You’ll Pull It Off Fine, Girl!

I’m using that lyric to motivate me, to give me confidence, and, perhaps, most importantly, to remind me that it will be fine.  You see this is it.  It is crunch time.  I will be leaving for our part of the tour in a little over 48 hours.  It is no longer about counting months or weeks or even days.  No, I’m down to counting hours!  So, how am I feeling right now?  I’m a mixed bag, for sure!!!

First, I feel like I so much to do in order to be ready to go!  It is hard to be ready for work 4 days in advance.  Not only do I need to know what we are doing, but I also need to have the materials prepared, copied, and labeled.  Then, I have to attempt to explain to someone else all of the details of how to do what I do.  I think I have that explanation ready in a 7 page document!  Of course, as I’m trying to get ahead, I also have to do normal daily stuff for work at the same time, which is next to impossible.  I’m doing my best and trying to remind myself that whatever I don’t get done isn’t that big of a deal.  Right?  I’m hoping that is the case.

Beyond work, I have to make sure that I’m ready to leave.  This means that I have to pack and know exactly what needs to be packed.  I think I’m all done with my shopping.  I think.  I think I know what I’m wearing to the shows.  Again, the keyword there is “think”.  I plan on bringing extras but I don’t want to bring too much.  Ugh.  Did I mention that I’m the world’s worst packer?  I take forever to do so, no matter if I know what I’m bringing or I don’t.  I think I get distracted, which leads to a lot of time being wasted.  I wonder how the band does it.  My goodness, I’m going to be gone for a few days.  They are, sometimes, gone for months!

The tour binder has been worked on and appears to be done, but is it, really?  Agenda?  Check.  Flight info?  Check.  Hotel confirmations? Done.  Shuttle info for the Hollywood Bowl show?  Got it.  Info for our meet up before the Bowl show?  Check.  List of restaurants/bars?  Of course.  (Does the state of California have enough vodka?  How much will it have a week from now?)  TICKETS? Yes, of course.  Those will be triple checked about every 15 minutes or so.  What am I missing?

Am I more crazed than I normally am before a tour?!  I feel like I am, but I don’t know.  It has been a LONG time since the last one.  Is that playing a role?  For sure.  It is probably playing a huge role.  This is the first time I have gone on tour in this current position at work.  Is that a part of the craziness?  That would make sense.  Of course, things aren’t much calmer on the parent front either.  I’m still dealing with health issues with them, even though, I’m hoping that we really do see a light at the end of the tunnel, especially with my mom.  Did I mention, though, that they are moving three days after I get back?!  My siblings will be coming into town then, too.  When is Winter Break again?!  I already feel like I need another vacation and I haven’t left on this one!

Seriously, this tour is a much needed one, on a personal level.  I desperately need the break from harsh reality.  My fandom is also needing it as well.  When the last tour happened in the summer of 2012, I was still reeling from a significant political loss as I had been campaigning for my life right before the tour.  I wasn’t in the place that I want to be when I go on a Duran tour.  Some might say that I’m not in a place now, either.  The big difference, though?  I wasn’t feeling at all hopeful in 2012.  Now, I am, mostly because of my mom’s good prognosis.  Therefore, words cannot express how much I’m looking forward to the shows, seeing good friends, and meeting new ones.  I have a feeling that this tour will really be one to remember!  Now, if someone would just offer us backstage passes or a meet and greet?  Then, it would BEYOND memorable.  Sigh.  Dreams are free.


7 thoughts on “You’ll Pull It Off Fine, Girl!”

  1. Hi Rhonda and Amanda,

    I have just won a radio competition in Australia to see Duran Duran at the Hollywood Bowl (VIP) next Thursday, 1st October…still pinching myself in disbelief. So much to plan in little time.
    I have been enjoying your posts and tweets recently and was wondering if you will be attending this concert too? Would love to say a quick hello and get a photo to add to what I hope will be the most exciting trip ever! I hope you enjoy your Paper Gods tour.
    Safe travels and remember to play it LOUD!


      1. We will also be at the VIP cocktail reception at the Hollywood Bowl before the show. Lots of cocktails that night, huh A? -R 😀

      2. Thanks Amanda, I will definitely be there…look out for the excited Australian DD fan (with not so enthused husband) who somehow managed to win VIP tickets to see them at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. This will be a trip I will never forget. I look forward to meeting you and Rhonda and other kindred spirits that day. I can also relate to the chaos associated with planning a trip. I’m still booking accommodation for other parts of America that we will visit and the list is endless. I just found out that there’s a DD autograph signing at J & R Music (22 Cortland St NYC) scheduled for October 7th. I just happened to book flights to go to NYC on the 6th…cannot believe how the stars are aligning for me this year. Here’s to crossing off that final item on our To Do List!

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