Funny…or Not?!

I thought I would take a break from the usual deep thoughts to find something to share with all of you.  Thus, I found myself on youtube and tried to pick out a song, a video, a something that would catch my attention and yours.  After a bit of searching, I decided that I should pick out an interview.  I like interviews!  Interviews give a little bit or more of insight into the band.  Now, the only question was which one.  After all, I have shared quite a few on facebook and twitter as part of the daily questions or today in Duran history.  I wanted to find something that would be new to a lot of people.  I picked out a clip from 2004.  This interview featured John, Simon and Roger and was on some show in the UK.  I know nothing about the show or the interviewer.  Perhaps, someone can give us more information on it and whether or not this type of interview is common!  Now, here’s the clip!

Obviously, the clip is meant to be funny!  It isn’t filled with tough, thought-provoking questions.  In fact, it isn’t filled with many questions at all.  It is more about showcasing the band and their history in talking about a “comeback”.  Does this make sense in 2004?  In one way, it does.  In another way, it does not.  For the general public, Duran Duran hadn’t been around for years or even a decade.  For those of us in the know, we knew that they had always been around.  Thus, it could be annoying that the interview was framed in such a fashion.  On the other hand, maybe, it isn’t so bad.  Maybe, it was good in 2004 to talk about a comeback, to emphasize Duran’s attempt to get back into the spotlight.  What do you think?

Now, I have to admit I enjoyed Duran’s reactions.  Poor Roger couldn’t keep much of a straight face with some of the questions.  John and Simon did better with “acting” and tried to seem annoyed at some of the questions.  I have to admit that I smiled quite a bit at John’s reaction to the question about grandkids or Simon’s reaction to his revealing that he has been married for awhile!  I also loved when John asked if a “rockin'” type song would be “Eye of the Tiger” or when the interviewer included “Walk Like an Egyptian” as a Duran hit!  Talk about placing Duran in the early/mid 80s!  The only part that didn’t really amuse me much was the idea that Duran needed famous collaborations.  That hit home a little too much after the whole RCM deal with Timbaland and Timberlake.  Interestingly enough, they didn’t really seem all excited about that idea even in a joking manner except for maybe Roger. 

I tend to be super critical of Duran interviews.  I usually think that the questions asked are too surface, too common, too annoying.  They typically seem like they haven’t done any research or know very, very little about Duran.  In this case, they didn’t try.  It feels like they knew that they couldn’t do a regular, serious interview well.  Therefore, instead of trying to be serious, they would embrace the silly.  I can appreciate that.  I admit that the interview at least amused me to some extent.  What do the rest of you think?


One thought on “Funny…or Not?!”

  1. Amanda, Im glad I read the blog in its entirety before watching the interview because I think I would've had a different reaction.

    I thinks it's really funny!
    First, this is a teen show with a teen audience, kind of like nickelodeon would do on “All That” or teen focused shows long ago when my kids and I would watch that channel. Who knows what's on that channel now…..

    It's meant to be tongue in cheek humor. And the faux pas are intentional. All role play with a very famous band well known in Britain, where the interview takes place. And yes, the band members present really did a good job of acting the parts. The only moment that I observed that was likely unscripted was when Simon crossed his arms in front of him, a sign of closed body language, disagreement, etc….like a nerve was struck that wasn't scripted.

    But after the interview, the male interviewer said that the band had been good sports about it and had a good time playing along. Let's be honest, Simon, roger, and John would not have agreed to it unless it was for fun…..c'mon. An easily dismissible show whose request for them to appear could easily have been declined. So, it was all in good fun.
    Not sure that last part made sense, but i appreciate you sharing this “obscure” (to me) interview. And I smiled and giggled, too!

    I know I'm behind on the blog, but are people asleep out there? 😉 surprised no other comments lol

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