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Yesterday afternoon, I spent some time watching Duran Duran on YouTube live.  For those of you who did not see it, it was an almost hour long live program on YouTube where the band members were interviewed and received questions from both a live audience and via youtube.  In my opinion, these types of things can either be really fun or really annoying depending on both the interviewer and the questions received.  In this case, initially, I was concerned that this would be one of the annoying ones but was pleased to find out that it was enjoyable instead!

The program began with a young female interviewer (why are they always female???) who tried to introduce the band.  This one seemed to not know very much about them and relied on typical Duran questions regarding the new album, working with Mark Ronson, videos, fashion, etc.  Unfortunately, she didn’t always know how to respond to their answers and even when she did, they seemed off.  For example, she asked them to explain their writing process and she didn’t have anything to say in return after they talked about just jamming together until something catches someone’s attention.  She also commented that John looked tan after he said that he lived in Southern California.  Really??  John is tan??  Luckily for her and for me, the band began taking over and started filling in the empty space with joking and teasing each other.  For me, this is the best thing to see!  First, I heard John give Simon a hard time about his weird greenish shoes, which particularly entertained me because I actually commented on them to myself as soon as I saw them!  So silly!  Then, there were discussions about how Roger wasn’t going to be allowed to wear clothing for the next tour.  Along the lines of fashion, I loved the question about what they think each color sounds like and they actually tried to answer it!  Seeing them getting along so well and having fun always reassures me!  I truly believe that if they are enjoying themselves like this then it doesn’t matter what the album is doing, sale and chart wise.  Beyond this entertainment, I also learned some things.

I learned that the band doesn’t consider the shows they are doing now as “the big tour”.  They didn’t mention when that would start but did say soon.  Is it wrong of me to wish that the big tour starts in the UK?  When talking about tour dates, they did say that they were trying to get dates firm for the US again starting in September.  Good to know!  Must start saving as soon as I return!  They also mentioned Antony Price when talking about the clothing that will be used for this big tour.  Again, is it wrong for me to be excited by the idea of them going back to their roots?  Of course, their use of social media was discussed.  John repeated his idea that social media has allowed the fans to not only be in contact with them but with each other.  (Note to readers:  Rhonda blogged about this before.)  They also said how this format allows them to be in contact with fans in a way that is much more COMFORTABLE for them.  Hmm…something to think about!  Speaking of thinking…

One of the themes that seemed to come again and again during this was where the new album fits with the rest of Duran’s history.  Musically, Nick said that this album couldn’t have happened without Red Carpet Massacre.  That really got me thinking and I really wished that someone could have asked him a follow up question.  I don’t think that RCM taught them something new in terms of music or in terms of technology so why did RCM have to happen?  Is it an attitude thing?  Is it that they had to make something like that with “big time producers” of the day to realize that they should just be themselves?  What?  Then, when asked about how the new songs were fitting in with the old songs live, the answer was that they fit in seamlessly as they were done with the same tools.  That fascinates me, especially after Rhonda mentioned how she didn’t even notice how many new songs were played.  Could this be the reason?  If so, that pleases me.  Of course, they also talked about how they do try to change some of their classics to make them fresh.  Simon talked about how they changed the intro to Planet Earth and how that was really working for them. 

Lastly, there were discussions about how the business had changed and what advice they would give to new, upcoming artists.  Roger talked about how important it was to have a great live performance because nothing can replace that and I completely agree.  John talked about some of the things that helped Duran.  First, he talked about how there was this relationship between their managers and MTV and through this relationship came the idea of doing videos in exotic locations.  He, then, jokingly, asked what youtube would like to see.  He also mentioned that EMI, their record label in the UK, would tell Capitol, their US record label what to do and that this wouldn’t happen now for British bands.  Clearly, they made it seem much more difficult to become successful now. 

This program had a bit of everything.  It had some laughs like when John talked about how many times U2 has used the same, classic 4 chords in their songs and Duran hadn’t indicating more creativity.  It also gave me a bit to think about, including Duran’s history and the music business today.  Now, if I could have just figured out a way to record it in order to keep it with the rest of my Duran collection…


12 thoughts on “YouTube Live with Duran Duran”

  1. Oh dear, that announcer was so poor. With all the resources at their disposal, she was the best YouTube could come up with? (sigh) I would've loved to have seen David Lynch interview the band as a follow up to the Mayan live performance. He'd also be better suited to ask questions regarding longevity, the creative process, etc. If only they put me in charge…

  2. I couldn't view it as it was on at a horrible time for my part of the planet. Question – even though this was an interview supposedly available to worldwide fans – did they only talk about the next leg of the uS as far as touring goes? Nothing about other places? Nothing about making up for South Africa or the rumoured Australian and Italian shows? I wish they'd throw some crumbs to non US based fans for once.

  3. Unfortunately, they didn't mention any other touring locations beside the US. Obviously, it sucks that they focus so much on the US. In this case, I think it was more of an answer to the specific live audience.


  4. But weren't they supposed to be selecting from those submitted questions – of which there were heaps from non US people. I wish they would stop alienating particular parts of the fanbase.

    I guess it's a great time if you are in the US….

  5. From what I remember the question was asked by the youtube interviewer and had to do with their upcoming plans. They responded that they were finishing a few shows in the US, a tour of the UK and then Europe for the rest of the summer. I think they added the part about adding shows in the US in September because of the live audience.


  6. Yes they probably did say it to keep the fans happy. From experience during my US trips, a lot of people aren't big on travelling and like the familiarity of staying close to home. Hence the cry for shows nearer hometowns etc.

  7. I have seen a lot of fans willing to travel here in the US. Yes, that travel might be within the US but travel still as there are many areas that they never get to. For example, they haven't been to my city since 1984. As for traveling out of the country, that may be true. It is pretty expensive, though.


  8. I really wish that they had selected more questions from you tube. Questions from you tube employees were fine, but this was supposed to be about the questions asked, and they only answered two of them. I enjoyed the interview, but I felt that we were not delivered what was ordered.

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