Conspiracy Theory: Tigers & Nail Polish

Last week, I wrote about the amazing model Tula in the “Some Like It Hot” video. As I was watching the video, I noticed something that caught my eye. I’m surprised I never saw this before, actually. Since 2020 has been full of ridiculous conspiracy theories that have little basis in fact, I decided that I’d add one more to the dumpster fire. So grab a cocktail, open up whatever Parler is, and buckle your seat belt.

Some Like It Hot video image

Looking back at Seven & the Ragged Tiger, John Taylor said, “The vultures were definitely circling.” The band was exhausted and the album bears the strain of a band burning the candle at both ends. By the end, one wonders if there was even any candle left. There wasn’t much of a band left. Allegedly, John’s frustration with the process led to the birth of The Power Station.

The band has been careful about how they paint that era in interviews, always referencing the workload and their lifestyle as having taken its toll. They are careful (well, except Andy’s book) to not take shots at each other but there had to be some bad blood within the ranks at the time. The frustration yielded some fantastic music with The Power Station and Arcadia but the damage was done.

Getting back to the conspiracy theory of the day, the image in the “Some Like It Hot” video certainly seems to reveal the underlying frustration John and Andy took with them to The Power Station. The tiger and the ball and chain are not too subtle references to the weight of Duran Duran they felt recording the massive third album. What do we make of the nail polish in the same frame?

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