franchise submission.

*Email the links to your YouTube page to for approval.

*After approval, we will send you an email allowing you to change the status of your materials to ‘PUBLIC’ and we will add you as a favorite to our TV MANIA YOUTUBE channel. This will mean all Franchises will be on one place and able to compete for prizes. 

*We will be judging the videos on style, uniqueness and creativity as well the number of views you receive, so promote your videos through friends, family and fans. Some of the prizes will be giving out are listed below:

– Private Skype sessions with TV Mania creators: Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo
– Personalized Nick Rhodes/Warren Cuccurullo Mixtapes
– Answers to any two questions you would want to ask Nick or Warren
-Autographed TV Mania Photographs
-Autographed TV Mania Vinyl
-TV Mania tote bag or T-shirt
-Digital downloads of the Bored with Prozac & the Internet? CD
-Digital downloads of the Bored with Prozac & the Internet? Remix EP

To get the Manifesto and full instructions on how to sign up, please visit:

I have to say, the thought is intriguing. Not only are several of the prizes offered very cool – I think the idea itself is as unique as the project at hand. I really like the idea of a fan community having some sort of ownership over what is created – not that I think we should necessarily be at all involved with the creation of the next Duran Duran album (Uh, no…), but I like the idea that the community becomes creative rather than just consuming.  I’m curious to see how many fans get involved and create works of art.


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