Guest Bloggers


We are often asked if we accept guest blogs, and the answer is, emphatically, yes! This site only works if we include and encourage the voices of all fans, if if the points of view differ from ours. We simply request that any submissions be relevant to the broad topic(s) at hand.

Currently, we do not pay for submissions, nor do we expect to be compensated for work published as a form of advertising revenue.

Please submit your work to us, we would be proud to host it!

The best way to contact us is through our gmail: We would prefer a submission typed in a word editor (like MS Word or Pages on Mac, or even a Google Doc!) rather than sent to us directly in an email, if at all possible. Length is trickier to suggest, but we’ve found that shorter is usually better. (try for 700 words or less, but that isn’t a hard and fast “rule” - we’ve certainly written shorter and longer articles over the years!)

Typically, once we read through your submission, you’ll hear back from us. We don’t usually turn down an opportunity to host someone’s hard work, by the way. At that time, if you could provide a thumbnail photo and a bio containing a few short lines about yourself: where you live, how you became a fan, and that sort of thing, we will then get your post ready to publish. Yes, it really is THAT easy!

As always, please let us know if you have questions!