Your Life Went Flashing By

I consider myself to be a pretty forgiving fan. Now, before those of you who really know me start laughing in protest (or is it in jest?)…let me explain. I wait around while the band takes years to write and record. Not literally. I mean, I’m at home in California. I still pay at least half-attention to what’s going on.  I don’t mind that we (the fans) have managed to frighten the band off to the point where they very rarely engage on social media. (I don’t mind MUCH, I should say.)  I understand that the chances of my ever winning tickets to see them or a meet and greet are probably like, zero. In a snowstorm.  Here in LA. (I think you probably get my point.) On the other hand, I am also pretty forgiving towards my fellow fans. I don’t expect everyone to know all of the band members birthdays, zodiac signs, or even their favorite colors. (I don’t know their favorite colors myself, now that I think about it.) I don’t expect everyone to know which album is the most collectible or even the most valuable, should you run across a specific printing or so forth. I don’t necessarily think everyone has to know their signatures so well that they are able to authenticate them, for instance. I think it’s just fine that some people do not go to every show, or own every album, or go to every event. Let’s face, I’m not even able to do that, not by a long shot. So why would I expect that of others, right?

However, and this is a big however…there are SOME things though, that should be common knowledge by now. For example, I kind of think that most fans, most people that would bother to  comment on the band’s Facebook page for example, should know that the Taylor’s are not brothers.(It’s a coincidence, people.) I kind of feel that most people should be able to recognize that Rio was not the band’s last album (Seriously??), and if I’m really reaching, perhaps they should know that the band has actually put out albums since 1993. (Just stop.)

Along this same vein, it really does floor me when people who proclaim to love the band with ever fiber of their being decide to comment on recent photos or news about the band and ask “Where’s Andy?”

You see, I don’t really ask for much. I don’t. I know that not everyone has the time, energy or capacity to write daily blogs about the band. I realize that I’m unusual. Quirky, even. I know that not everyone schedules personal vacations to coincide with tours, or has an ongoing spreadsheet to keep track of every possible moment in Duran history. Yes, I know what OCD is, thanks.

As much as I try to be understanding, I can’t help but scratch my head in wonder as questions like that are asked. I wonder what those fans have been doing all this time. I mean, there was an extended period of time where I wasn’t on top of my game. I didn’t know much about John’s solo career, for instance. I knew even less about Simon’s. Around the time of Medazzaland (and perhaps a bit before), I really did stop paying attention. Even so, I knew when John left the band…and it wasn’t just some crazy form of ESP that told me. No, I’d heard about it somewhere. When I really got back involved in the fan community, I spent some time catching up. I did a lot of reading. The last thing I wanted was to ask something that was common knowledge, and for those of you who remember the message boards at – you know that was the LAST place you wanted to ask a stupid question. So, I caught myself up. Fast. I enjoyed reading and finding out what they’d been up to, because this was a band that I’d loved since I was ten or eleven years old.

We all occasionally miss things, I suppose. To me, Andy leaving is a pretty big thing to miss…but to others, perhaps not. Life happens, and at our age, a LOT of life tends to happen, really fast.  Even so, it’s getting to the point where I’m seriously considering a Duran Duran FAQ.

To those poor unaware souls, allow me: He’s gone. He’s been gone since 2006. Why? As John likes to say, we’re just gonna call it “differences”.  If you’re asking about Andy, my guess is that you haven’t heard Red Carpet Massacre OR All You Need is Now…much less have any idea who Dom Brown might be.  In which case, I would invite you to head on over to iTunes or where ever you go to buy music and get some, because you’re about to have your head completely explode.  No time like the present to catch up a bit, because next year will bring new music.

(Wait, #DD14 IS coming out next year, right Duran Duran??  Just checking….)





2 thoughts on “Your Life Went Flashing By”

  1. As I have posted before, I live in the state of Oklahoma which is a cultural no-fly zone. Unless one has either some form of cable tv access or an internet connection, keeping track of European artists is difficult at best though closer to impossible here. Currently I am having to play catch-up because I was without both cable or internet since about 1995, so I missed a lot especially about our band. When I finally got internet access again in 2012, I hadn’t known about John’s solo work, Andy finally leaving the band (I suspected he might leave the band since 1987, I had an odd dream about it), or any of the albums that came out after 1993 (despite regularly checking for new albums at local music stores), which is why I am very thankful for the Duran Duran music site it helped me catch up on everything the band has been doing the last 20+ years, and keeps me caught up.
    So, I can’t help but agree that unless you live under a rock or like me, you live in the 13th plane of Hell (read: Oklahoma) there’s really not many excuses for not knowing these very salient points that you mentioned in your post. You say that you find it surprising that people who claim to be Duranies are asking questions about such recent Duran events, and I can understand where you are coming from on that. What completely blows my mind is how not only non-Duranies but even people who claim to be Duranies still to this day insist on believing that Nick is homosexual. I’m not kidding about this, almost every time I talk to someone about our band I hear the same statement or question about Nick being gay. How is this still going on? To be honest I never understood why everyone and their dog kept insisting that he was gay, is it just because of how he dresses? I never thought he was, he’s one of the most masculine men I’ve ever laid eyes on, he’s so male he make my teeth ache. Personally I think Nick intentionally dresses the way he has over the years to soften his overwhelming masculinity, so most women would find him less intimidating and thus more approachable. I’m bi-sexual so I have nothing against homosexuality, but I do have something against people calling someone something they are not.

    So this is my stupid question, “Why do so many people including Duranies still believe Nick Rhodes is gay?” Could somebody please explain???

  2. I too often read of fans who presumably don’t know Andy left and ask news on their official Pages: I first laugh out, in a state of wonder.
    I am first pleased there is still someone interested in him, being a fan of Andy.
    Soon after my initial state of wonder, a suspect overwhelms me: they’re not Duranies, they’re trolls or spam messages.
    It goes beyond the basic concept of “ignorance, lack of information”: everyone interested on Andy would google his name he would search for his bio on wikipedia and would get the news.
    I am sorry, but I see something wicked, evil behind this frequent question, … then on the official social Pages.

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