It May Not Seem Like Much….Thank You

courtesy of Velvet Rebel

I remember the first time I attended a Daily Duranie pre-show party in Las Vegas. I was too shy to talk much and I was one of the only guys in attendance. I certainly felt out of place but I guess I always have as a Duranie. Growing up as a tall, athletic kid who (sort of) excelled in sports, Duran Duran was an odd choice for a favorite band and I definitely took my share of jokes from the other preteen boys. It bothered me but it didn’t if that makes any sense. That first pre-show party in Vegas introduced me to other adult Duranies who never lost their passion for the band and it inspired me to embrace who I was musically. 

Re-connecting with my Duran Duran fandom of youth has had a tremendous effect on my life and when Rhonda first approached me about taking over one day a week with Daily Duranie, I was excited. I think my first article as a guest was written in 2019 and then I took on a weekly role in 2020. Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t. Rhonda and I share a lot of opinions on Duran Duran so maybe you thought it was her every Wednesday! Regardless, I’ve enjoyed my role as an “intern” with Daily Duranie but the time has come to say goodbye. As the blog evolves, the internship seems to have reached its end, I think. So, it’s best I not overstay my welcome as I will be forever grateful to this community and how many lasting friendships I’ve made within the Duran Duran family. 

To everyone who has taken the time to read my writing, join us online for a DJ event, or even just to watch some live clips, it has been so much fun. This is not goodbye. I will still be complaining about Paper Gods on Twitter and I will continue to write about music (Duran Duran and much more) at Velvet Rebel Music. I have more and more live DJ events in Vegas so let me know if you’re coming to town. Looking ahead, I hope Rhonda keeps me onboard with the Encores Club in 2022 so I can keep making her listen to difficult art-pop albums that make her eyes roll! Regardless, goodbye is NOT forever and I will continue to bang the gong for Duran Duran so keep in touch and I hope to see you at a show in 2022. 

Save A Prayer,

Velvet Rebel


  1. This post hit me like a train, and I’ll not lie, I’m feeling bereaved. I understand that things change and evolve, but First Rhonda had to leave, and now you. I’m not criticizing, just trying to let you know I really enjoyed your posts, and you will be missed in this forum .Thanks for the work you have done, and who knows? Maybe we can all meet up at a pre-show party when Duran returns to Las Vegas .Be Well.

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